This Is Why You Are Screwed And This Is What You Can Do About It!

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“If you think you are you certainly are. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you are because not believing doesn’t change anything. It is like gravity. Whether you accept it or not the result is the same.

If you fall from a tree branch you are going down. Gravity works whether you accept it or not.

This is why you are screwed.

Thoughts become things! Remember this! Keep it in mind. Anything that exists in human reality first existed as a thought. An idea in the imagination is what eventually translated into actual physical results.

Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

A spoon, an office building, the computer, the phone, the electronic device you are reading this on all began as thoughts. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!

The results we get are because of the thoughts we first think inside our head. From within to without.  Whether or not we believe it or even know about it. From the inside to the outside we are creating reality.

From the inside to the outside IS the natural order of creation in our human world. That is just the way it works. It is the way it has always worked. We get an idea and translate it into physical being. Our results are the result of our thoughts.

We become what we think about. What we focus on expands. What we think about we bring about. Thoughts become things. So here is why you are screwed.

What You Think About Mostly You Bring About Mostly

You want to manifest a better life. You determine you want wealth, for example, but you hate being poor. Each day bills arrive. Money is scarce. Where is your attention? What are you thinking about?

If you are thinking mostly about mounting debt, bills and scarcity and feeling poor guess what results you continue to get.

AND why not? If someone can think and translate an office building into being why is it difficult to imagine your thoughts are keeping you stuck right where you are at. They are! That is precisely what is occurring. Thoughts become things!

If you then think and feel ‘I am stuck’.  You are. You are going to be. If you think ‘nothing works’.  It doesn’t and it won’t. If you think ‘I have subconscious beliefs that sabotage me’ Then you do and you will continue to have. These thoughts ARE affirmations too!

When You Declare It You Command It – You Create It

Your results, your reality IS what you think it is. It IS what you affirm it to be. YOU are creating it moment to moment. What you see, say and feel most of the time is what you get. What you perpetually focus on expands. You declare it you command it. You create it!

That is why you must stop entertaining those thoughts and feelings! You must think about what you want instead. You must focus on the good you want in your life. You must put your energy into what you want and not be distracted by the rest.

You must not pay attention to circumstances. You must focus on the end goal. You manifest what you hold in your mind. If you go back and forth you get nowhere anytime fast. You remain stuck because you vacillate.

You are drifting and wishy washy. You are positive and sure one moment then the next moment negative and doubtful. You aren’t going anywhere when you do that. You create being stuck this way because you keep doing this same thing over and over.

Gravity Doesn’t Judge You – It Just Does What It Does

Here is the actual truth. The Law Of Attraction IS working. It is working perfectly well. It is doing just what it is supposed to. As sure as gravity does it’s job the Law Of Attraction is doing the job. It is applied equally to everyone, everything, all the time everywhere.

You are getting exactly the results you are creating and attracting. You are getting lackluster results. You are manifesting chaos and confusion. You are manifesting lack and sabotage. Sad but true. Face it. That may be the most difficult thing you have to do.

You get back the preponderance of your thinking and feeling. You get back whatever you put your energy into most. If you are mostly negative or focused on what you do not want that is what you predominantly get back in return.

You Reap What You Have Sown

If you don’t like the results you are getting YOU have to change what you are doing to get better results. You have to create and attract better results. You think the law of attraction isn’t working because life sucks but the truth is the Law works perfectly well.

You just suck at creating what you want. You keep creating what you don’t want. I KNOW I have done it too! I was incredible at creating what I didn’t want. It took me a long time to realize that, stop it and start creating what I did and do want. We are human.

It is okay. That is why the Law Of Attraction doesn’t work the way you think it should BECAUSE it isn’t a magic bullet or pill. It isn’t wishing and hoping for something better while concentrating on crap. It is based on returning to you what you predominantly focus on.

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me – No One Else

It requires training and focus. YOU MUST train your brain to stay focused on what you want. You must condition your mind to give you what you want. It will deliver reliably when you train and condition it. That is the LAW!

Right now it is working whether you believe it or not and it delivering whatever you are mostly giving it. I repeat: It is already delivering reliably. Consider this: It is like you body in some ways. What you feed it determines what you get back.

If you give it excellent nutrition, rest and exercise you can have great health. If you give it junk food, no rest and no exercise you can have crappy health. Get it? Okay. More next post. For now, realize you have something you must do to make life better.

When You Declare It – You Command It – You Create It

You must change your focus and keep it on what you want. You must be positive and feel good most of the time. Once you condition yourself to be this way it is much easier because the habits of your conditioning take over. First, however, you must do the work.

That is where and why most people give up. They are not prepared to persist and keep going until they make it happen. They dabble, they dip their toe in the water. They ‘try’ and when the going gets tough they blame the Law Of Attraction.

If you commit and get tough when the going is rough you will win. You will succeed. You will reap great reward. You will do what few else do you will prevail! Stick with it and you will be amazed and delighted!” Rex Sikes

Make marvelous your moments today!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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