You Don’t Have To Be Screwed If You Are Doing This!

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“Your career, finances, romance, family and life can be difficult but there is hope. You can make a difference. It need not stay the same nor does it need to be hopeless. Wouldn’t you like to discover how you can make it whatever you want it to be? Wouldn’t you like to make changes more easily?

If your answer is yes then you must learn to condition your mind to give you what you want. It will deliver reliably when you train and condition it. The same conditioning is required by your body. You must condition it to get certain results and physique. You must take in the proper nutrition, exercise and get the right amount of rest.

The Law Of Attraction is the same. You need a daily diet of inspirational, positive and motivational thoughts. You need to nourish and replenish. You need to keep focused. You need to stay on the positive. If you feel stuck you are not thinking and feeling positive.

You Must Feed Your Body And Your Mind Well

You are thinking than glorious thoughts about what you don’t want, wish to avoid or hope doesn’t happen. That is why your feelings went south. If you think less than glorious thoughts you will feel less than glorious. SO our feelings are a great indicator as to what we are thinking at any given moment.

When you feel less than glorious it is the signal for you to change your thinking. Switch it back, as quickly as you are able, to positive thinking. Isn’t that cool. We have a built in signal device that let’s us know when we are off track. OF COURSE no one taught you that until now.

Imagine how life would be different if you knew that growing up. Our feelings would take on completely different meanings and instead of getting bent out of shape when feelings are less than glorious we would have understood them to be the resource they are. Oh well, better late than never.

Tiny Adjustments Applied Bring Great Change

You can train your mind AND YES YOU REALLY CAN train your mind. It is simple but not easy. You can train your mind and when you do then the law of attraction or the law of creation works as it is supposed to work. You have to accept responsibility. In this day and age few are willing to say I am responsible for everything.

Whether true or not if you begin with this premise, rather than blaming oneself, it provides a great wide latitude to create from. If everything good or bad is only up to you and no one and nothing else then you can change it from within. A complete new world will open up to you when YOU take full responsibility. This IS how it works.

You must do it. You can’t read about it and think everything will be better. You have to implement it and undergo a daily regime. Believe me, this is the area I had most difficulty with; ACTUALLY doing it. I’d try to understand it thinking if I understand it then it will work. Wrong. Doing it is what makes it work. I repeat, DOING IT makes it work! I must repeat this again. ONLY doing it makes it work!

What You Think  About You Bring About

YOU ARE ALREADY bringing about everything. That is why you must take responsibility. Realize this! It is not something you now suddenly begin. You have been doing it all the while you have been growing up. What you do begin now is to take control of the process and make it work for you instead of against you.

Claim your power. Put yourself in the driver seat! Steer your brain the way you want to. Stop letting it do whatever it has been doing and aim it intentionally. Deliberately determine what you pay attention to. YOU determine what you focus on BECAUSE what you focus on is what you get.

You don’t have to be screwed. One negative thought won’t harm you. It is the preponderance of what you think and how you feel that makes the difference. SO the goal is to think positively and feel your best MOST of the time.

Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

The bad news is you have not been controlling your thinking it has been controlling you. You have been getting less than glorious results because of your lack of control. The good news is you can learn to control your thinking and get fabulous wonderfully positive results in your life and the real world.

Feelings are easier to notice than each individual thought. Whenever you feel down then notice what you are thinking and change it for the better. Do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel better.  (We discuss a little more next time).

As you do this you train yourself to return to the positive and good feelings whenever you go astray. If you’ll keep at it you’ll make it a habit. Along the way it gets easier and easier to stay focused on what you want. Soon it will become automatic. Eventually, it become natural and you live your life this way. That is great news.” Rex Sikes

How many different things can you discover today to celebrate?


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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