How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over Once And For All!

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Would you like to stop getting the short end? Do you want more? Would you like a fabulous career, relationship and life? Would you want lots of love and lot’s of things? How’d you like  to be free to do what you want when you want? You can, you know? You can live the good life too! It works this way: (I recommend reading previous posts too).

Your internal thoughts and images, pictures and sounds, combined with strong  feelings inform your subconscious what you want. It is the visual image and sounds (self-talk, affirmations) combined with strong positive feelings that is the message! You send messages to your subconscious mind all day long.

Your Pictures, Self-Talk And Feelings Send A Powerful Message

Most of the messages you send you have been sending since you were a toddler. You have been informing your very own brain what to pay attention to and what to neglect.  Most of us never realize this is what WE are doing but WE ARE doing it. Instead, we blame others and the world. Once we recognize we are doing it we can improve it.

The stronger the feelings you have the greater the signal it gets. The better you feel, the more often you feel better the more often and stronger your subconscious gets that message.  The more often you feel less than glorious and the stronger negative feelings you have the stronger your subconscious gets that message.

This is how YOU communicate what you want to your subconscious. It doesn’t know or care whether it is positive or negative, good or bad, right or wrong it takes all it’s cues from what you send it. So if you don’t like the results in your life it is up to you to change it. Your subconscious mind merely carries our your wishes (among other things).

We Are Creatures Of Habit But Still We Can Change The Future

Your  subconscious is your servant mechanism designed to assemble your inner resources to help you get what you want. It is a servant mechanism designed to look for in life that which matches you inner world. It finds proof for what you already know. It delivers the proof by filtration. This is the job of the Reticular Activating System.

The (RAS) processes filters data from the real world. Since that can be than millions of bits of data at a time the RAS only allows in that which it thinks is important. How does it know? It looks for a match to what you deem important. That is what is meant when I say this process proves what YOU already know.

You RAS knows what is important by what you focus on most often accompanied by feelings. If what you know is crap, and negative and dire it will filter for that. Hence, your outer world reflects your inner. If, on the other hand, your inner world is glorious and filled with what you want that is possible your RAS filters for that.

People Think That Seeing Is Believing

It provides you either with limitations or with advantages and opportunities out there. Whatever you focus on is what you get. Whatever you imagine and say to be true for yourself IS true for you. That is what is meant by You become what you think about most. Whatever occupies your mind most frequently is what you get.

Have you ever noticed that people who say: they are broke and can’t get ahead rarely, if ever do? Or people who say they aren’t good with numbers, aren’t good with numbers. Or people who say they can’t lose weight never lose weight? The examples are endless. I am sure you can think of some you have heard or even thought.

Whatever people think about themselves they become. Whatever we declare or say is what we get. What you see, say and feel is what you get. ‘I am no good at this,’; ‘I am always late.’; ‘I am shy.’; ‘I hate broccoli.’; ‘I always screw things up.’ Your RAS filters out everything else and only allows in that which helps prove you are right.

In Reality It Is Believing Is Seeing

You can prove yourself a screw up if you want to OR you can prove yourself talented, successful, happy and loved. It is all in how you view yourself. So be careful which messages you are focused on because what you think you become. What you are focused on you will get proof for.

It can be a dire downward spiral or an incredible uphill ride.  The more proof you get the more you tell yourself it is true and believe it. The more you believe it the more you tell yourself it is true the more proof you get.

On and on it goes seemingly never ending. You think you suck and then get evidence for it which further convinces you that you suck so you continue to… on it goes. Wouldn’t you prefer this to end? Wouldn’t you want to find evidence for how you are a talented rock star in your world?

You Always Have Choices – Always

So the question you (all of us) need to ask is which would you rather live from? Do you wan to live and manifest the dire downward spiral or do you prefer the positive upward ride? You choice determines. You are the chooser. You have been choosing for a life time.

Is it time for a change? You do not have to live as you have if you don’t like or enjoy it. You can have better results and have a wonderful life. If everything is fine then keep doing what you are doing. If not, then make the change today.

Visualize! See and Say! Affirm, declare, assert who you are and what you want as though you already have it. See the good you want to have in the world as if it is already yours. It has already happened. Feel the feelings of owning it right now. Enjoy and celebrate these feelings. This is how you instruct the RAS to get you positive proof.

Having A Good Life Requires Having Good Taste To Choose Well

‘I can learn to do anything I put my mind to.’; ‘I am great.’; ‘I am wealthy.’; ‘I am healthy.’; ‘I am good with numbers.’; ‘I am confident.’ I am sure you can think of many more examples. Think positive and your RAS can begin to filter and show you positive proof.

This is how our belief systems work. We can change our limiting beliefs into positive new ones. Isn’t this great? You can condition your mind for a positive life! You can make great new positive good things happen. You can see and find opportunity that you previously missed. YOU can begin to live the life you want to live!

Your RAS will find in the real world that which matches your inner world. You can stop screwing yourself and living less than you deserve. You can end being a victim to your own shabby belief set and you can transform your mindset, yourself and your life into something outstanding. You can make all your dreams come true. Begin today!” Rex Sikes

More to come in the next post!

What will you discover wonderful today?


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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