The Secret Few Know To Making Positive Changes Most Easily!

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“Yes, there is still a secret. This secret is the key to making positive, permanent, productive change. It is being revealed here so you can immediately apply it and have it work for you.  This secret is ancient and spans all of time. It is absolutely powerful.

Sadly, everyone, or most everyone is familiar with it. They have heard about it and know it. It is one of the most well known secrets there is. Sadder still, while it has been hidden in plain sight, revealed numerous times, most people miss it and don’t use it.

That is why it remains a secret. Not because it is hidden but because people don’t use it. Since they don’t use it they don’t understand or benefit from its incredible power. Perhaps, today will be different. Most likely not for most people, but it will be for a few.

Even An Open Book May Not Be Read Until Someone Reads It

For those few THEY are ready to transform and begin to have a life more wonderful and fulfilling. AS I have always said, ‘Exploration is the doorway to adventure. Awareness is the key’. Be willing to explore new possibilities and a new world will open up to you in amazing ways.

Awareness is the key. We have choices we may not realize, appreciate or utilize. One possibility is we react to situations out of habit. We react from pre-recorded programs we run day in and day out, where whatever happens triggers a conditioned reaction.

As when someone gives you the finger and you, without thinking, give them one back. These neural pathways are a well beaten down path. We react automatically. There is a cause and an immediate effect. It happens without awareness. Afterwards, we realize, perhaps, what we did.

Exploration Is The Doorway To Adventure

Then there is the other possibility, that from awareness we respond. We notice the instigation but it doesn’t grip or grab us. Instead, more like an observer, we watch without getting hooked and we choose how to behave or respond to the situation. There is a moment, or a gap, between the trigger and what happens next.

There is one practical method for creating that gap and that is to condition yourself for it. The other less productive reactive behaviors were conditioned without awareness simply by growing up. The new behaviors we deliberately intend to create. THAT is the difference.

One we ended up with reactions without realizing it. The new ones we intend to create, we take time to manufacture through practice and repetition. There are plenty of opportunities each day, each hour, to practice this.

Awareness IS The Key

At first when you begin applying this you will be late, most likely. Timing is everything. You will realize after the moment passes.  THAT is OKAY! That IS the first beginning steps. SO take it easy on yourself. Be gentle and be grateful you noticed whenever it is that you notice.

THIS is important to remember and realize. You decide, for example, to enjoy life more. You don’t want to get angry so much. DO not focus on the anger. That will only bring more energy to it and you will end up being angry more. INAPPROPRIATE anger is what you want to eliminate. It is appropriate to be angry in some situations. That may be the wisest response.

Focus on enjoying life more. Pour your energy into that. Then you will get more of that! Be positive and be happy. WHEN you discover that you are not, or that you got angry inappropriately, even moments after ‘the event’, congratulate yourself on recognizing you were angry.

YES! Congratulate yourself on recognizing you got angry. This is the beginning of awareness. It is simply late. As you continue along, life will afford you many opportunities to practice and build a new habit. Continue to recognize and appreciate your awareness.

Questions Direct Your Mind What To Look For And Find

You might ask Directed Questions™ like, ‘I wonder how delighted I will become to discover myself easily responding more positively to these situations…’ (whatever they are for you) or to whomever you want to respond more positively too.

OR ‘How delighted will I be to discover for myself that I have choices and that I am able to respond differently…’ OR ‘…that I am able to respond positively and productively?’ Send your mind on searches for what you want to have rather than what you don’t want.

Do you want to be more aware? Would you like to be more positive? Would you like more choice? Would you like to stay clam in trying situations? If so ask questions similar to the one’s above that direct you into having what you want. Put your brain on the search for you.

Throughout the day keep asking a few questions around the area of change you wish to develop. ASK!. These will greatly increase your ability to change and become more aware. That, after all, is the goal, to become more aware.

Be Gentle, Positive And Encouraging

Remember, to not get caught up and react. There is a great infographic out there that reads ‘ Every time you feel yourself getting pulled into other people’s nonsense, repeat these words. Not my circus. Not my monkeys.’

Whenever you FEEL yourself getting pulled into… other people’s or even your own trauma drama… remember to repeat, ‘Not my circus. Not my monkeys’. This is great because this is how we create awareness. We, first, must notice the pull.

Once we do, STOP!!! Take a deep breath! Maybe one or two more! THEN after the breathes engage a new behavior. REPEAT a new mantra, or affirmation, whatever it is. In this case it is a reminder ‘not my circus. not my monkeys’.

Whatever it is or whatever new behavior you want you instigate after the STOP – GAP. STOP first…. then Begin. Stop then Begin!

Come To A Complete 4 Wheel Stop And Then Proceed Differently

You feel the pull and you STOP! Completely stop! Pause. Take a breath or two. AND BEGIN The new behavior. Think a different thought inside or out. Do anything physically different from what you would have done previous to learning this.

Each time you successfully repeat this process you are on your way to building a new habit which includes awareness and choice! Soon enough it will be automatic and reliable. You will have transformed an unwanted into a wanted. You are moving forward!

Put your energy into what you want NOT what you do not want.

Remember, to be free you must pause and chose to respond differently. IF YOU DO get caught up that is okay, be gentle with yourself. Next time, maybe, you will remember. Or perhaps you will remember even sooner. You will catch yourself quicker.

You Stop And Then Move In A New Direction

Pat yourself on the back for whatever you did and for noticing it whenever you noticed it. Self criticism won’t help you change. It is part of the old behaviors and conditioning. SO while you are learning to change the anger, learn too how to end the negative self-talk! Get it? Be gentle and encouraging. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper.

If you can’t say something good about yourself, another person or the circumstances, do not say anything at all. Do not reinforce what you do not want? Do not give it your energy! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Only put the energy you have into the things you want. Make sure you are putting it into what you want! Many people think they are when they aren’t! So check and double check. Energy begets energy. You want to get back WHAT YOU WANT and not more of what you do not want. Is this clear? I hope so.

Speak Only To Bless, Heal And Prosper – Congratulate Yourself

I repeat: WHENEVER you do remember, give yourself a pat on the back for noticing and changing. Encourage the positive behaviors you want more of. Literally, ignore the behaviors you wish to eliminate. Do not put energy into the negative thoughts or behaviors or you end up getting more of the same. Focus and get back the positive!

So here it is. A huge wide open secret that most people never apply so they never get the changes or life they want to have. Sad, but if it is to be, it will be up to them. Just as it is up to you and me. No one can do this for us. We must each do it our self.

So what is it going to be? Will you dive in and begin transforming your life in powerful and positive ways or not? It is up to you. Whenever you make a positive decision to make a positive difference for yourself, celebrate and be grateful that you recognized an opportunity.

This is how we learn to recognize more and more opportunities as they present themselves. I hope you, decide today to, transform your life in wonderful ways that bring you more delight than you can even begin to imagine right now. Celebrate, enjoy and be glad! Today is a magnificent day!” Rex Sikes

Savor the positive wonderful moments you create!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “The Secret Few Know To Making Positive Changes Most Easily!”

  1. Must first thank Emah Yahweh for blessing me to read your wise words of healing. This is just what eye asked MAMA for today Overstanding. It is amazing how quickly eye arrived here after my prayer.
    Keep doing what you are doing, praying for the day we can give ourselves permission to let someone know how our lives are better because of what they did share healing words divinely inspired.
    SALUTE…Rex Sikes


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