Why Most People Fail – How You Can Succeed!

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“There is a reason why many people don’t reach their goals. There are reasons why most don’t live the life they hope to. Do you want to stop failing and start winning more often? You can. You can begin to win more reliably too. Success is pretty much scientific.

Most people will think it depends on largely on luck. They put the success factors on the outside of themselves and in the hands of others. If you want to succeed you must be the one in charge. Yet, most fail to do this.

One of the most marvelous books ever written is ‘Think And Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. You must read it if you haven’t. If you have read it you must read it again and again. It is a  book to be studied, ingested and digested. It is so rich with everything we need to know to get ahead and the reasons why most people don’t.

Know Your Definite Chief Purpose

I read a chapter over each day for 30 days at a time. I have done as many as 3 chapters at a time. Especially, chapters 2, 3,and 4. Today, I want to examine a sentence or two from chapter 1. Hill discusses Edwin C. Barnes burning desire to work with Thomas Edison. He emphasized that Barnes really did discover that ‘people THINK And GROW RICH’.

The title itself speaks volumes. Hill doesn’t say work hard and grow rich. Get a job and grow rich. Invest and grow rich. He says, think and grow rich and then explains how to make this happen. His book is amazing. The next two sentences are the ones I want to examine. Keep in mind that Barnes discovered people think and grow rich.

‘His discovery did not come about at one sitting. It came little by little…’ and we stop there. The difficulty people have applying the Law Of Attraction or Science of the Mind or these principles is because today we have grown up expecting everything to happen quick and easy. Certainly, it may but lot’s of things in life don’t. Many things take time.

Develop Passion – A White Hot Burning Desire

It takes time for seeds to grow; for you and I to grow up. To cook a nice meal. To travel from point A to point B. To watch a movie from beginning to end. Still advertisers have promised us magic for a fee, quick, easy, effortless. Magic pills, magic bullets, magic time frames. We have instant on television, high speed internet and so many things that spoil us for those that take time.

Barnes made his discovery but not at one sitting. IT CAME LITTLE BY LITTLE. Once you decide you want to become a deliberate creator or attractor you need to realize most things aren’t revealed all at once. It comes bit by bit. There is no genii in a bottle it is a progression, evolution, an unfolding. You grow into the abilities to make things happen.

Yes, some may be quicker at it than others but if any one person attempts and persists, and does not give up, that person, assuming they are following instructions, rightly using the principles, will succeed. It doesn’t work for some and not all. It works for everyone! Sadly, not every one keeps at it until it works.

Develop Faith – An Indomitable Belief In Yourself & Your Abilities

People try and, after awhile of not having instant results, abandon ship! They jump. Then they state, ‘I tried it and IT didn’t work’. It isn’t it that doesn’t work it is YOU that didn’t keep at it.

SORRY that is the truth, cold, hard and painful as that may be, the only failure there is IS giving up. Stop blaming IT and learn how to make it work instead. Stop whining and do it, is the advice. Persist don’t quit.

Step by step you get to your destination. ALL along the way IS the journey. ALL along the journey is discovery. Ultimately, if you keep going you will get there AS long as you don’t permanently stop trying. Along the way you will learn the ropes. It is a process that unfolds. It is magical but not fairy tale magic.

If you really, REALLY want it. Focus on it. Concentrate on it to the exclusion of most everything else. Believe you can get it. Have total faith in yourself. Then go after it and don’t stop trying until you get it. That is the formula for success. Get your mindset on right so the rest follows. THINK and grow rich. Drop by drop fills the tub.

Daily: Affirm & Visualize Using Strong Positive Emotions

You will accomplish your dreams if you pursue them relentlessly and don’t let anything deter you or stop you. In order to do that you must absolutely want it and not anything else. You must believe that you can do it and make it happen. Then you must take positive, productive steps to get there. THERE is no other way.

It didn’t happen for Barnes overnight. From the time he first thought it, to the time he got to Edison, is anyone’s guess how long that was. From his first meeting with Edison until he was working WITH Edison took 5 years. He didn’t start at the top he started at the bottom but he never let anything deter him from his goal. He knew his destiny and he kept at it until he fulfilled it.

Another important sentence, ‘ But something important was happening in Barnes’ mind. He was constantly intensifying his desire to become the business associate of Edison.’  Why do most fail? Because they wimp out, quit, whine and complain. They want it easy and overnight. They want it handed to them. They put responsibility outside themselves.

Persist – Never, Ever Give Up If You Want To Get There

Nothing appeared to be happening. For the five years his dream was only in his mind. There was no visible evidence of it in the world. His circumstances were that he was a lowly worker for Edison.

All that time ‘he was constantly INTENSIFYING his desire..’ He was intensifying it! Most people would whine and complain and look for something else to do. Not Barnes! He stuck with it! Most people who bail. Barnes knew he what his destiny was. He believed!

How do you succeed? You follow the rules, the instructions, the principles and you keep applying them until you have the success you want. You intensify your desire. You keep the faith and believe in yourself. You expect yourself to prevail.

It seems hard but it is simple. It may not always be easy but it is still simple. The formula is right here. Too many people are flighty like the bee from flower to flower. Still, the bee is on a singular mission and so must you be.  How to succeed is all spelled out. Stop wishing and start doing it. It begins with your thoughts.

Success comes from within you. Ultimately you will succeed as long as you keep at it. If you are determined to no matter how long it takes YOU WILL! In the mean time, INTENSIFY YOUR DESIRE! Make it happen! Prepare your mind! Develop an unstoppable determination, a steel will, and make your dreams come true!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate today!”

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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