The Great Deception: How To Stop Living The Lie

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“Did you know that most likely you have been brought up not knowing the full truth? Some very important principles were kept from you, deliberately or otherwise. Your struggles today are directly tied to not having the right information and know how.

You learn about things like positive thinking or Law Of Attraction and you give them a try. If you are like many people you get mixed results so you eventually give up. Would you like to know why this is and what you can do to ensure success?

You encounter the Law Of Attraction. You are told you are wonderful, deserving, abundant, talented and healthy. You have access to all good things.

Your mind, already conditioned with habitual fears, stories, doubts, reasons, excuses, blames, and messages from others, responds the same way it always does. It doubts it, fears it and all the rest.

This is because these LOA thoughts run counter to what many people are brought up believing. Some do, if you do you are fortunate. If not, no worries. Still, many people have the following experience:

You begin positive thinking and up comes the old conditioning.

The Way You Tame It IS To Replace It

It does require effort. Yes, you must invest in yourself if you want to live the way you are supposed to be living. You train your mind the same way you train a dog. You use patience, kindness, reward, repetition and firmness. You must keep at it if you want to succeed.

You are told let go of the negative. Then the old messages really rear up. You are told don’t worry about finances.  Stop focusing on your bills and debt. Your mind goes ‘but… but… but… if I don’t everything will collapse’.

You think, ‘I have to do something or everything will fall apart’. So you worry, fret, fear, doubt, get sad and anxious. You try to do things to keep it all together. You want the new but you busy yourself with the old.

You try to keep it from falling apart. You think, ‘if I just do this one more thing’, or if you try this other thing’, then things will be okay. You put your faith in actions. You were told you have to work hard to succeed.  So you keep trying to salvage things.

All your conditioning, everything you were taught, is about trying and striving and struggling to make it work. Then, maybe, then you will make it if you keep at it long enough. That is the American way. Work hard and get ahead. That is what some people value.

So you try to do more. You think more, act more, buy more, sell more. You do everything you know what or how to do. You plot and you plan but meanwhile everything remains the same. WHY?

Why Doesn’t It Change? Because You Are Creating It

Your conditioning says, ‘it is a real, hard, cold, separate world out there. Got to work hard to get ahead. Bad things happen to good people. I am not responsible for what happens. I am not lucky. Others are born to privilege I was not. The ‘real world’ is unloving and unkind.’

LOA emphasizes focusing on the positive. Let go of struggle. Accept whatever it is that you want. Believe you are worthy and that you deserve it. Allow it, believe it and receive it! The LOA says to live in harmony with your desires.

Open up to them and you can have them!

The LOA says it is 99% mental and only 1 % actions. It is the complete opposite to how you have been conditioned. Your desired new beliefs encounter the wall of your old beliefs head on. Smash!

Because of your past conditioning you don’t believe it. You resist. Your prior thoughts persists. Your reality remains the same because you pour all your energy into fighting.

You Fight What You Don’t Want. You’re Afraid You Will Lose Out

When it is all said and done you are exhausted and depleted. You have nothing left that is positive. You keep trying to do something to make it better. You still struggle and work hard or you whine and complain and blame everything and everyone else.

LOA emphasizes ‘Mindset First!’ Get the mind in order and your feelings will follow. Once these are in harmony everything else will begin to line up. Open yourself up to receive inspiration from within.

Tap into your inner strengths, power and resourcefulness. Everything you need you already have within you. BUT you have never known that nor have you believed or accepted that.

How could you? You believed all the contrary messages growing up?That was your reality. That is what you have continued to live from. You heard, ‘be brave, take risks’, and you tried. Sometimes it worked out and you were surprised.

Other times it did not and you were even more convinced that those negative limiting messages you grew up with were the right ones. We convince ourselves. You sought and found proof that your upbringing and conditioning was right. All of us do this.

You Have To  Get Over Your Own Previous Conditioning

That is the key. Turn away from what you believed. It  will be one of the most difficult things you have to do. You can do it bit by bit or all at once. The bottom line is YOU can do it.

Those limiting beliefs you were raised with served you in some ways. They worked at times but not really that well. This is because they were the partial truths. You got some of it but not all of it. You didn’t get the part that makes it all work. You also got it reversed.

They taught you to put the cart before the horse. It doesn’t work that way. That is why you and so many people struggle. You learned part of it and not all of it. What you learned was wrong and backwards. But it was all plausible so you and I and others believed it

Because it worked some of the time you believed it even more. It is random conditioning. One of the strongest forms of conditioning there is. Gamblers gamble because sometimes they win. They become convinced they can ‘strike it rich’ and that they break even most of the time when they do not. It is powerful.

It is difficult because you are so close to those thoughts. They form your paradigm. Your self image is invested in them. It is not comfortable. Your brain has run those same neural pathways for years. Those thoughts are your chronic, habitual thoughts.

Those pathways are the path of least resistance for you. It is the obvious and easiest choice to make. Because it is habit it is what you find yourself doing over and over again. It requires no effort to travel those well worn pathways.

You learned much of it from loving people. You learned much of it from media wanting to manipulate, control and to sell things. A weak mob is a weak mob. It is better to keep the masses confused and powerless. Rule by chaos, distraction and confusion.

It Is No Accident 1% Of The Population Controls All The Wealth

They know something you and I didn’t. They have been conditioned differently from the start of their lives. They grew up with a powerfully different set of beliefs, values and ethics than you and I did.

Mind Power First!

It has been emphasized since ancient times. No wonder it is what is ridiculed most by ‘experts’ and those in authority. It IS the secret! Get your mind together and your life will come together! Attitude IS everything. From within so without!

Thought precedes action. Thought precedes everything! Thoughts become things. What we think about we bring about. BUT they want you to think it is the result of your hard work. Actions is what they emphasize.

Let go of the your old ways! Your old beliefs will fight. They won’t let go without kicking and screaming. They are your closely held beliefs and practices. Little by little you can learn the new way. You can learn to live the secret.

Just as  a little trickle can become a mighty river you can make changes step by step. Small at first. Eventually, you will make great strides. Persist and you to can become a mighty creator and live your dreams.

Don’t let your old conditioning prevent you any longer. Stop thinking those old thoughts. Take a deep breath, let go and begin thinking new thoughts. Live a new way. Fill your mind with the new thinking. Train your mind and be in charge of your thoughts.

If You Change Nothing Nothing Will Change

Stop living from the old conditioning. Give yourself permission to think differently. Allow yourself to discover the power that is already yours. Discover the power that IS and has always been within you.

All your life YOU have gotten precisely what you have thought about most in your life. The LOA states, ‘what you think about most you become.’ You attract like thoughts. What you focus on you get. What you think about you bring about.

If you have debt it is because you are concerned with debt. Whatever problems you have been focusing on is what causes them to remain. Birds of a feather flock together. You need to think about, concentrate and include only what you DO want.

If you want wealth begin to experience abundance in all its present forms. Become grateful and thankful for everything. Delight in all that is inside you and outside of you. Live with joy and passion. Celebrate all of what you have and you will get more.

Fill your mind daily with positive thoughts. Read positive, inspiring and motivational material. Re-read it again and again. Listen to audios that help you get your thinking straight. What you think about most often you become.

Become Powerful 

Become filled with gratitude! Celebrate and appreciate everything. Even your problems because lessons and opportunity are within them if you know where to look. It is not so much that you attract as that you create. You will begin to make things happen.

Wish everyone and everything well. Stay positive. Birds of a feather flock together. What you put out comes back so keep it positive and up lifting. Be happy when others succeed.

Be inspiring and helpful to others. Radiate light, love, positive energy and you will attract like people to you who can help you. Put out from your mind the very best thoughts and you will greatly benefit.

Make it a point to be happy and to feel your very best most of the time. Put on a smile, walk with confidence, be playful, laugh more, have fun and enjoy life! Become a person who can do anything!

Life will transform as you do. You will get more of what you want because birds of a feather DO flock together. Think about what you want to include in your life. Do not think about what you want to exclude from your life. Let that thinking go. Drop it!

Let doubs go. Let fears go. Let the plotting and the trying to fix it go.

You have been taught that the world is separate from you and you have very little influence over it. You have been taught things happen to you. You have been made into a victim of circumstances.

You Are Born To Be A Champion, A Winner And A Victor

In reality you are born worthy, deserving of all good things. You are born to be a champion, a winner and a victor. There is plenty of everything for everyone!  You are responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions. Take charge. Become the master of your fate!

You can be in control and in charge of your thoughts feelings and actions. You absolutely can control your thoughts. They don’t want you to believe that. When you do you will realize your power to control and shape your destiny. Own your power!

Your destiny begins within you. Mindset first! Mind power first!

I am not saying sit in your room and do nothing but imagine. I am suggesting that you FIRST get your head straight. Once you do this you will know better what to do and how. From the proper mindset the actions you take will have greater effect.

Operate from your strengths and your abundant gifts. Do not try to operate from lack and worry. Mindset is 99% then the 1% that is action will be powerful and productive. Inspiration comes before perspiration. This is the correct approach. This is where your power is!

Where you live most of the time, what fills your mind, what kind of thoughts you have most of the time dictate the results you get. If they are mostly positive you will get mostly positive results. If they are mostly negative you will get mostly negative results. If they are 50/50 results will be the same.

What You Think About You Bring About

Do you get it yet?

If not, read this again and again until you do!” Rex Sikes

Have a glorious day!!!

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