Use These 6 Simple Steps To Get Everything You Want

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“Do you want more from life? Do you have everything you want yet? Would you like to know 6 easy steps that you can use to make your dreams come true?

Getting what you want can be difficult or easy. It is up to you. It depends on your mindset and your actions. It depends on your follow through. These 6 steps simply guide you and help keep you on track. Use them and you can revolutionize your life.

So, you set your goal. It is off in the future. What you do between then and now is important. Keep your expectations high. Keep faith in yourself and your ability to make your goal or dreams come true.

Stop Comparing Feel Good Instead

Between this time now and that time then keep your energy high and positive. Think and feel your very best. Spiritual people may say you need to vibrate happily. It is important we start from a good place. Mindset and attitude is everything. Positive expectations and faith in your ability to manifest the outcome you want are important.

The more positive, feeling good and happier you are the easier it all will be. Happiness brings more happiness. Success brings more success. Positive thoughts and positive feelings result in more of the same. Begin in the highest, positive place you are able. Focus on the positive and stay there.

Birds of a feather flock together. Whatever you think and feel positive or negative you attract more of. Be sure to chose the positive. Begin with high positive vibrations, mindset and attitude and you will get more back in return. It is important that you feel good. So, how do you feel good?

How To Feel Good

First: To help yourself feel good you  do those things that make you feel good. Use wise, healthy practices. Smile, laugh, do something nice for others. Do anything that makes you feel good. Walk, sing, dance. Go to a favorite place.

Clean your house if it makes you feel better. Treat yourself. Spend time with family or friends. Celebrate, count your blessings. Feel grateful. Volunteer, donate.  Do a favor or kindness. Anything healthy and positive that makes you feel better is available for you.

Second: Clarify what you want. Know your purpose. Set your goal. Be clear about what you want. Be committed. Affirm what you want and what you will do to get it. Affirm that you will keep at it no matter what. Be on purpose, be intentional, and keep your commitment.

Visualize it. Affirm it with strong feeling. Feel the firmness of your decision. Feel your resolve and joy and confidence Speak with authority. When you affirm and visualize imagine it as already completed. You have made it happen. Enjoy the feelings. Celebrate having made your dreams come true.

Get Clear On What You Want

Imagine having a discussion with someone close who celebrates you achievement and describe to this person how you made it happen. What easy step by step you took. How you kept your faith and persistence. Tell them why you  did it, what you did and how you did it to make it a reality for yourself.

Again remember, in your mind it has already happened and you have everything you want. Feel and bask in those feelings. As you picture and describe it and how you did it commit to taking the easy step by step approach. Work at making your goal come true bit by bit. Enjoy the process.

Three: Use your affirmations to describe you desired life. Be descriptive and use wonderful adjectives to put ‘oomph’ into your descriptions and affirmations and mental images. Make it vivid and glorious. The more strongly you feel as you describe and picture the more readily your subconscious mind gets the message.

Your pictures should support your affirmations and your affirmations should support help create your pictures. Describe the life you want as though you already have it. Feel what it is like to be there, having and doing those things. Feeling is most important. Keep all talk self-talk and other talk positive! Live your dreams in your mind fully as you are able.

Visualize, Affirm And Use Positive Self-talk

For example, if you want more money. Saying ‘I am debt free’.  Or ‘I have lots of cash’. May not make you feel very happy. The first puts your focus on debt. You want to put your focus on prosperity. You may wish to say, ‘I have all the money I need’.

But even the second example and this one may not trip your trigger too much. Piles of cash may be nice but some people are not that excited by green paper. It is what the green paper represents that is important. It is all you can do with lots of the green stuff that makes you feel good.

Think of all the things you will do with that money. It isn’t the money that makes you happy but what you are able to do because of the money.  You might love to travel or by a new home. It could be purchasing nice things makes you feel good. Perhaps it is  the security and confidence to be able to do whatever you want, with whomever you want, whenever you want makes you happy.

Think about it. Feel happy! Feel great and notice why you feel happy.  It is what you do with what you have is where the feelings come from.  Use what makes you feel the best.

Spaced Repetition Builds Habits

Fourth: Do it repeatedly. Do it every day. Spaced repetition develops habits. Everyday visualize and use affirmations. Keep in mind what predominately occupies your mind is what you get. What you think about most often you bring about. You get what you focus on. DO it everyday and do not stop.

Don’t miss a day. Commit. While that may seem like a big commitment there is a reason for it. Some people rationalize once they miss going to the gym or fudging on their diets and soon give it up. You don’t want to end up like one of those people do you?

Don’t let there be any room for not following through. Keep your promise to yourself. Consider this an investment in you and cherish this investment. Cherish yourself, value yourself enough to stick with it. Thought precedes action. Get you head together first and foremost.

Begin the day right. Start it off positive. Affirm and visualize. Then affirm and visualize  whenever you can during the day to stay positive. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, words and actions. Before you go to sleep count your blessings and affirm and visualize for your subconscious to work on while you sleep.

Take Action Steps

Fifth: Start moving forward. Take the first steps. Take action. Create momentum.  Follow through. During the time you were clarifying your goals and dreams and affirming and visualizing your mind, your subconscious, helps you create a plan.

Be aware of flashes of insights and ideas that you can do that help you get your goal. Work you plan. Plans may change but you don’t change you goal. You keep you intention and work creatively to get it. Remember, step by step you make your dreams come true.

With the right mindset in place, first, you will look for and you will find, you will make happen and attract, the right people, the right circumstances, events, and opportunities that are advantageous for you.

When you align your energies with what you desire and when you get congruent in your conscious intentions with your subconscious you become a creative force to be reckoned with. You become a powerful Can Do person.

You become a powerful Chooser. You determine your destiny. You begin to live as a champion and as a winner. You become a powerful creator who makes things happen. You become a magnet to attract all good things to you. What you put out to the universe you get back. Like attracts like.

Thought precedes actions. The most successful people already know and practice this. They either learned it deliberately or stumbled on it. Those who struggle in life often work hard and wonder why their actions aren’t paying off. Have you ever? If so, you must get your mind in the right place first. Then everything else can line up behind it and work.

As Above So Below As Within So Without

Sixth: Get the Within in order and the Outer will follow. Take care of your mind and body. Consume healthy nutrition to feed the mind as well as the body. Read positive books and articles. Listen to positive talks and speeches. Attend positive events and seminars.

Consider finding and spending time with people who are already doing what you want to do well. Also find those who are pursuing it as you are too. If you want to get good at anything you need people around you who are good and better.

You don’t want to be the smartest person in the room because you won’t learn anything. If you want to learn to play chess, or basketball you need to be around others who play the game. If you want to be the best then you need to spend time around those who are the best.

Find a community of positive, encouraging, supportive people to hang out with. It will make a big difference. Not only can they encourage and support and contribute to you but you can for them. The practice of contributing to others also makes you happier and healthier and stimulates you to get all the good things you want.

Bonus: Take time and apply these six steps and you will rock your world. You will transform yourself and your life in positive and dynamic ways. You will begin to experience many good things that will delight and surprise you. While on the path put your attention on the successful steps you take. Put your attention on the wins, large or small.

Keep Your Focus On The Steps You Can Take 

When climbing a mountain it is recommended to look down a few paces ahead of your feet. Do not look at the peak. The contrast of where you are and where you need to get to is vast and may cause you to lose faith and give up if you constantly compare. It drains you of your energy and confidence.

If you keep your focus on the few paces in front of your feet you are making the journey step by step. You are moving forward and no longer comparing. You can celebrate each step knowing you are getting closer. You are winning each step of the way. You are keeping your focus on what you can do.

Yes, it tricks the mind and you into sticking with it by making it easier for you. The same is true of our goals. Keep you attention on the small wins. Each step you take in the right direction is positive. Do not compare, let go of the when and be grateful for the now.

Do these six or seven things. Start today. Never wait when opportunity presents itself. Take advantage of now! Fill yourself up with feeling good and thinking good. Begin surrounding yourself with quality people. Focus on the small wins along the way. Enjoy the journey and you will make your dreams come true. Never quit.” Rex Sikes

Have a glorious day!!

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