What Do I Do If I Think A Negative Thought?

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“People have asked me, ‘What about negative thoughts? What should I do if I think a negative thought?

This is a normal question for people in the process of learning to deliberately take charge their mind.  

After all, it is bound to happen. We are human. There is nothing to fear and there is somethings you can do.

Whenever you have a negative thought or feeling counter it immediately with a positive thought.  

Don’t accept the negative. Make a positive statement.  Make a positive picture. Turn your back on it!

Turn your back on the negative and turn toward the positive. Do not entertain or get caught up supporting or encouraging that which brings you down.

Turn from it. Put your focus, your emphasis, your concentration on the positive. Deliberately switch!

The trick to being happier and healthier overall in life is learning to pay attention to what is worthwhile.  

Let go or give up that which does not add or contribute to you positively.

Learn to transform those moments. It will make your life more incredible moment to moment.

Eventually you will make it a habit and you will automatically look to the positive. 

You will learn a few important things by doing this: You will become aware of when you are not thinking positively.

You will develop the power to switch it.

You will make it an automatic reliable habit. You will gain control of your thinking process.

You will begin to make what you want happen in your life.

Become aware of the signal! That is really all the negative thought or feeling actually is.

It is a signal that you are thinking about what you don’t want or don’t have.

It is a signal that you are focused on a less than productive pathway. The signal provides you the opportunity to change it.

Appreciate the signal. It may be negative but be glad it got your attention.

You want to become aware of the instant your thinking turns less than positive.

The signal occurs so you can prevent yourself from getting caught up in negative feelings or spiraling down and out in negative thinking.

The earlier you become aware of the signal the faster and easier it is to change what you are doing.  

Take it as a message to turn your attention to the positive. Change your thinking and you change your life.

Transform the moment from less than glorious into something a little better or a lot better. Build your ability to notice more of the good things.

Notice the fine things, the best things, the best thoughts, feelings and pictures,  the best behvaiors and the moments.

When you fill up your life with things you enjoy and appreciate you feel better over all and life is much more wonderful.  

Too many are distracted by less than glorious past memories or present circumstances.

They spend time wallowing in less than glorious minutes and wonder why they don’t feel better. Energy flows where your attention goes.

If you are negative or feel negative and you put your attention on it you increase it and encourage it. You get more of what you do not want.

If you put your attention on what you want your attention to it supports and ecourages the good feelings and you get more of this.

You get more of what you DO want!

Happiness is a choice each moment. Whenever you notice yourself thinking or feeling less than gloriously stop. Just completely stop.

Take  deep breath. Think ‘cancel’ the negative thought and think, pitcure and make a positive statement immediately.

Steer yourself right back into the positive thoughts and feelings. Do it deliberately.

Do it immediately when you become aware of the negative thought.

Whenever you make a negative statement. Whenever you hear one come out of your mouth Stop!

Do the same thing. Turn it into a positive one!

Do what you want to have more of and less of what you don’t want. It is simple enough.

Either you are postive or negative. Choose the positive and life will be better.

Don’t whine, complain, blame or act like a victim and say that you can’t do this or that it is too difficult.

That itself is a negative thought you must immediately change!

Change your thoughts and change your life. You can do this! Decide that you can and that you will.

When you will you will have won. The victory comes to those who attempt to win.

Defeat is assured for those who refuse to play the game. You are already in the game so decide how you will play it.

Decide to make your life better and you will.

If you want something the first place you get it is in your mind. Where you spend most of your time is what your life reflects.

You become what you think about. Make your mind your servant instead of being its servant and you will be so happy you did.” Rex Sikes

Celebrate each moment today!

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2 thoughts on “What Do I Do If I Think A Negative Thought?”

  1. We are a work in progress huh:)! When I do that I 1st realize that I am human and have been living the other way for half my life so I usually just forgive myself, oops and laugh at myself taking it lightly and then replace it with a positive. Since I have been keeping a,”Gratitude Journal”, for several months consistently now, it has helped me to have less and less slips as time goes by. My kids and I use to keep gratitude journals when they were small growing up and we would go through them every night before bedtime stories so that they would get use to thinking that way when they were small and carry that with them into adulthood. That is one of my big gratitude’s, is that God gave me the idea to plant that in their thoughts so young and now I feel so awesome when I listen to how they talk about their life, their children and friends etc. I’m so grateful that God put that thought into my head so many years ago for my kids to have for life and now it is integrated into their life.:):)!

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