Use This Key To Unlock The Door To Your Dreams & Desires

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“What does believing mean? What does it mean to have faith? Why is this important when it comes to making your dreams come true? How does it apply to your career goals, being the person you want to be or having what you want to get in life?

In previous blog posts I’ve pointed out the necessity of maintaining a positive mindset and the importance of ‘Believe It And You Will See it’. This concept is how everything works but it is not the typical way most people think.

Most People Think When I See It Then I Will Believe It

This latter attitude keeps people in the dark because they focus on present circumstances. Their mindset works this way.  Only once they are convinced it can be otherwise, then AND only then, will they believe it can be otherwise. It is the reason things don’t work.

Instead of being focused on what they want and believing they can make it happen they are focused on what they don’t want waiting to be convinced somehow it will be different. So they remain the same. They get what they focus on. They get what they don’t want.

To be, do or have what you want you must focus on what you want to the exclusion of all else. You can not let yourself be distracted from what it is you want to make happen. You are the creator of it so create it. Believe you can do it and you will. Stay properly focused.

You Must Believe It First And Then You Will See It

Listen to stories of those people who reached the top in entertainment, in finance, in sports, whatever endeavor in life and you repeatedly hear stories that they KNEW they were destined to become a top player regardless of the obstacles.

They KNEW IT within them. They never lost faith.  Even when it appeared hopeless the kept going!  They worked in spite of the odds until they made it. This is how we need to believe. We need to EXPECT that it will happen. We need to KNOW we can accomplish it.

You can not wish or hope. You can not be half assed. You must be convinced that you will fulfill your greatest desire and you must passionately pursue it. You must persist in the pursuit until you have what you want. There is not alternative. You just do it!

You Must Ask Believing

Sure, you can hope, you can pray, you can think it is all about luck. That will not get you closer. Jesus said, ‘When you ask BELIEVE you will receive…’ so we can’t do less than that, can we? This is an important key concept. Believe it and you will see it!

We need to stop begging, whining and pleading. We need to command it into being. We need to declare what we want. We need to believe we will make it happen. We need to expect to get it.  Just as you do when you place an order in a restaurant.

Consider this analogy. You go into a restaurant. Hopefully, you are polite and I mean this. Waitstaff comes and says something similar to, ‘May I take your order?. You tell the person what you want they take it back to the cook. You wait after having placed YOUR order.

You Don’t Have To Muster Up Faith To Order Breakfast

You expect it to be delivered how you want it a little while later. You don’t sit there hoping and wishing and whining and complaining or fretting or worried or convinced it will never happen. You expect it to come the way you ordered it and you expect to get what you want.

With regard to the cook preparing it and it being delivered there are those who would liken that to the universe giving you what you want once you order is in. That is fine. I am not going there with this analogy at this time. I am only right now only addressing the ordering process and your faith in yourself.

While the waitstaff is gone you behave normally and concern yourself with reading or conversing or whatever you do. You occupy yourself because you know your food is coming. After all your order is in. After a while, it is served. You got what you ordered. You got what you wanted.

Know What You Want To Order

If you didn’t know what you wanted neither would anyone else. So the first important piece was to know what you want. When it comes to your dreams you need to know what you want and want it more than anything else.

You place your order. You declare what you will make happen.You stay focused on what you want to the exclusion of any evidence that tells you otherwise. You don’t let present circumstances distract you and you do not compare the wait time.

You don’t think, ‘I placed my order how long is this going to take’. Doing that keeps you focused on not having it yet. It keeps your attention on what you do not want. You have to have your focus on what you want. Your mind set needs to be right. You must believe.

Expect It – Know It 

You do not wish or hope.  You KNOW! You state it. You order it. You declare it! You command it! You demand it! You don’t dream it, you don’t pray or beg you ACCEPT it.

You Announce it. In fact, you don’t believe something is going to happen. Don’t put it off on someday in the future. You believe it has already happened! This is how you use your mind to create what you want. You see it as if it all already exists. It begins as an idea!

In your mind’s eye, visualize already having what you want. Imagine it fully as vividly as you are able. Full color, 3D, full sound with total feeling. Live it as though you have everything you want. FEEL IT. BASK in how good it feels. Imagine living in the house you will live in.

Stay Focused

Imagine working in the career you want successfully. Imagine a loving relationship. Imagine all your bills paid and enough money to do whatever you want when you want to. See people congratulating you and discussing your success.

Hear it! Hear people congratulate you. Hear what they say and what you say in return. Feel their handshakes and embraces. Feel how good it feels. Live the life you want to be living. It is the feelings combined with the images that place your order with your subconscious. Feel it fully.

Keep all your self-talk positive. Speak only to bless heal and prosper. Don’t speak about what you don’t want. Affirm what you want. Stay true to your pursuit. Stay focused, stay positive and powerful. Do not give your power away. Keep it an use it.

Once you put your order in with the waitstaff you don’t have to believe it will happen you KNOW it will happen. Treat life the same way. Expect good things. See them. Plan them in your mind’s eye.

Carry out the future in the present. Do not make it a when make it NOW! Make the future your current reality on the inside. What you focus on you get.  What you think you become.  Keep the faith!

Now Is The Only Time There Is

Live with an attitude of gratitude. Celebrate everything right now! Be focused on abundance not lack. Know you are making your dreams come true. The seeds are planted. The order is taken. Live as though you know it is yours. It is yours!

Own it! Declare it! Stop being a beggar. Stop fretting, hoping and worrying. Live as an emperor. YOU will make your dreams come true. Mind set is the very first and most important step to take.

Set aside time each day to imagine your life as you want it to be. Feel the very best you can as much as you can each day. Make feeling good and thinking positive a daily habit and your will be amazed at all the good things you starting creating and attracting.

Live positively! Live with passion. Live with enthusiasm! Feel the best you can moment to moment because it makes it all happen faster when you do. Be happy and enjoy all there is. Just like the others who knew they would succeed no matter what you can too! Do it!” Rex Sikes

Claim your victory today!

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  1. Reblogged this on Live Your Dreams and commented:
    Believe in the unseen and see it manifest. Unless we believe in our creation, we cannot create. If we wish for dream job, we have to create one. Tune into the correct frequency of your dreams being manifested and see it actually manifesting in your life. What you focus on, you attract it in your life. So focus on what you want and not what you do not want.


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