Want To Get Your Goals Faster? Do This Now!

horizons hole in the cloud

“Would you like to add some power to your ability to create what you want in your career and life? How would you like to make it easier? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get on track and be congruent with your desires? Time to start getting the results you want.

Do the following and you can make a big difference in creating what you want. Visualize your goal as already accomplished. See yourself living the life you dreamed of right now. Don’t imagine it as something you will have some day. Imagine it as if you already have it and live it right now.

Stop putting it off. Make it NOW in your mental movie theater. Imagine your life as perfect right now. Imagine you have everything you wanted HOW does it feel? Feel it! Notice how good it feels. Notice where you feel it. How you feel it. Savor and enjoy these feelings.

It Is Now Not Off In The Future

Feel how good it feels to have made this come true! These feelings are the feelings you want to feel most of the time. When you fill most of your hours feeling these feelings you put yourself on the fast track for making it a reality. Celebrate and appreciate!

Sadly, most people put off feeling great in life until after they get what they want. They wait and wait and wait. HOW we make it happen is to feel what it is like to have it before it actually arrives. I know that seems weird but that is the secret to getting what you want. In your mind act as if you already have everything you want.

Enjoy these feelings. Celebrate having everything you dreamed of. Feel the feelings. Enjoy the life you are living in your imagination. Imagine you have everything you want. You made it happen! Isn’t that incredible? What are your thoughts and feelings about this?

Feel These Feelings Most Of The Time 

This is an important ingredient in creation. What are you thinking and feeling now that you have it. Believe me it would be different once it arrived than while waiting. What are you seeing, hearing and feeling now that it has arrived. What do you say to yourself?

LIVE in your mind in as much detail as you can everything that you’d be thinking, feeling and doing. It helps to write it in a journal. Do that and read it or write more about it each day. Make it vivid and real for yourself.

Imagine it is a week or two after you got it. It could even be a month or more. You have accepted it all as ‘WOW, it happened! This is my life from here on out!” You are enjoying it and secure in having it. For example, you moved into your dream house and now you have been there awhile. You know it well. It feels incredible!

Live It In Your Mental Movie Theater At Least 2 Times A Day

Imagine all the people who have come up to you and congratulated you and are excited for you during this time. From the moment your dreams came true people have been excited for you. Feel them shake your hand and hug you. Feel the celebration and gratitude!

Hear what they say. Here what you say in return. Some one comes up to you and sits you down and asks you how it feels? They ask, ‘what it is like? What did you do to make this all happen?’ Listen and learn from your answers. Listen from discussion that ensues as you describe what it is like to have made all your dreams a reality!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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