Want To Have An Incredible Life? Then Learn What These People Already Know!

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“Some people just live differently than others! They let nothing deter them from enjoying life. It is amazing and inspiring! It has to do with their beliefs and attitude. How would you respond to the following? What do you think about this and how it may apply to your life?

To lose a limb or the ability to walk or move would be devastating. Life crushing. I do not wish it on anyone. Yet, there have been people throughout time who have suffered tremendous accidents, lost body parts or were paralyzed, BUT continue to live as blessed. They live differently from the rest.

Recently, they made a movie of the surfer girl who lost her arm in a shark attack. She continues to surf. Others, with similar circumstances have been in the news. Sometimes, we see people who suffer greatly continue to suffer greatly.

Other times, we see people who express gratitude at being alive. For these, they seem to say, ‘life is an adventure. I did it with two arms now I do it with one. It doesn’t matter, great to be alive!’

They don’t let a challenge stop them.  It must be a major adjustment, still, some seem to never miss a beat. They go right on living cheerfully. Young, old, rich or poor, that doesn’t seem to matter.

I have used an example to explain some of this. This example, pales by comparison but I present it, and then another one, as food for thought. Although, I think these considerations are already enough of a meal.

How people maintain an incredible positive attitude in the face of life changing experiences is definitely worth learning and applying. Ok, my example, two people go to a movie and sit side by side. The movie ends, one loved it the other hated it.

Both express opinions. It seems as if these have something to do with the movie when actually their opinions reveal much about them; who they are and what they pay attention to.

After all, it is the same movie. Both individuals sat through it but had a different experience of it. It can’t be the movie. It must be about them!

Two people are in a terrible car crash but survive and are not badly injured. One is filled with fear and speaks repeatedly about how the accident was terrible and how close to being killed he was.

The other is thankful to have lived through a huge ordeal and speaks of being lucky or blessed or protected he feels. Same experience two different reactions. Two separate, independent outlooks. Do you think their outlook has anything to do with how they live their lives?

Some people blame the economy for their problems saying they just can’t get ahead. Others during that very same economy make a ton of money and state if it hadn’t been for the economy they’d have never discovered how to make so much money.

Pretty much we are all the same. We have different experiences and programming as we grow. We still live in the same world. It appears how we respond to the world and circumstances has everything to do with what we believe.

Our thoughts, our attitude determine how we live our lives. What we think determines our world and our opportunity or our disadvantage. It is mindset more than anything else!

Some people face tremendous odds and let nothing stop them or ruin their day. Some people are born with, what we call, challenges but excel more than others born without challenges. Some seem to buckle at the smallest provocation.

I prefer to think of living life without seeing walls that stop me. I prefer thinking of what I can do instead of what I can’t. I’d much rather be optimistic and positive and live happily and fully than anything else. I’d like to think most other people do too.

I am not certain any one knows how they will respond until faced with an obstacle. I think what they think and believe, makes a difference. If a big challenge comes there way are they prepared to handle it?

Some believe in an outer god; some a personal god; some believe in an inner god or divinity; some believe in no god; that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Whatever else they believe in sure seems to make an incredible difference. What they think about themselves, their ability to live happily, handle difficulty, enjoy life, and the nature of the universe seems to make an incredible difference.

What would you do? How would you move forward? Is the glass half empty or half full? I think these examples, of what some might call courage, are a testimony to the awesome power of the human mind and spirit.

Their attitude certainly seems to determine their altitude. What do you think? What if you could learn, what these few people know, that makes them live their lives incredibly different from the rest of the people? Would you like to learn to live like this? If you could learn it would you?

There are people who choose to not let anything prevent them from enjoying this life to the fullest. They live as they wish no matter what happens to them or around them. They live as champions and victors over circumstances.

They continue to live joyfully. They consider the journey a marvelous adventure. This is wonderful and inspiring. It is absolutely possible that any one of us, all of us, can find the power within to be able to celebrate no matter what! When we are truly able to feel blessed regardless of circumstances then  life is transformation and we are incredibly rich in all ways.” Rex Sikes

This is your day! How will you use it?


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “Want To Have An Incredible Life? Then Learn What These People Already Know!”

  1. I’m facing an unexpected and very challenging situation. And I do feel fear. I agree with what you have written, but my path seems unclear to me. I want peace and a stable situation. (And I have re-written this 9 different ways)……Changing my thoughts will change my actions and change the situation.


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