I Accepted The 24 Hour Manifestation Challenge And Won!!!

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“So I accepted a 24 hour manifestation challenge. What do you think happened? I was challenged to create or attract some blessings that would constitute a sign or signal that the universe was intelligent and benevolent.

The challenge hours were from 5pm Friday to 5pm Saturday. I had been working at home all day, both Friday night and Saturday day. Nothing happened. I stayed positive but nothing happened.

The clock ticked by, and the deadline got closer. I thought, maybe I would go to the mailbox and, perhaps, there would be a letter. It was after 4pm. Nope. Nothing there either. Clock was still ticking away.

Maybe The Sun Rises Just For You

So, I got curious what might, would, could, happen, in the next forty or fewer minutes.  Then about 4:45pm I returned home from the mail box and started cleaning up around the house.

I picked up some debris, trash items, kids throw in street or yard. I was outside, picking up a couple papers and soda cans. I sifted through a few items and found 100 dollars. In my yard. 100 very weathered dollars!

I will take that as a yes! Some will say coincidence. I am fine with that. Some will say we get what we expect and I am good with that. Some will say I am deluded. I am fine with that, AND, I’m 100 dollars better off. I will take that as a big yes.

Count Blessings Not Troubles

I set the expectation that something positive and unexpected would happen within 24 hours (as a challenge test) and within 15 minutes to the end point I made a discovery. I call it a good one or a blessing.

Some will say yeah, ‘that is what you call it’. I am fine with that too. What would you call my discovery? I call it fortuitous. I call it wonderful. I call it, maybe I’d have found it anyway, who cares? I am glad . I call it a yes!

Perhaps, I’d have made many more if I went out and about instead of working on computer both days. Perhaps. AND perhaps, I’d have discovered something on the computer too. Who knows?

Look For Blessings In All Situations

Still, I am grateful. I think I will take the challenge again just to see what else comes up unexpectedly that I might enjoy. Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you want to do it again and again?

Hmmmm, maybe I’ll do it everyday. What do you think? Are you a little bit envious or do you you celebrate my good fortune? It can be your good fortune too. If you haven’t been blessed like this and recognized it before, now is the time to start seeking.

Don’t you think? Actually, I do each day. AND each day I find things to be grateful for and celebrate. Still, it was odd and marvelous to be challenged. That in itself is a blessing!

There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For

Everyday there are countless blessings and good things to discover if we only look for them. This world is a pretty wonderful place! Look for all the good. Leave the bad news, and trauma drama alone. Look for and seek blessings and gifts to celebrate.

Remember, we get what we focus on. I was open to being blessed in any number of ways. I didn’t care how or in what way it would come. I was simply open to something, delightfully, good and unexpected happening within 24 hour time frame.

If we seek we shall find whatever we are seeking. Count your blessings and expect more! Be ready for a miracle. Plan for one. You are more likely to receive one if you are prepared to receive one. AND you can still be surprised!

Remember How Blessed You Are

I think everyday we should expect miracles and blessings, gifts and coincidences. It doesn’t matter what we call it. Perhaps, we should just do it and be grateful! Then keep doing it!  Delight and enjoy! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How will you delight in today?

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