Manifesting Miracles Challenge 101

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“I’d like to point something out about the 24 hour Manifestation Challenge I spoke of in my last post. I know that many will think my finding 100 dollars was coincidence or synchronicity. It well may be. That doesn’t matter.

I shared the example hopefully, so some would understand that while I was at home, doing nothing, nothing seemed to be happening. This makes perfect sense. It wasn’t until I got out and took some actions that I discovered the bill.

My point is to sit home and wish for changes is hoping that somehow magically circumstances change and you are magically delivered the object of your desire. You can chant for gold or you can mine for gold. I think mining will get you there faster.

Make Your Own Magic

Mining and chanting together may get you there even quicker and easier because you have the appropriate mindset to discover it faster. It may be more inspiring and fun. You have a great attitude and the energy to do what it takes.

Manifesting is active creation. You and I, the creators are responsible for what we create. It means we have a dominant chief aim we focus on. We become passionate about it. Believe we deserve it and will have it. Then we do whatever positive actions are required to get it.

It doesn’t mean sitting there wishing and dreaming and hoping that it somehow shows up in our lap. Having said all this, I am still open to the possibility that things can and may work in ways none of us can understand, figure out or predict. There may be miracles and blessings and magic. Who knows? What do you believe?

I just don’t rely on those. I am open to them and embrace them. I do think if you want transformation you have to make it happen. You create it. You ask, you knock, you seek and you find. It is proactive! Even the word create implies you do something. So does the word attract.

Those Who Don’t Believe In Magic Will Never Find It

You attract or create what you focus on. THAT is the key.

You don’t actually get what you want. Nope, that is what we tell you do to; focus on what you want.  You actually GET what you focus on. So you’d better focus on what you want if that is what you want to get. Sadly, too many people are focused on what they don’t want and what they prefer to avoid so they keep getting more of the same.

What you hold in your mind you can hold in your hand. What you think about you bring about. Whether it is positive or negative, whether you want it or don’t want it; you get what you focus on.  You become what you think about. Remember? You should!

THAT is WHY it IS important to focus on WHAT YOU WANT. Focus on what is is positive and good. Otherwise, you will get anything else by default. Worse yet, you will get precisely what you want you don’t want. What you fear, worry about or want to avoid.

So make sure what you are focused on most of the time is what you want more of! Okay?

I think this next point is important too. It has to do with being grateful, finding blessings and feeling blessed. Anything can and is a blessing. A blessing is whatever you want to be a blessing. Remember, this too! We can find plenty to feel good about!

Until Further Notice Celebrate Everything

Even though I stayed at home working there was plenty to be grateful for or take as a signal. I had a great time at work.  Lot’s of productivity and flow. It was a delightful day. Twice during the day my daughter came in and we had lengthy, positive, connecting loving conversations, which surpass finding a 100 dollars any day. Any day!

Not only that but the 100 I found was money I had lost weeks before. It was weathered and In the same bank envelop with my receipt in it. I didn’t mention this yesterday but my loss turned out to be my gain in more ways than one. Surprise! What I thought lost was found!

The point is blessings are everywhere. Blessings can be anything we call blessings. Live expecting to be blessed and you will find them. Live expecting to be cursed and you will too. Your brain doesn’t care whether you think positive or negative it merely delivers whatever you focus on.

Wake Up With The Thought Something Wonderful Will Happen

Blessings abound but you have to seek and you have to find. You must do something to discover them. You must do something to create them. If nothing else, you at least have to look. I think it is wonderful to take inventory and count them daily!

Unexpected good is awesome. Life is abundant. Never say never, not even to magic. Be open and anything is possible. Believe and you will find. There is so much truth in this. Our expectations shape our perceptions. If we believe we will be blessed in unexpected ways IT IS FAR more likely than if we don’t believe it. Be open! Allow for it!

You will find it the more you let go of prior conditioning, blames, excuses, attributions of responsibility on others, events or circumstances. Let go and be open. There is so much more good going on than our little brains and minds can even begin to comprehend. To get even a taste, a glimpse, a sliver, is magnificent.

There Is Always Something To Celebrate And Be Thankful For

We have been discussing beliefs for a while in posts now so notice magic, coincidence, synchronicity, attraction, creation, we have beliefs around these. Is it possible or not? Easy or hard? It is up to you. Whatever you decide your brain will seek to prove.

Live with power. Find your power. Discover that which you are already. You are completely resourceful, optimistic, positive and powerful. Live fully, with passion and enthusiasm and fun. Delight and celebrate everything.

Whether or not there is magic, know this, you are magic. You are more magical and powerful than you have ever imagined. I hope you discover it soon. BUT, whenever you discover it that will be the right time for you!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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