How To Live Up To Your Full Potential! Accept Nothing Less!!

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“Imagine you were born prince or princess in line to be king or queen. What messages do you suppose you would get from birth on? Perhaps, you’d hear, ‘You descended from a royal, entitled bloodline’. ‘You are different and better than everyone else’. ‘You are destined to greatness’.  All because you were born to the right parents.

‘You can be, do and have everything you want’. ‘You are wealthy and powerful’. ‘Your world is your oyster’. Imagine hearing messages like this again and again. Imagine begin told ‘price is no objec’; that ‘you have everything within you’; that ‘you are special just because you are special’. ‘You are a have and not a have not’.

Imagine you received these as healthy messages and did not become an incredible snob.  Imagine the messages royalty and the privileged and the wealthy have received from birth on. What must it be like to grow up like that? I explore this concept with no first hand experience. It is all conjecture.

You Are Where Your Thought Have Brought You

Whether you grew up in royal families in European. Middle Eastern or Asian countries or as one of the privileged, American blue blood, silver spooners you’d have access to the best of everything. You’d enjoy the best food, clothes, homes, cars, schools, medicine, vacations, career paths, elite and powerful friends and connections.

You’d be exposed to the best and cost would never be a consideration. You’d grow up much differently than most of the world’s children. Stay on the healthy side of this, if all the messages and experiences were healthy and one grew up well adjusted what an incredible experience this would be.

While it is no guarantee the child will grow up healthy, of sound mind and body, and not wholly screwed up by that burden, keep considering the positive side to this upbringing. Those who have never been there can criticize and it may be apt to do so. Still, imagine, if you will, the powerful, positive messages one gets.

The powerful and the rich; the blue bloods wherever they are from, set themselves apart. They live and think and and behave differently. They feel different. Perhaps, they are, they have intermarried for centuries.

You Will Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

It is how they think about themselves, the world and opportunity that is critical to our understanding. They believe they are entitled to the best of everything and that they can and will have it. Most likely they don’t wonder if they can do or have something.

They don’t question if can afford it, or if it is possible or even likely. If they want it they get it. Why? Because that is who they are and what they are capable of. This is WHY the rich and the poor ARE different.  They think differently. They have different sets of assumptions, beliefs, concerns.

This is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. They think and feel and behave differently. They expect things to take place. They don’t question these will  happen. They believe without doubt or hesitation because, maybe, they never ever had to. They are used to getting what they want.

These are grossly oversimplified generalizations, you understand, There are always exceptions to every generalization BUT do you get it? How we were raised determines part of our future course. How we view the world and ourselves is important! We either highly value and believe in ourselves or we don’t.

We think of the world as either a rich, wonderful, abundant place or we don’t. It is either a place of plenty or one of lack. There is more to go around or there isn’t. People can have anything they want or they can’t. You can make anything happen or you aren’t able to. Whatever you believe determines how you live and move in the world.

Before you go and blame the universe for not birthing you  into a royal blood line realize, in fact, that you were. You are a one of the royals. The royals are only so called royal because they declared it when they gained power. Those who became leaders from different tribes set themselves apart from others and then only married other leaders offspring from other tribes. It was economics. It was power.

You Cannot Escape The Power Of Your Thoughts

They believed it was necessary to preserve their kind. BUT we are all star children. We all come from the same big bang. Truly, we are all made of the same stuff! Everything is made from the same stuff! We live inside a close but every expanding universe. Nothing is added or taken away.

Race, religion, nationality, politics, economy, blood lines are all human made. They do not exist apart from human beings. Classification is a human activity. So is inclusion and exclusion. There is really no such thing except we have made them real because we think they are real. These aren’t. These are fiction.

So stop blaming your parents, teachers, friends, peers, circumstances, events, strangers and life in general for not dealing you a better hand realize it doesn’t matter. Whatever your lot; whatever you starting point; we are all made of the same stuff and the same universal laws govern us equally. No one is better than another for any reason. All reasons are simply human justifications.

The rich and poor are both subject to gravity. Electricity works the same way for both of them. It rains and shines on rich and poor. The universe doesn’t make the distinctions humans make. Neither does your brain. Your brain and the universe simply say ‘yes’. They don’t judge, discriminate or evaluate.

You Become What You Think About All Day Long

If you think you are stupid and can’t do anything your brain and the universe will agree. Actually, so will I and probably many others. If you think you are smart and capable to learn anything and can do anything you put your mind to the universe and your brain will go yes. EVEN if I, and others, were to disagree.

So you got some less than glorious messages. Big deal! SO did the young kings and queens. They may have gotten more positive messages, in some regards, but I am sure it is not all a cake walk. It probably is pretty tough growing up in some of those shadows. So it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you stop believing less than glorious messages you may have received. Start believing, and living from, positive powerful messages you could have received. Live from power and glory not weakness and ineptitude. Imagine living as a kind or queen, become an emperor in your own mind. Live it! Do it!

Become a benevolent, humble ruler of your own life and adopt the best of all possible worlds. Live large and remain kind. Let no thought prevent you from positive action that benefits and is good for all. Be the person you want to be. Live as you want to live.

What You Think About You Bring About

You don’t have to take anything from anyone else, there is more than enough. The universe IS abundant.  So dream big and live large. Make room in your mind to be, do and have anything you want and then make it happen. Create it. It may take a while to get it but so what. If you really wanted it you would already be doing it.

Stop living from less than productive messages. Stop creating problems for yourself. Realize you are worthy, you are royal, you are in charge, you are deserving, you are exceptional. You are magnificent!  Why think anything less of yourself? You can be positive, powerful, humble and kind.

The incredible you I am describing already embodies that kind of understanding. The incredible you is more loving, peaceful, accepting, kind, and generous. You are rich but not a snob. You are powerful but not corrupted. You embody positive traits and values.

Imagine being the kind of wonderful person YOU WERE BORN TO BE. Imagine that your true nature has been obscured from you and it is your quest to discover the real you, the true you. You can and will and do find it within. Open your mind and your heart to who you already are and affirm it. Assert it and declare it.

What You Say Is What You Get

“I AM.” “I Have”. Two of the most powerful statements in language. Whatever follows each is what your reality will be. YOU determine this no matter where you come from. No matter what you past or you upbringing are. You decide who you are and what you have and what you will do. IT is all your responsibility and it has always been that way.

So who are you? Who do you claim to be? Victim or victor? Loser or Winner? Beggar or Emperor? Sick or Healthy? Lonely or Loving? Hateful or Peaceful? You determine it by your thoughts. What kind of thoughts are you thinking?

If they aren’t moving you forward, if they aren’t positive and productive, then they probably are not serving you very well. If you aren’t getting what you want, if your circumstances are messy then check your thinking and fix it.

From within so without. From above so below. Thinking precedes action.  Your thinking makes it so. Who are you? What are you capable of? What will you accomplish? What do you want? How can you benefit yourself and others? What good can you bring to the world?

Speak Only To Bless Heal And Prosper

When will you start? You decide. Because the decision is yours and yours alone. Will it be easy or hard because it will be whatever you decide it will be. If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.  Your brain and the universe will agree with whatever decision you make. You will attract whatever you want or don’t want.

That IS how it works. So get with it. Understand how it works and then determine to use it wisely to make it work for you. You can’t violate or change the laws of gravity but you can learn how to use it to your benefit. Do the same with the law of attraction. Put it to good use and it will always do good by you.” Rex Sikes

It is another incredible day!

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One thought on “How To Live Up To Your Full Potential! Accept Nothing Less!!”

  1. Of course I totally agree. And I’ve learned something extremely valuable from you very recently and indeed you go into it in this blog as well: though I espouse this I have to do it in the right way lest I just contribute to the problem. Also if I don’t focus on the things I’ve set for myself and get bogged down in negative energy and conflict – I won’t accomplish those things or at least the rate will be severely stunted. When I make choices that are inclusional instead of oppositional – I attract the success I’m seeking.
    Thank you King Rex (redundant? )
    Prince Capt.

    Liked by 1 person

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