What If You Woke Up Oprah?

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“Attitude that little thing that makes a huge difference. What is attitude? Why is it important? What does it do? It does amazing things. It is the result of our beliefs and values.

It determines how we approach the world and interact with it. It is what we think and act from. Attitude is either positive or negative, or a syrupy, wish washy mix.

The stronger one’s attitude, either positive or negative, the stronger positive or negative results you will have. If you are feeling stuck it is because you vacillate and go back and forth. A little positive a little negative. You don’t move very much. Stuck, is what that is.

Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Napoleon Hill, and other thought leaders from ancient times have, pointed out, it is predominantly what is in your heart and mind that determine the results you get. What runs the show is what you think about most of the time. Your lives, and the results you get, will be positive if you think positive most of the time.

It doesn’t mean you will always succeed thinking positively but you certainly won’t by thinking negative. Thinking positive paves the way for greater success. What you focus on expands. When you think and feel your very best your brain works better.

It will help you discover opportunity and advantages more easily and readily than when you are negative or stressed. It is more efficient and works optimally. That is what you want, isn’t it; a better working brain that helps you be more resourceful?

Give Yourself Reasons Why You Can Instead Of Why You Can’t

There is sound physiological basis for wanting to be more positive most of the time. The benefits to you and your health are worth every bit of any effort it might take. Develop your mental abilities and your will to be flexible, positive and persistent, no matter what the obstacle. This makes people champions and victors.

Imagine life by deliberate creation instead of happenstance.  Things may always ‘happen’ but imagine being the author and architect of your experience, in such a way, that you think about and bring about the life and lifestyle you desire. Imagine how wonderful it can be.

For example, imagine waking up as Oprah. One of the richest people in the world. She began with nothing, endured great hardship and yet, has built a vast media empire and a very strong reach. (This is an exercise because I have no idea how Oprah feels or if she would endorse this exercise at all).

Just image, though, you woke up, having built an empire. You have more money than god and even if you lost most of it you’d be set forever. You have no need to hold o anything. It is assured. Every need you could have that can be addressed by money is taken care of.

Positive Attitude Gives You Power Over Circumstances

Money is not everything. It is great to have. There is nothing wrong with it. It won’t solve everything that is for certain. There is health, love, family, friends, happiness, enjoyment, adventure and much more that is important. I only mention money because that is a concern for many in our day and age.

The many concerns that aren’t money driven; those may be much more important that any money concerns. That is part of this attitude too. You have built an empire. You believe in yourself. You live rich! You are generous. You are positive and you wield great influence and power.

Imagine how you think and act throughout the day. Yes, of course, you have concerns. No one is trouble free but how might you think about these concerns and work toward resolving them. DO you think it would be different than how most of the rest of the people on the planet go about approaching difficulty.

A Negative Thinker Sees A Difficulty In Every Opportunity

My guess, is if she wants to create something new, or build a business or help someone in some way, she is not hampered by doubt. She knows what she has accomplished and what she can accomplish. My guess is she greets the day the same, yet differently than most others. She has a history built of overcoming the odds.

Because of what she has and has done probably not much stops her. (AGAIN, please, just as with any human, I am trying to be sensitive, and I am sure there are times and moments when she may reach limits. The rain falls on the rich and the poor).

My point is can you imagine, even for a moment, living that lifestyle? Can you imagine feeling like you accomplished all that she has accomplished? You have worked hard and made it happen. You deserve it. How do you feel about yourself? Hopefully, proud!

Yes, it may be over the top for most people and their dreams but if you could, could you imagine that lifestyle and attitude for yourself? If you can, then it is possible for you to do likewise. If you can’t then it probably isn’t likely for you. You decide what you want.

A Positive Thinker Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty

My guess is, when she wants to create something she just calls in in. She puts her order in to the universe. For example, she wants to create a new charity and needs money. My guess is she is assured within herself that it will be there when and as needed. She doesn’t doubt it might happen or fear that it won’t.

She is certain it will come about as needed.  She has complete faith. Here passion and her faith see her through. It doesn’t enter her mind that it may not be. That is the difference between those that have and those that don’t. Faith in one’s abilities to manifest what is desired or needed.

Those that HAVE know it is going to happen, no matter what, because they will make it happen, versus those who hope it will happen while filled with doubt at the same time, that it won’t.

What do we need to do then? We need to think and become a deliberate intentional creator not one who struggles with circumstances. Build your life, make it happen. Believe it and create it and you will continue to make other things happen. Get your mindset, your attitude working for you.

It is the development of a powerful unstoppable attitude that makes the difference. We are to ‘command ye, me’  the Bible says. We are to command the universe. We are to declare what we want and make things happen. Be bold! Be certain! Have faith! Be Positive!

A Positive Attitude Leads To Positive Results

It is time to live differently. When we live positively and powerfully inside our minds and heart our outer lives will then follow. It is from within, between our ears, and in our being, that change first happens.

William James said, ‘The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.’

Dictate your circumstances instead of letting circumstances dictate you. THAT is the difference in successful attitude. Ask yourself, ‘What will I create today that I will immensely enjoy that can benefit all?’ That might be an excellent question to begin asking.

In how many different ways can I discover myself creating goodness, expected and unexpected goodness in my daily life? How delighted will I be to notice more and more each day all the opportunity and advantages I initiate and make use of? Keep asking good questions that direct your mind into becoming invincible and magnificent!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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