Try This! What True Gratitude Will Do For You

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“What is gratitude all about? Why do we celebrate being thankful? How is it beneficial? There are a number of positive and powerful reasons.

Some people keep a gratitude list or do a daily challenge. This is a great practice BUT it is not about the list. It is all about the feeling the list produces. Make the list AND feel grateful for each item.

Let’s face it. Everything is energy. Everything is energy appearing solid. We rarely have much intersection with energy, as science describes it, because we live in what appears to be a solid world.

What You Think About You Bring About

Ancients called our world view Maya or illusion. That which you think you are you are not. You don’t see things as they really are. You see things through your neurological filters and paradigms or belief clusters or systems.

You think you know what reality is but you are actually far removed from what is real. That is why the ancients say you live in illusion. You, me, and most everyone thinks the illusion is the reality but it is not.

Few of us become aware of what ‘reality’ is.  All of us can.  All of us could, but we don’t. When we do we don’t all do it at the same time, either. Anyway, this is an area of large philosophical discussion which we can save for another time. The point is we are energy beings in a world of energy.

Energy Begets Energy

Everything is energy! Feelings are energy. There is less than glorious or low, slow, sluggish and negative energy.mThere is light, high, fast, positive energy. The goal is to feel the positive, wonderful energy more of the time.

Why? Because when you do we feel better, you think and perform better and enjoy life more. Good feelings produce more good feelings. That is how it works. Sadly, there will be those who believe you can’t feel good all of the time. I say, if that is how you wish to live carry on. Just don’t rain on anyone else’s parade.

Would you want to feel good more of the time? Do you? If so here is how you do it. Think on those things that make you feel good. Concentrate on those elements in your present life, as well as the past and future, for which you feel blessed and glad.

You Become What You Think About Most

Recall and concentrate on those people, places, activities, events, circumstances, and attributes, that make you feel good and happy. The more time you spend ACTUALLY appreciating these the better you will feel. You WILL feel better more often. The more time we spend feeling good the more time we get to feel good.

That is the reason for making a daily list of things you FEEL grateful for. Since, birds of a feather flock together, the more you are grateful the more you find to be grateful. The more you find the better you feel. It grows on itself.

The feelings are the most important. Some people can make a list without feeling much of anything. That is not what true gratitude is. Truly, being grateful results in powerful and profound feelings. How would you feel if someone spared your life? Lucky, glad, grateful! I bet you would!!

The More We Do The More We Can Do

The biggest boon to your evolution is to be truly grateful for everything regardless of your circumstances. Count everything as a blessing. Why? Because you are limited by what you can’t see and you can’t see everything.

Illusion! You can’t, yet, see the unexpected good to come from trying circumstances. If you only see the troubles you truly deceive yourself. Every adversity has, within it, the seed of something positive and opportunity.

It just may not appear for awhile. Remember, what you focus on you get. What are you looking at? If you are looking at your dire circumstances you are forgetting about the things you are grateful for. Stay focused on what you are grateful for while passing through the circumstances.

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowlege

Look to what you can be grateful about. Be grateful for anything and everything. When you can live with gratitude and appreciation for everything; even when circumstances are dire or your results less than glorious, is when you have transformed yourself in powerful, positive ways beyond limitation.

You live more enlightened. You are more enlightened. Whatever would have gotten you down, no longer does. You are filled with celebration and thankfulness because you have transformed yourself.

You are living the good life as you are meant to live. Your brain and mind and body is healthier and more efficient.  You can do things with greater ease and flow because your energy is freed up from struggle to be more creative.

What You Focus On Expands

It is positive and powerful instead of negative and powerful. When you are feeling great in this way you are vibrating high, positive, life affirming, energy. So life is good; life is great and life is grand!

This is why you want to be thankful. This is why you feed your mind positive thoughts. This is why you celebrate, even the little you have, because when you do you find more, you are capable of more and you get more. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) finds the positive wonderful, glorious things to match.

You Get Back What You Put Out

This is why you become what we think about. What you think about you bring about. What you focus on expands. You get what you focus on. SO be grateful! Truly, grateful. Focus on those things that make you feel great to be alive, that bring a tear to your eye and fill you up ecstatically!

Gratitude. Celebration. Appreciation. Love. Joy. Blessings. Count them, enjoy them, feel them, savor them! Let your cup run over with goodness and well being. Have a happy thanksgiving each and every moment of every day.” Rex Sikes

WOW! Another incredible day!

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