I Affirm Myself! What Do You Do? Yes, It Matters

Horizons hope-is-never-lost-phil-koch

“I don’t want not having immediately be the basis for not having forever. I want to burn my ships and leave no way out but forward to success. I want to remain dedicated, passionate, faithful, convinced, expectant even when there is no evidence of progress. When it seems the tides are against me and nothing is working I want to remain true.

I want to intensify my desire for making my dreams come true while waiting. I want to make a little progress every day and never waver in knowing I will prevail. Even if I don’t succeed, as much as I want, I will have done so much more than if I do nothing to make it happen. Even if I miss the mark I made more progress during the journey.

I want my thoughts and my feelings to be aligned, congruent; my concentration, my focus, my energy, to be singular on my purpose. I want being and doing and having what I want to be dominant in my conscious and unconscious mind. I want to learn from each second how to be more positive, powerful, purposeful and accepting, allowing and receptive.

What You Say Is What You Get

I want to go after what I want fully. No way out. No excuses. No doubts or fears, but positive in every atom, ever cell, every fiber of my being. I want to believe in myself and discover that I am truly an emperor inside and out. I am a winner and a champion. I am a victor. I will never allow myself to be a victim of others, circumstances, events, or my own thinking.

I will be triumphant. I will win, conquer and evolve. I will succeed in ways currently beyond the limits of my imagination and discover myself delighted along the way.  I will celebrate and be grateful for everything always. Whatever IS is! I will look at the good within, and find it. I will celebrate because that IS what is in the moment.

What I can not yet see is all the unexpected good coming my way. Goodness comes to me. I always land on my feet. I always win even in ways I don’t completely understand. Adversity has always been my friend even when I didn’t embrace it. There is always something marvelous to find. Seek and you will find it. Knock and it will be opened. I do and it is! I will keep an open mind and an open heart.

 Affirm Yourself – Declare What Is – Make It Happen – And So It Is

I will ask, I will seek and I will continue to knock until I have the response from the universe I seek. I put in my order and I claim it. I wait for it as I do a meal in a cafe. Behind the scenes everything is being prepared. They are making a dish from my orders. They will deliver it. I only need to enjoy the time waiting. It is coming! It is mine!” Rex Sikes

Today is my day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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6 thoughts on “I Affirm Myself! What Do You Do? Yes, It Matters”

  1. Your words help me so much. It’s not information that is new to me, but some that I have forgotten or was unable to really put into action. The past few years were the hardest I ever had to face in my life. Now I am through it and reading your emails keep me in the moment, in self love and trust of the universe and my future! They set the tone for my day! Thank you, I am so very grateful!

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    1. Thank you for thanking me. My words may be a catalyst but it is YOU who are doing it. You set the tone for your day. You made it through your hard times. You are making the positive happen. You are blessed. Thanks again, for sharing your feelings. I really am grateful to hear from you. Keep celebrating! Peace and blessings!


  2. I appreciate the idea of staying positive. But I really struggle with the blind spot here.
    Children around the world are suffering and dying.
    They are not responsible for their situation.
    This kind of “teaching” suggests there is some way those innocent children could have prevented the aweful scenario we see played out in front of us.
    It’s not enough to turn the telly off and act like everything is ok. It’s not.
    This teaching is about attaching to an idea and/or outcome, and that is the birthplace of suffering.
    Of course, in general terms, there is merit in being positive.
    Be happy

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    1. Hi Hugh,

      Great questions and points. I hope you don’t mind. I did reply. I replied in the blog post instead of hear in the comments. My reply will be available as next post, if you are interested. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share. I really appreciate it. That is what the comment section is for. All the best wishes! Rex


    1. Thanks Barbara, that means a lot to me. I hope you will visit again and again, or subscribe. Very kind of you to take the time and energy to let me know you liked it. Been trying to get the word out to others there are wonderful ways to think and live. Thank you! Have a great day, wonderful year end holidays, those past and those coming up, and celebrate and enjoy!


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