Stop Waiting! Create Your Own Luck!

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“Do you believe in luck? Some do. Some wait for luck to reach them. I am afraid you could wait a very long time that way. There is a saying, ‘he who waits, waits.’ Waiting on ‘whatever’ to come along and bless you, while it may occur, isn’t a very good use of one’s time

There is another saying.’Luck is the crossroad where preparation and opportunity meet’. Preparation and opportunity! I am a firm believer in creating one’s own luck. You maintain the mindset, take the appropriate actions and look for opportunity to apply.

The easiest way I know to create your own luck is to do something extra special for those in need or those you work for. Going that extra mile, providing value first, helps you stand out in the world of those in it only for themselves.

Live Love Laugh Celebrate

Others will recognize your efforts and sincerity. If you are truly sincere and helpful your positive reputation will precede you.  You get known by your actions. Maintain a positive attitude, help and inspire others and good will come your way.

By positive attitude I don’t mean a greeting card, syrup-dripping cheeriness, but a ‘can do’ positive mindset. No one wants ill-timed overly cheery remarks when they are down. Those in need usually want understanding and a little space to resolve things.

They don’t want you to tell them ‘cheer up’. They want you to understand them. Most of us do want to be understood and appreciated for who we are. So be sure to create rapport first before you lavish any advice. If you cannot advise even better.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Be optimistic, yes, but with confident restraint. People will want to be around you, and help you, because you radiate solutions. You help without always telling others what to do. Without having to speak your mind. You assist by helping them find their own way.

People want someone who can laugh and enjoy! Someone, fun to be around who is not a downer. Someone secure and confident. They want to be uplifted but not dragged or pushed up. Imagine walking down a path together. Walk at their rate don’t expect them to walk at yours. Travel together.

You can make a real difference for yourself and for others. You can find more opportunity because you prepared and you look for it. Your Reticular Activating System will seek good things because that  is what you are focused on. Look for opportunities to go the extra mile. You can be, do and have anything when you Celebrate Everything!” Rex Sikes

Magic IS just for you!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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