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You Need To Be In Charge Of Your Life! Are You?


“The bottom line in personal change work is to realize who is driving your car. Are you the driver or someone else? If you don’t take control of your own mind and thinking process, and learn to control it, then someone else, from your past, is driving for you.

You are living and thinking and acting from previous old conditioning. You are living out old habitual life scripts reliably day in and day out. You only truly become free when you decide to take full responsibility for yourself. You become free when you take charge.

Re-condition your mind to be your servant instead of your master. Put it to work for you. Align your resources both inner and outer. Claim you life back. Assert your ability to be in charge and hold yourself accountable. This is where your freedom comes from!

When You Master Your Mind You Master Everything

No excuses, no blames, no whining or complaints. You own up to everything. If you are late it is because YOU are late. It is not because of traffic or weather or anything else. YOU could have left earlier but you didn’t. YOU are the reason YOU are late.

No harm no foul. Better luck next time if you are allowed another opportunity. Next time make sure you aren’t late. Make sure you are on time. This is how you learn and evolve. This is how you get your life back deliberately. You own up to it. You act in charge. You are!

Be fearless. Be certain. Be courageous and expect good to come your way. Enjoy and delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a day filled with smiles!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why You Need To Stop Talking And Start Doing


“How many times have you heard it said, ‘Just begin! Start from where you are at.’ No matter what don’t worry about how to start or how to succeed. Give that a rest for now. Truly, just begin from where you are. Go as far as you can with what you have right now.

You will see further when you get there. Too many people get lost in words. They never start because they believe, erroneously, that to begin they must know how they will do it. YOU DON’T need to know how. How is a myth. It is a lie you have believed for way too long?

What you need is WHY. WHY is the key. Why do you want change? What for?  What motivates you?  What is your purpose?  What will it be like when you have what you want? Who will you be? What will you be doing different from now? W hat will you have that you want?

Figure Out Your Passion – It Will Lead You To Your Purpose

You don’t really need to know how or to add anything to yourself to begin making the changes you desire. You don’t need to prepare. You don’t need to learn more.  Truly! You need to be driven by a cause bigger than you, something that makes you want to move forward.

Discover the whys. Develop the whys. Find all the reasons you must pursue your dreams. The bigger the better. Have a great big end goal. Develop smaller ones you make happen along the road to the big one. List your whys. Get familiar with them. Get excited.

Then you will move forward. Then you will move forward eagerly. You can pick up all the ‘other stuff’ once you get moving.  Learn as you go. In fact, you will. It’s called ‘correct and continue’. You will make mistakes and correct them. This is called gaining experience.

Sometimes We Find Our Purpose In Tragedy And Opposition

You can and will improve along the way. You will get practice and experience. You’ll correct the missteps and adjust. You will learn what you need to do. Stay open and don’t quit. Never give up on a worthwhile purpose. Adjust and continue. Evolve and grow.

All you need to begin is to stop making excuses for why you don’t. Stop waiting and start doing. Stop waiting until you have everything or until you are finally prepared  because you won’t ever be.  Life is a process.  You are a process.  Now is the time! Jump on in!

You are enough to move forward. Stop making it cerebral and start making it real. Stop talking about doing it and do it. Stop believing your own unsupportive BS and develop new positive beliefs that support you. Live the life of your dreams. Follow your passions.

Great Minds Have Purpose – Other Minds Have Wishes

Enjoy the journey. Stay open for new opportunities. With a positive, open, optimistic mindset, you will see and discover new things you would otherwise previously have missed. The more you think and believe you can the more your neurology opens up to that.

Your own brain looks for positive matches in the outer world. Just as when you buy new clothes or a car you start noticing all the others like yours. Your brain develops a heightened awareness for good things and great possibilities for you to take advantage of. Stay open and enjoy. Be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Your lips were meant to reach your ears. Smile more today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Imagine What You Could Do If You Were God: Try This!


“Do you like to pretend? Actors do. Actors pretend for wages or they pretend for fun. I like to pretend, too. Yes, I am an actor, but beyond that I enjoy pretending. I pretend I am great at things I want to master. I pretend there are answers when there may not be.

I don’t care. I pretend. It helps me navigate the world. I pretend I am god. Yup, god. The big one. Now, I don’t mean no disrespect or nuttin’. I ain’t trying to usurp da big guys role. I just mean I act as if I were god. I think, ‘What would I do?’  What would I have done?’

I pretend I am god and every single person I meet during this lifetime I placed in my life to teach me to be a better me. Every last one of them from the briefest encounter to the most lengthy, unending, excruciatingly painful ones. All of them! I chose just for me. I did!

The Only Difference Between You And God … 

They are a blessing. These people are opportunities to help me grow. Whether through bliss or through challenge I – god – put them there for me to encounter and learn from. Sometimes, I have had incredible struggles with these blessed ones. Do you know why?

Because I am a -god – with an incredible sense of humor. I decided to put all these people there for me to learn and grow from. I put them there as opportunities and blessings. AND then, are YOU ready for this? AND THEN I gave myself amnesia for all of it. I Forgot it all!

So this lifetime I get to discover who I am and why I am here; Who these are people are for me, THEY help me evolve, and help me remember who I actually am. They are here to remind me through a myriad of ways that I am a divine presence pretending to be human.

… You Have Forgotten You Are Divine

I am pretending to be a meat sack of bones with everyday life issues that for some reason I take far too seriously. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps, it is because I can’t yet see the bigger scheme of things because I forgot. I forgot it is all a divine game I am playing. I forgot!

It is my game. I invented it. I added the rules and the players. I create situations and events all designed to help me grow by becoming aware of who I am and what a blessing each of these others are. AND that all circumstances, no matter what, are blessings too.

I like to pretend this because it makes each day much more fun, far less stressful and I learn so much more about me and my place in the world. It helps me create or manifest with glee and attract more cool things into my life. I stop judging and let go far more frequently.

Difficult People Are The Greatest Teachers

It is easier to understand when someone else is ‘MAKING MY LIFE UNBEARABLE!!!’ how it is my projections on their behaviors. Life is, after all, what we make it. What we think about we bring about. I much prefer to pretend that all the ‘bad’ is actually good.

It doesn’t have to be that way in reality but these mind frames make life so much more fun and interesting. They allow me so much room to grow, to fall, to get back up and to remember, ‘hey I am divine’. We all are. We are all made of the same stardust. We are all one species.

The toughest person is my biggest blessing because they inspire me to grow the most. The ones who never let up continue to remind me to grow, grow, grow. That is as long as I remember that I am pretending that is why they are in my life. They are here to help me.

Experience The Most Brutal Of Teachers – But My God You Learn

I like pretending. How about you? I like real gratitude. I like to feel the feelings being thankful bring me. I like finding all the blessings there are, and then discovering some new ones and some old ones I may have missed. How about you? I say, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Become even more delighted.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Take The 24 Hour Opportunity Challenge!


“Recently, Adam Markel, CEO and owner of the personal and business success training company, New Peaks, and author of the fantastic new book ‘Pivot: The Art And Science Of Reinventing Your Career And Life’ issued a challenge. I heard it. I accepted it.

You can too! I happened to be there when he mentioned it. I love it. It is a powerful, positive challenge, in line with all good thinking practices. He is passionate and dedicated to helping people transform their careers and their lives.

Adam walks his talk. He issued the challenge. I share it here so you can too. It is simple, absolutely simple. Whether it is easy remains to be seen. Regardless, the benefits can be huge. I hope you will join us and the others who already have begun.

The Bigger The Challenge – The Bigger The Opportunity

For 24 hours focus on opportunity. Think: There are no problems. Be: peaceful and calm. For 24 hours maintain your focus on this thought, this mantra: ‘I only see opportunities’. Remind yourself again and again. There you have it. Will you accept the challenge?

‘I see opportunities in everything. I see opportunities everywhere’. Notice the opportunities in everything. Look for the opportunity not the problem. Whatever occurs, steer your mind to how there is opportunity right there for you. If you go astray, gently return.

The challenge is to maintain this positive frame no matter what happens. Don’t look at or for the problem. Look at or for the opportunity. Can you imagine the opportunity in doing this? Not yet? Well, perhaps you will after you take the challenge.

Your Big Opportunity May Be Right Where You Are Right Now

Give it a try for 24 hours. One day. That isn’t too much to ask. Control and manage your thoughts for 24 hours. You can do it. It will be fun, illuminating and who knows what positive good you will discover? Are you up for the challenge. If so, do it! And then…

I suggest you do it again. Then again. ‘I only see opportunities’. Remind yourself. That is your mantra for 24 hours. Put a guard before your mind and thoughts, your eyes, your ears and your lips. There ARE NO problems only opportunities. ‘I see opportunity’.

It Is Not A Problem – It Is An Opportunity To Make A Change

Live and breath and speak only opportunity. For 24 hours you are not allowed to whine, complain, blame or discuss problems. Keep vigilant. If others are talking problems don’t join them. Don’t get sucked into gossip and other issues. Stay the course.

Do it. It can be life changing. While you are at it, read his new book, ‘Pivot’. You will be glad you did both. You may delight and surprise yourself by how powerful this process is. Take the challenge, have fun, learn a lot and enjoy! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How many ways can you discover to delight yourself and others!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Master Any Problem Person Or Circumstance And Become Free Of It!

horizons cumulus-nimbus-phil-koch

“You can pretend anything and master it. Master some basic skills and your life can change for the better. ‘Act as if’ you are already living as you want to live right now. This is the way of the enlightened, peaceful warrior.  Fake it till you make it, some say.

This is part one of a two part post. Be sure to read the next post too.

It isn’t actually faking it, it is pretending fully. That means we think the thoughts and feel the feelings and behave or take the actions as if we already are living as we want to. We pretend, as we did when we were children or as actors do when creating a character.

We live it as fully as possible in our mind and our body. We don’t have to tell anyone else, it isn’t for public consumption, it is the inner reality we create to inspire and motivate and guide us. We align our thoughts and feelings and get congruent with what we want to be.

Live Like You Already Have It – Act As If – Believe – It Is Yours

We live it inside before it becomes reality outside. It is a powerful, positive method of making our dreams and goals come true. It has been said that in order to behave in a new reality we must first be able to conceive of that reality. Add to that what Napoleon Hill said.

He said, ‘If you can conceive it and come to believe it you can achieve it’. The ability to act as if is rehearsal. It is mental, physical and behavioral rehearsal. It signals your brain, your subconscious, that this is what I want more of. I am this, produce more of it.

That is why it is said, regarding the law of attraction, that ‘we don’t attract what we want we attract what we are.’ When we ‘act as if’ we become now what we want to be in the future. We are it, in advance of the actual reality. We CAN pretend anything AND master it.

It Is Already Coming To You – It Is A Done Deal – It Is Yours

Believe ‘this’ is true. Ultimately, it may or may not be BUT if you act as if it is, it can bring you great freedom and transformation. It really will. Why? Because your mindset IS everything! Your attitude determines your altitude. What you believe is what you see and get.

Your thoughts lead! Thought precedes everything. Thoughts precede feelings and actions. It works this way; we have a thought and we feel something. That feeling determines our next thought. It is cyclic. Depending on the first thought we may feel good or bad.

If we feel good we may take action and get some positive results. Even if the results aren’t that great, if we feel positive we at least feel motivated to take action. Whereas, if we feel bad or negative we may not feel motivated or we take the wrong actions.

Act As If It Is Impossible To Fail – Impossible Means I’m Possible

The results you get stem from the thoughts you think. Thinking precedes action. Thoughts become things. What you focus on expands. What you think about you become. You want good results start with good thoughts, then feelings, then actions and habits.

Practice this and your life will radically change for the better. If you want to be more happy, have more love, more peace, more money, or feel more rich, whatever it is you desire, you will attract back more of what you already are. So if you are positive you’ll become more so.

If you are happy you will become happier. If you are sad you will become sadder. If you feel wealthy you will get wealthier but if you are worried you will become more so. This is what the law of attraction states. Like attracts like. What we focus on expands.

Act As If Success Is Inevitable – Act As If You Already Achieved It

To enjoy the best life feel your best. How do you do that? Sing, dance, laugh, skip, do yoga, meditate, relax, take a warm bath, smile, get a massage, hang with ‘groovy positive’ people. Watch, read, or listen to inspirational and motivational material. Take a positive seminar.

Practice gratitude. Keep a journal. What you are thankful for? What people, places, activities, events and things do you appreciate?Create a success journal and record all your daily wins. Tiny or large. You want to do the dishes and you do them; HOORAY YOU WIN!

The better you feel the better you will feel. The more successful you feel the more successful you become. Manage your thoughts, your emotions and your spirit. Feel grateful and life becomes wonderful! Enjoy the big and the small delights. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy your day!

*** COMING UP – A Teleseminar with Rex  What are your questions, what do you want to know, what would you like help with? Use the comment section to let me know. I’ll let you know when, meanwhile, please let me know what you’d like. ***

Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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To Enjoy Greater Happiness And Success You Must Be A Positive Flexible Thinker

Horizons into-the-field-phil-koch

“What does it mean to be a positive thinker? Seems many people today are under the wrong assumptions. Maintaining a positive mental attitude is one of the top indicators of potential success. Without the right attitude and dedication few get very far.

My recent post discussed the benefits of positive thinking on the brain and the detrimental effects of negative thinking. Today, we realize it is not just a cheery, greeting card, rosy glasses type of facade. It is a potent power that actually changes brain structure.

Some have cautioned people to not think positive because if they do and then they don’t get what they wish for they might be more disappointed than if they hadn’t thought positive about it first. That is negative thinking. Better not do it because it might not work.

Positive Results Never Come From Negative Thoughts

Hogwash at its best. Don’t do anything, don’t think about it, don’t try because if you don’t succeed you’ll be worse off. Better you do nothing than disappoint yourself. How sad is this line of thought. Stay stuck. Rely on psychologists OR WORSE psychiatrists.

A useful definition of positive thinking is this statement by Napoleon Hill.  ‘Flexibility, perhaps, can best be described as the ability to survey and assess a given situation swiftly and react to it on the basis of logic and reason with a minimum of emotion.’

‘By developing flexibility you are prepared to take prompt action in seizing opportunity or problem solving. It can help you become decisive.’ That’s a pretty accurate description of positive thinking. The ability to asses, take right action, for solutions or opportunity.

Believe You Can And You Are Half Way There

Hill maintained, as others have, that you can control your own mind. He felt it imperative that all people learn to do this. He emphasized the ability to direct your mind productively without getting caught up in less than glorious emotions that might drive or influence you.

A PMA is desirable in taking advantage of opportunity and problem solving. One focuses on the advantage or the solution not the problem. The problem helps you define what is needed, then your attention is turned to the solution. It is about what you CAN DO!

Drop the problem. If you are broke, okay you know that, now focus on what you need to do to make money. Stop concentrating on broke and stop complaining about it. Stop thinking about what you can’t do. Move on. Move forward. Stop staying stuck and focused on past.

We Are Shaped By Our Thoughts – We Become What We Think

Think what you can do. Think about what you want. Work to make that happen. Don’t just sit and wish for a change. Be active in bringing change about. That is positive thinking. Positive thinking leads to inspired action because you FEEL like you can do it.

Thoughts lead to feelings – so chose the best thoughts and get the best feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions lead to habits when repeated over time. Actions lead to results. If you want great results you begin with great thoughts. THINK and grow rich! Remember!

Hill went on to say, ‘flexibility is the one trait that softens poverty and adorns riches, for it helps you be grateful for your blessings and unabashed by misfortune. It can also help you to make beneficial use of every experience of life, whether pleasant or unpleasant.’

Positive Thoughts And Actions – Produce Positive Results

As Henry Ford said, ‘whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.’ YOU determine what will be. Think positive and you will get further faster than if you think negative. Your brain will help look for those opportunities and solutions. It is designed to do this.

You grow new neural pathways and develop success habits that support you. It is a win to learn how to control and condition your mind positively. The secret to success is to learn to be successful at managing your thoughts and feelings. Learn this kind of self-control. When you do, the world can be your oyster. Take charge, delight in all, and celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

How much fun can you stand to have today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why You Keep Missing Opportunities And How To Correct That

horizons amber-waves-phil-koch

“Have you ever felt you were ready but opportunity just passed you by? Someone else booked the gig, got the job, had something nice seemingly land in their lap, but not you. Do you know why that might be? There is an answer and today we’ll look into it.

Welcome to Part 5 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. We continue on today. I hope you found the first 4 parts valuable. Ready, let’s go. Part 6 tomorrow.

Opportunity abounds. There are plenty all around us but frequently we miss them. Why do you suppose that is?  Perhaps, the truth comes in the statement, ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’. The same thing could be said about opportunity.

Opportunity abounds but is often disguised, at times, literally and at other times because you don’t know what to look for. Either way you could be missing out. Certainly, you’d want to change that.

Opportunities Are Closer Thank Your Think

Napoleon Hill shared a fascinating story in his first book ‘The Laws Of Success’. It was a rainy day in Pittsburgh, one afternoon when a woman walked into a department store. You know how clerks can be. Either too helpful or not helpful enough.

Most of the clerks looked at the woman and decided she was not a shopper so they busied themselves with straightening shelves and racks. You might have thought as much too about her. She rambled the store aimlessly with no apparent particular purpose.

One young salesman, however, approached the woman. She told him she was not there to buy anything. She was merely looking, since it was raining hard outside. He assured her that was fine. She was welcome in the store and he engaged her in conversation.

Luck Is Where Preparation And Opportunity Meet

As the rain let up he escorted her to the door, helped raise her umbrella and sent her off. Before leaving she asked for his calling card. Time went by and the incident was forgotten by the young salesman. One day he was called into the office and shown a letter.

It was from a woman who wanted a salesman to accompany her to Scotland to take orders for furnishing a mansion.  The ultimate order was for an enormous sum. It was from the woman he was nice to. It was from the richest man in the world, Andrew Carnegie’s, mother.

It resulted in the young man advancing his career handsomely. Hill pointed out the salesman benefited greatly, but might not have, except for the fact that he took the time and was ‘courteous to an old lady who did not look like a ready sale’. No one else had.

The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In The Midst Of Every Opportunity…

Opportunity isn’t always apparent. You make your own by how you move through and act in the world. If you are genuinely nice you attract nice opportunity. THEN the opportunity presents itself, BUT it won’t happen if you try to make the opportunity.

Discovering opportunity works similarly to this. You buy something new, such as a new car. Suddenly, you notice that car everywhere. It happened to me in the last year. I see my model of the car multiple times a day. Prior to my purchase I was only casually aware of them.

Our brain has an area called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). One of its jobs is to find matches in the real world for our internal beliefs and attitudes. It’s why we ‘suddenly’ notice the other cars. Our brain is alerted to what we would otherwise not attend to.

…The Optimist Sees Opportunity In The Midst Of Every Difficulty

This is why some say we ‘attract’ our good fortune, that like things are drawn towards us. It is better stated, as the young salesman discovered, we create our own good fortune by our attitude and our actions. He didn’t prosper by meditating in his room, he acted nicely.

There isn’t anything wrong with meditation. I encourage it, practice it and teach it. Creation is an active process. So is attraction. If you want people attracted to you think and do those things that more readily result in that. Be nice first and others can respond in kind.

The people who experience the most good fortune and luck are not those who typically sit and wait for it to drop in their lap. They go first. They add value to others, they cooperate, work as a team, they are friendly and they are go-getters. They are pleasant to be around.

You Create Your Own Opportunity

A positive attitude gets you further faster than a negative one. If you focus on what isn’t working, what is wrong and negative you get what you focus on. If you focus on the competition and how they outdistance you, you will get back more of the same. Stop that.

You make your own breaks! In order to get ahead, focus on what you can positively do. Focus on solutions. Be genuinely nice and pleasant to be with. Be thoughtful and considerate of others. Maintain a positive ‘can do’ disposition. Be happy and grateful. Enjoy life!

If you aren’t already these things the good news is you can be. That is what this blog is about. I’ve spent decades assisting others to live their dreams. It starts with learning how to run your brain and mind so that it serves you and works for you they way it is intended to.

This Is The Beginning Of Anything You Want

You can transform yourself from less successful to more successful; From not so nice to pretty darn nice; From pessimist to optimist. It is all based on what you think about. What you think about most of the time is what you become and what you end up creating.

What you focus on and think about determines how you feel and behave. You results stem from those feelings and your actions. If you don’t like your current results, if you aren’t getting what you want, you can make positive changes to turn that around. It is simple.

Your current results are based on your previous thinking which stems from your early childhood conditioning. You are operating mostly on old outdated programs and old, chronic, negative thinking patterns and habits. It’s time for a positive working update!

A Simple Hello Could Lead To A Million Things

It is easy and it also requires effort. You will be changing old habits you have had for awhile BUT you can do it if you give yourself the chance to change. Anything is possible when you learn how. An easy first step is look for things to appreciate. Be grateful. Find them now.

Around you in your present life. No matter how few or how many. Take a daily inventory. This is an excellent way to begin. Read through these blog pages there are many suggestions because that is what this blog is about. Learn to be the you YOU want to be.

Fill your mind with positive, inspiring material some each day. Read a page or a chapter from a good inspirational book. I really like ‘Laws of Success’ and ‘Think And Grow Rich’ among others. Start now and soon you will notice a significant change occurring in you.

Every Experience Is An Opportunity To Learn And Grow

Have fun. Explore, and enjoy all of life’s little blessings. You find can find opportunity everywhere once you open yourself up to it. The best way to do that is to celebrate and enjoy more of life right now, this instant. So delight, have fun, enjoy others and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What will you do with this marvelous new day?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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