Without This You Can’t Succeed In Career Or Be Happy!

life is not hapening to you life is responding

“You can be, do or have anything you want in your career and life but not without this. If this ingredient is missing it will be far harder if at all possible. With it you can be unstoppable! Do you have what it takes to succeed and be happy?

The ingredient, the characteristic one must have to succeed is confidence. Self-Confidence is the belief in yourself to make your dreams come true. If you don’t already have it then it is important that you develop a deep, strong belief that you have the resources inside you, the abilities, skills and talents to create what you want.

To get the results you are after you must have the confidence and high self-esteem  to assure yourself that you are capable to manifest your desires. You must believe that right now you have everything you need within you. This IS a prerequisite for success and happiness!

If you are going to succeed in your career, your hobbies, and in creating the life you want to have it is crucial you believe that you are capable of bringing it about and making it happen. You must believe in YOU and that it IS possible! You must have this faith! You will never make it happen if you don’t believe in yourself or you don’t believe it is possible to be, do or have what you desire.

At one time scientists accepted that people responded to information that came to us from outside ourselves. They concluded we react to what happened and that influenced our thoughts, feelings and actions. They thought movement from the external to the internal was how we moved through the world. They thought it was  ‘Seeing Is Believing’.

At one time, we believed the world was the flat, center of the universe, but scientists helped us to learn otherwise. Scientists have learned quite the opposite is true regarding the flow of information. It is from internal to external. It is from within us that determines the what we get in the outer world. Our thinking and feeling precedes our actions and results. From within to without!

Researchers, now understand it is our expectations that shape our experience of the circumstances.  We act from what we expect to happen next. Said differently, what we believe will happen is what will happen. Our expectations are powerful. SO you should expect to create a marvelous future!

Our beliefs are those thoughts we repeatedly think. We adopted these from others without realizing it or we accepted these based on experiences we have had. Researchers now know we respond to what the brain expects to happen based on what we have come to believe. In other words, scientists now conclude that Believing Is Seeing!

The human mind is incredible! It is powerful and consistent. It can make happen anything you want OR don’t want by what you focus on and think about most. Some people get the results they don’t want because they think about those problems predominantly instead of concentrating on what they DO want.

The brain will deliver to you anything you want but you must believe that what you want is possible in order to be, do or have anything you desire! If you don’t believe THAT you are not going to make it happen! You must expect to bring it about TO bring it about! You must realize if it is going to happen it is up to you. You have to claim 100% responsibility to make your life what you want it to be.

Ultimately, you must realize that whatever results you presently have or don’t have you are 100% responsible for. You may not like that thought but when you take 100% responsibility for everything , good and bad, you put yourself in the place of power to make the changes you need to in order to get the results you desire. So take the responsibility! Make a difference for yourself and your future!

Decide to believe that YOU and you alone create all of your experiences and you will begin moving forward. Choose to believe that whatever you experience, success or failure, pleasure or pain, is due to your expectations, your beliefs and attitudes. Once you do believe this deeply you free yourself from being a victim of other people, events and situations. It is worth it to be free!

Once you believe strongly in yourself and your ability to create whatever you want or don’t want choose to create what you want. Focus on your desires not on what you want to avoid. Focus on what is good and what is wonderful. Stop complaining and criticizing self, others and the world. Instead of complaining and whining do something to change them. Believe you can and you will!

Focus on what you can be thankful for. Make a big things of the little things that delight you. Think about what pleases you and puts a smile on your lips. Pat yourself on the back when you move in the direction you want to move in. Treat yourself gently when you don’t.

Whenever you find your focus on the negative or the less than glorious shift it back toward the positive. This is THE skill worth developing! Become aware when you are thinking and feeling other than positive or the best you can and intentionally change it for the better. It may not be possible to feel blissful 100% of the time but you can feel better at any moment.

Whenever you become aware of feeling less than glorious commit to making yourself feel just a LITTLE bit better. Even a little bit is better than no movement at all!  Inch yourself into feeling a little bit better bit by bit. You may not be able leap into glorious feelings but you don’t have to remain stuck in a horrible place either.

Believe in yourself and you can be, do and have anything you want. You make it happen because of your unwavering faith in your abilities to find a way, to connect with the right people, to engineer the events to bring about what you want. You gather the resources and you connect the dots!

You are not god creating the world but you are a powerful resourceful person who can succeed and be happy if you want to. You can find a plan and find the way. Challenges are just part of the process. Because you believe strongly in you and expect to succeed you become unstoppable. You don’t give up rather YOU find the way!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate Today!

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