3 Things You Must Do To Enjoy The Success You Want

horizon barn and silo

“People want to get results. They’d like to know if there is magic or a magic formula for making their dreams come true? Some want to make sure something ‘metaphysical’ occurs when people concentrate on their goals and dreams. They want to believe the Law Of Attraction works. Don’t you? What do you want?

I think the bottom line of everything IS magic! It is true.  Everything IS energy. It all comes from the same source. Everything is vibrating. So how can it be anything else but magic.

It is true birds of a  feather flock together. People who live similar lifestyles and have similar incomes and think similar thoughts (religion and politics) tend to congregate in areas and in groups.

Yes, I think there is magic. There is energy. There is vibration. There is attraction. There is gravity. There is mastermind. Whenever two or more are gathered of like mind and purpose the effect is exponential not additive. On top of it all this we can AIM our minds. AND yes, there is a formula!

Like Attracts Like

Prior to the advent of humans on the planet there were great cataclysmic upheavals, gigantic storms, plates shifting, dinosaurs, ice ages. There were clear, warm sunny, days with gentle breeze.

There was weather of all kinds. Because there was no human living, yet, there was no one to call it a good or bad day. It just was! No one was here to say the weather spoiled their plans.

Good and bad, right and wrong are all made up in the mind. Judgements, comparisons, qualifications, reasons, excuses, blames are all completely from the mental activity of humans. Prior to humans there were none.

THIS alone should teach us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Realize It Is All In Your Mind

We suffer because of our own mental constructs. Little else is the cause of our suffering. Two people can go through the same exact circumstances. One emerges triumphant while the other is devastated. It is mind set that makes the difference.

There is magic. There is mind. Attitude is everything.

One aims their mind at making their dreams come true. It may happen quickly or it may take time. Many things take some time. Who can say? Whatever happens is what happens.

It is neither good nor bad until someone labels it such. Patience is of the mind. Frustration is of the mind. Both are energy vibrating differently.

Most of us have great difficult not judging because we were brought up to judge and evaluate by people who before us were brought up similarly. We have adopted the limitations of our teachers and models. We learned from examples.

We need not live as a victim to this conditioning. We can extract ourselves, learn to respond differently and be free. Anything is possible. Since everything is a mental construct anyway why not chose the one you want to live from?

You Can Direct Your Mind And Your Heart

Don’t live the one you were handed. Create and live your own truth. Live powerfully and positively and fully. Be alive. Celebrate. Enjoy and delight. Life is far too short for anything but love, life, laughter and positive, warm, caring relationships.

Seek the best in you, from others and in all circumstances. Never sell yourself, or anyone else, short. Believe you can and you will.

Napoleon Hill stated, and I agree, ‘whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve’. Realize there is no limitation in that statement. Whatever the mind can conceive means it is wide open.

In the image used today there is a barn and silo obviously built by humans. First it was conceived. It began in the imagination. It was dreamed and planned.

It was believed it could be accomplished or they wouldn’t have even tried. Materials and tools gathered. The structures were built. Their goal achieved. Results in. Outcome complete.

You Can Do Most Anything When You Believe You Can

What you think in the head you can one day hold in your hand. Outer results ARE the outcome of what first starts within. It begins on the inside! What we accomplish begins inside us. Between our ears and in our heart decisions are made. Yes, there is magic!

It doesn’t matter what you want to build, your career, life, your wealth, health, family, relationships, anything! Whatever you want to make happen, attract or be, have and do in your future it all begins and ends with these 3 magic steps. The formula: Conceive it, Believe It, Achieve It. Head First, Heart and Hands!

Henry Ford said, ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right!’ The magic is within us.

These are the 3 mental steps to creation. Anything a human desires to make happen and get done starts in the imagination. Next comes belief it is possible and belief in seeing it through. Lastly, you work your plans to make it a reality. Head, heart, hands is the formula.

Remember: Head  Heart  Hands

To achieve it first believe that you can. Believe you are destined for it. Believe you are worthy. Believe it is yours and you shall have it. ‘Ask and it is given’. There is magic. The magic happens between your ears and in your heart.

The magic inside determines what kind of person you are. It determines who you will be and what kind of world you live in. You determine if it is a friendly, abundant place or not. You decide whether or not you are entitled to wealth, health and well- being.

What you think you become. What you focus on you get

Make life what you want it to be. Be daring and brave enough to dream really big The bigger the dream the more likely you will make it happen. After all, if you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it. SO do it! Yes, I believe in magic!” Rex Sikes

Make many marvelous moments today!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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