How To Determine If You Are A Destroyer Or A Builder & Why It’s Important!

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“Do you want to know the secrets to happiness and success? There are some. They are hidden in plain sight in most cases. Many people still manage to miss them. Have you? Do you want to know how you can more readily and more easily get ahead and create the career, life and relationships you want?

Is wealth and health important to you? If the answer is yes, pay attention to these concepts and principles. Apply these simple ‘secrets’ and you can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Wouldn’t you like to do that?

Alright, if you have been reading my blog for awhile you know me.

If not, I encourage you to go through and read other posts. Start at the beginning if you like, or pick mix and match. Reading is great.

Re-reading the same material is even better because you will learn new things with each re-visit. WHY? Because you will have changed between the readings. Okay, so you know me:

I like to keep it simple. While there are always shade of gray (I hear at least 50) I’d like to point out there is Black and White. While there is a gradient of temperature it is easier to refer to things as Hot or Cold. Other areas lend themselves to these notions as well.

Up Down; Good Bad; Large Small; Positive Negative: Rich Poor; Happy Sad; Tall Short; Fat Thin we could go on. OOOOOH – there is another one… On OFF.

Choose Positive OR Negative

There are always counter examples and exceptions to each and every rule but let’s keep it simple. Let’s work with Either OR. Is that okay with you? This is just to simplify and keep it simple. So the bottom line is:

You either think Positive Uplifting thoughts OR you think Negative ones.

You will never have a positive thought while focused on the negative. You won’t live a positive uplifting happy ‘I can do anything’ life focused on the negative, ‘I can’t do it, why do bad things always happen to me’ thoughts. It just isn’t going to happen.

If it does IT is extremely rare. (See, right there, I included the counter example right there for those who say… ‘but… but…’)

There are either Positive Uplifting People or there are Negative Downer People. People may be mostly one or the other. We may be either at some times in are life. BUT consider the example in the extreme EITHER OR.

Did you catch that, I included a counter example again for those who feel compelled to think… ‘but … but’.

Which Are You – Builder OR Destroyer

Put another way. There are Builders and there are Destroyers. Builders build, uplift and help others. Destroyers are those who tear down, take apart, criticize and blame.

You are either a Builder or a Destroyer. You are either Positive or you are Negative. Where do you spend most of your time? What do you spend most of your time doing? Who do you spend most of your time around?

DO you spend most of your time thinking about and pursuing what you want? Do you think about who and what you want to include in your life?

Do you consider who you want to be, what you want to do and have?

How much time do you spend happy, celebrating and are grateful for what you already have? How much time do you spend planning a better future?

Alternatively,  do you spend most of your time thinking about what you do not want? Do you focus on what you want to exclude? Are you most concerned with what you are trying to avoid?

Do you spend much time considering reasons why things haven’t worked out or criticizing yourself, others or circumstances? How much and whom do you blame?

Think about it. While there are variations let’s take it to the extreme. Which one are you? Which do you predominantly do? What are you focused on?

Are you a Builder or a Destroyer? Is your self-talk nice or not? Do you build up others or gossip and complain?

Whom Do You Spend Most Time With

There are Builders and Destroyers around you. The Builders, obviously are the uplifting positive people who help support you. They inspire and motivate you with their attitude, energy, thoughts and words.

The Destroyers are busy with negativity. They MAY be well intentioned but at the same time their attitude, energy thoughts and words are negative. They tend to be a downer. They can be discouraging, critical, harsh or blaming.

These people may be family, friends, co-workers, bosses, employees, people you associate with frequently or strangers you may meet from time to time. With whom do you spend most of your time?

Are your spending most of your time fraternizing with Builders or Destroyers?

Don’t be a bummer to the bummer people in your life. Don’t be critical, harsh or negative because you have energy vampires around you. That would be falling to their level. Take the higher road.

Live, love, laugh, celebrate and allow them to be who they are without judgement.

Spend Time With Uplifting People

Attempt to spend more of your time with the uplifting people whenever you are able. Associate with positive energy and positive thinking. Feel it. Surround yourself with Builders as much as possible.

Associate as little as possible with people who drain you and might bring you down.

Fill your mind with positive inspiring reading materials. Listen to motivational audio materials. Turn your car into a positivity classroom. Hang out with positive inspiring people. Attend fun, positive, inspiring learning events like classes, seminars workshops and retreats.

Enjoy community! Enjoy fellowship. Support and encourage each other. Help nurture and be happy for others. Celebrate everyone’s success and happiness. Don’t be envious or jealous. Be truly happy if others succeed before you do.

Go first! Practice the Golden Rule. Add value to others first. Help out. Give of yourself; your time, energy, money, whatever you can give, to make a positive difference for others. You will get back whatever you put out.

Put out the very best.

Spend Time Uplifting Others

Enjoy life moment to moment! Make it a priority. Feel your finest. Let go. Be grateful and be filled with joy as much as you can AS often as you can. Have a wonderful time!

Make each day worth living. Enliven your minutes and those of the people around you.

The more time you spend making others happy the more time you will be happy too. I’m not talking about sacrifice here. I am talking about feeling good and being a positive energy person.

The more time you spend feeling good, obviously the happier life you will have.

Smile a lot! Simply smiling will help change the flow of energy within you. Laugh a lot. Fill yourself with positive energy. Live with enthusiasm and energy. Be simple as a child.

Have fun. Delight yourself!  Focus on these and you will get more of them back.

Let go! Enjoy! Birds of a feather flock together. With the right attitude you will more easily handle any challenges or obstacles that may come your way. With the right attitude more of the people you want and hope for in life will be attracted to you.

Be a light! Be filled with light! Be lite! Delight! You will attract people, events, circumstances, (opportunities and advantages) that can help you and support you. Be radiant and they will come to you!

Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. You get what you focus on!

Be A Beacon And You Will Attract The Best

Ignore the downer people. Don’t be rude. Just don’t get caught in their negativity. Let it go. Do not let those rain on your parade. Do not be bothered. Let it go like water off a ducks back. Instead, keep the faith. Have fun! I mean really have fun!

Be safe! Be wise! AND enjoy life whole-heartedly!

The world is filled with so many marvelous, wonderful, inspiring, and uplifting people. Be sure you are one of them! Find them and join them.

Live hot! Live Up! Live as a Builder! Live with Positive thoughts. Live with positive energy! The more you do this the more will be available to you. You will transform yourself and your life in the most wonderful and incredible ways. Do you want that? Then you know what to do! Begin now.” Rex Sikes

It’s too nice a day to not have a nice day. No matter what the day is like! Enjoy!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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