Do This – Live Well And Enjoy More!

horizons fence and plains

“What must we do to have the life we want and deserve? How do I get unstuck? How do we manifest what we desire? Does what we do make a difference? What should I do to make everything better?Does the Law Of Attraction actually work?

How do I eliminate bad habits? How do we change our lives? How do I live the good life? So many people ask me questions like this. I know they are on the minds of many more. How do we have a great life? That is what these blog pages are all about.

I hope you are going back through them and reading and re-reading them. Make them a study because thoughts and ideas you missed the first time or second time through will present themselves to you each time. You will learn and discover new things you missed.

Everyday is a gift! We never know how much time we have on this planet. It could all be gone tomorrow. Later today it could be over. We should cherish the time we have.

Cherish the people we love and like. We are here briefly and then gone. Some religions have conditioned people that our reward isn’t here but elsewhere at another time.

Live And Enjoy Now

That is really sad. Much of Christendom and many religions preach this.  That is not what I find when I study the Bible or other ancient texts. I see a garden paradise intended for us. I see that abundance of all good things our birthright. It is right there on the pages.

I don’t care what religion you adhere to there is no reason to suffer here. Our rewards are now! Right now while on earth! Maybe there are elsewhere too but the God of the Bible puts our rewards on earth first. Since you are here and reading this – claim your fabulous earthly life. Claim the promise of prosperity and happiness.

Declare it! Believe you deserve it. Unfortunately, too many people have learned the opposite while growing up. They have been sadly misinformed and mistaken. You need to change your mind! Every day is an opportunity to love and to live fully and abundantly now!

Every moment! Each day is an opportunity to learn more and improve yourself and your circumstances.  We only have so much time here so use it wisely, use it well. Use your time to smile and delight more!  Love more, celebrate more and live more fully.

Let go of the past and anything that holds you back. Give it up.  Drop anything that was yesterday and less than glorious. Learn from it and let go of it. Become free! BE free now. Time is short. Let it go!

Embrace the future and put your back against the past. Don’t let anything hold you back or hold you down. You deserve better!Be grateful now! Be thankful for everything no matter what it was. Let it go and be grateful.

Let Go Of The Old

Celebrate this moment and everything in it. You and I are blessed in more ways than we can ever realize. Begin looking for those ways. Open your eyes. Find and celebrate all the good things around you right now!

Forgive yourself.  Forgive those who may have hurt or harmed you past and present. Let it go. Forgiveness is not an act for them it is an act for you. You are not giving anyone else a free pass you are giving yourself a free pass to move on.

Never be held back by less than glorious circumstances. That is the big lie. You can move beyond it and be free. Heal yourself through forgiveness and gratitude!

Wait patiently and expectantly. Seeds plant grow under cover of darkness. Most of what sees do we never see. We never see how growth occurs we only notice benchmarks in progress. Be patient and know good things come to those who wait.

Don’t give up keep moving forward. There IS a time to harvest. You will discover so many wonderful things if you let go, forgive, celebrate now with gratitude and be patient.

While waiting stay in the present. Stay focused on your blessings right now. Parts of your brain will attempt to get you to think about the past and regret it to protect you from doing that again.

Write A New Story

There is a noble intent to regret and that is to not ever engage in that same behavior or activity again. The brain will also project into the future to protect us by anticipating what might be coming. Worry is noble too in that it is an attempt to prepare.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with the brain attempting to prevent the past mistakes or avoid future ones but some people get caught up and miss right now.

Now is where all the blessings are. Right now is where the celebration is. Right now is actually all you have. The past is gone only memories we relive and the future is only a projection, it is not here yet.

The gift is our present. Staying in this moment helps keep us calm and peaceful. Enjoy and delight in this moment. In each moment.Life is meant for you to enjoy! You have a short shot when all is considered. Live it well.

It doesn’t matter so much what you have as it matters who you are. Be the kind of person who savors and enjoys life. Dream big and live large. Have fun, smile and laugh. If you fill each present moment with so much positive enjoyable living you will have lived well! Don’t you think?” Rex Sikes

How wonderfully can you spend today?

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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