It Is So Sad You Haven’t A Clue About All The Cool Things You Can Do: Stop Missing Out!

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“What is potential?  The dictionary defines it as, ‘latent qualities that may be developed in the future; having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future’. Okay, so where does potential reside? The answer, based on the definition must be, within you!

Within you are latent qualities, that must already exist, if they are to be developed in the future. Thus, you already have everything you need to be happy and successful, right now! They are in you only they are latent.

The dictionary defines latent as, ‘existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden; concealed; lying dormant or hidden until circumstances are suitable for development or manifestation’. Some of the synonyms are: untapped, hidden, resting, undiscovered, unused, unrealized.

Invisible Means You Don’t See What Is Actually There

You are already that which you seek. Everything is right there within you. You need add nothing to you. Circumstances must be suitable for development or manifestation. What does that mean? Typically, it means things must suck enough for you to need to release them.

Yes, that is right. We need to be challenged in order to let them out. Why, who knows? It just seems that throughout history humans have needed to face the worst in order to find their best. Some must bottom out. Then they rise up more mightily than ever.

Napoleon Hill in his study of over 500 hundred of the, then, most successful people in the world found this to be almost a prerequisite to great success. Those that rose to the highest pinnacles did so on the heels of their largest disasters.

I guess this means we should not fear defeat. We should welcome challenges because within them, as Hill states, is the ‘seed of opportunity’. Should we seek hardship, no not at all, but we should recognize that when it comes we have opportunity to develop and grow into something great.

We are tested and shaped and fashion in the fire. We are made stronger by conquering our fears and woes. We can learn and we can excel and become more than we ever dreamed possible by facing and going through the tough times.

Never Fear Adversity

So will we? Will all of us? Sadly, that answer must be no. No, not all of us. Why not? Because some just won’t. Those who do will learn from their mistakes. They will use what they learn to launch them in the direction they need to go to succeed. Some others will wallow and blame and accept temporary defeat as permanent.

No one has to buckle under it, yet some will. The question is, will you? Will I? Will we let circumstances triumph over us or shall we triumph over circumstances? What is it going to be? Who is the master of their fate and the captain of their soul?

Is it you? Will you decide now to not let anything stop you on the road to being your best? Because if you decide to take charge and stop blaming the world and others and anything and everything else, and seek to find the best within you to release, you will discover something so incredible and wonderful and amazing. You will discover YOU!

Potential. Everything you need is already within you! It is right there inside. It is closer than your breath. There is NO thing, there is NOTHING that needs to be added to you. You are already that. This is the meaning of ‘I am that I am’.

Claim It – What You Say Is What You Get

I am all things. I am whatever is necessary at any moment. I am whatever I say I am. I have whatever I say I  have. It is my declaration that makes the difference. If I say it so it shall be. I am that I am. I declare and assert my power to be. I declare and assert my power to do and to have.

I am confident. I am strong. I am fearless. I am loving. I am kind. I am gentle. I am happy. I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am rich. I am elegant. I am beautiful. I am magnificent. I am powerful. I am intelligent. I am willing. I am persistent. I am able to learn. I am a learner. I am able to learn to do anything I put my mind to. I am capable. I am talented…

When you plant a seed everything that seed will become is already within the seed. NOTHING is actually added to it. The coding is there. SO if you plant corn you get corn. If you plant oak trees you get oak trees. That mighty oak, everything about it is contained in the seed.

When you plant a seed, it grows in darkness to become what it is destined to become. You have faith that it will grow. You cannot push it to grow or force it to grow faster. You have to wait and have faith that it will. Faith is the belief that it will become; That it already is all that it will be in the future. That it will be.

One day that oak may be forty feet tall. Everything that mighty oak, becomes was all right there in the seed. In the same way everything you are, and are yet to become, is contained within you.

Faith And Trust Release The Miracles

You are already that which you are destined to become. If you look within in, and explore it you may find it. You may find your true nature. So seek within. It is from within you that you create and manifest everything.

It is your thoughts and your feelings that run everything. You are either positive and powerful and capable or not. You either are a deliberate intentional creator or you are not. You are either moving forward or you are not.

IT is quite simple. You are already everything you need and know it or you do not know it yet. If you don’t know it yet, it is time to discover it. It is time to learn everything about it so you can release it from within you. Don’t wait or put it off another day. Do it now.

Look within. Develop the goodness within you. Seek and you shall find. Once you discover you already have everything you will unleash a potent, positive, power that will amaze, delight and excite you.  It is beyond anything you know.

You will unleash a force to be reckoned with. For some it will happen quickly, for others it may happen slowly. It takes time for seeds to grow so you may have to be patient BUT it will happen. Everything will start becoming different when you do.

Seek And You Will Absolutely Find

Life will become so much more wonderful. Will there still be tough times? Sure there will. You won’t look for them but when they come you will rise up to meet them. You will understand they are there and it is your opportunity to grow and become better.

Situations are what they are. ‘It is what it is’ but you become better through it. Your find within, whatever you need to make things better. You have all the resources. Each challenge is an opportunity to discover and learn something new. To find a new resource or ability within you.

So chose now. Either live as an emperor or a beggar; A champion winner or a loser; A victor or a victim. Because if you have everything within you and you live as anything other than the best it is no one’s fault but your own. Do not let this be any longer.

Decide to claim it. You are already that. The little oak seed doesn’t know one day it will stand 40 feet tall. You may not know your true potential yet, but you are far more than a tiny oak seed. If you can’t see it yet, start affirming it. Start claiming it. Start visualizing it as though you already do know it fully. Own it. Make it your own.

Everyone, myself included, keeps saying it over and over and over again so that during one of the repetitions it may get through to you. You are more powerful than you realize. Everything that you have or don’t have is your responsibility. You have been creating all along and getting whatever results you have been getting.

If You Want To Find It Look Where It Is

ONLY, until you recognize that and take full responsibility, things will remain the same. ONCE you take responsibility and decide to deliberately create only what you want then everything will change. EVERYTHING! It is all up to you, each and every moment, always! It is always you decision. AND YOU always have the power to chose.

Discover now the incredible person you already are. Discover the magnificent future that already exists for you, waiting, for you to release it. Discover the potential that resides within. Yes, it is released through difficulty but it is also released when you decide to begin to release it.

These blog pages, the countless books, audios, thought leader speeches and presentations through history point you in the direction of you. Read these blog pages, study the thoughts of the new thought leaders and the science of the mind. Get to know yourself and don’t waste another minute.

The wisdom of the ages holds a mirror up to the person in charge. Who is it you see when you look in that mirror? What is it you see? If you see anyone and anything less than extraordinary YOU are shortchanging yourself. Look within in, find and claim your power. Claim it today!” Rex Sikes

Have a fantastic day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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