What This Woman Did You Can Do To: An Amazing Story!

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Is a wonderful manifestation miracle in store for you? It sure could be. Actually, yes can be. Yes, it is. The question isn’t really, is there one but are you prepared to receive it? That really IS the question. You might think, ‘duh, yeah of course, bring it’ but that doesn’t mean you are ready. Do you believe, really believe it is possible?

Just as, ‘when the student is ready the master teacher appears’ means WHEN the student IS ready, not necessarily when the student thinks the student is. There are important ingredients.

Few people know how to receive, especially in our culture. We negate compliments. We tell people they shouldn’t gift us. We turn down or refuse kind acts. We are taught it is better to give. It is good to give. It is great to do both well!

The universe is abundant. There is more than enough goodness for everyone to enjoy without anyone having to lack. Sadly, because of politics that is not the case. Some people have way too much while others have access to nearly nothing. This is true in most countries.

Still there is plenty. You have to believe it and you have to believe you deserve it. We all do.  When you are grateful and celebrating life, when your attitude is positive and your feelings are aligned and wonderful you create, get and or attract more of the same. Keep this in mind.

Some create, get and attract less than glorious circumstances, events, and people into their lives because they maintain and sustain a negative attitude; self-talk; conversations with others; and they can’t imagine goodness or feel bad most of the time; worrying or fearful.

You have a choice at any moment what you want life to be like. Many don’t know this. They live ignorant of the fact that what their life is like is up to them. Because they miss this point they never  assert their own power or authorship of their life.

Some will claim it. Others won’t until they are ready to. Some are filled with doubt or negativity and continue that way until life gets really bad. Others, gladly trade their doubt for more options. Every second we have the choice to determine how we will live.

Our universe is amazing! We are so lucky, yet most of us don’t realize it or appreciate it. Good things do happen frequently. Far more good happens than otherwise, but most of us never hear about it.  We only hear from an industry designed to bring us bad news.

Here is the good news. I thought I’d share this since we have been discussing the manifestation challenge.

A woman, a friend, I have been working with for a while, but have not seen in a couple months, had coffee with me today. (Note: now actually two days ago. I wrote this down the day she told me). She wanted to recount what has been happening and what she has manifested since we last saw each other.

We have been talking and exploring creating good things. Since I last saw her she had some health issues. She was working on healing. She did get better. At that time the family van was stolen and their other car falling apart. The van while ‘junky’ was at least reliable. She thought, ‘something good must be coming’.

At the same time the family desperately needed a new computer. I learned about the computer. I got an email through the university I teach at that computers were available to have. I thought cool, I can get one and give it to her. No such luck. They need to remain on campus.

So she put her needs silently out to the universe. Computer and car. She works for some different people. These different people knew about the hardships. Some graced her with enough money graced to buy a new computer. Even though she refused the money they insisted.

OUT of the blue another person gifted her with 10,000 dollars. She, of course, refused. He said, ‘go buy a car or I will and you’ll be stuck with what I get you.’ She had always dreamed of getting a camper trailer. One had sat roadside for many years.

On a particular day while driving by, in the falling apart car, the owner was hammering in a for sale sign. She stopped and asked how much. 800 dollars or best offer. She asked the woman, would you take 500. The woman said, ‘yes’. She said, ‘great’, and was elated.

While negotiating the deal she noticed a range rover with a four sale sign in the side yard. She asked how much. They said 4000 dollars. The car and camper were both well cared for. She walked away with a new car and camper for 4100.00 They discounted the each.

She told me when she saw the rover she had the deepest gut feeling that something great was about to happen. So she went with her feeling and asked about it. She was driving the rover today and it looked sweet. We had cause to celebrate!

From the 10,000 she replaced the ‘falling apart car’ for 2000 dollars. Both cars replaced, nothing out of her pocket. After, licensing, taxes etc. she still had 2000 dollars left over. She manifested very well. It was exciting to see her so thrilled. This is what you can do too!

The police found the van, stripped, but they got back personal items they thought were gone forever. I think this is a wonderful tale of manifesting what you want and need. Even though it started off with what appeared to be misfortune it was all good fortune in the end.

She kept the faith. She believed it would all work out. It did. What began as a stolen van story became, in a short time, the story of  a proud owner of a good computer, a good car, a range rover, and a good camper with money left over.

Not only that but she exhibited a change of attitude and energy. She had placed a guard before her tongue. She made it a point to discuss only what she wanted to create instead of problems that might exist. Her new mindset was refreshing and in many ways she a transformed person. It was wonderful and is!

What she did you can do the same. Never let doubt stop you from being, doing or having what you want in life. This is why positive thinking is so important. Expect the best. Look for the best. You will find what you are looking for.

It’s fair to say, if you want to doubt this is possible then you may never know the joy of deliberate creation. That is okay with me if it is okay with you. You decide what you want. If you are negative and look for the worst you will find what you are looking for.

I am so happy for her. I am happy I can write about it too and share her accomplishment. Whatever she or anyone else has done you and I can do too. Have faith in yourself. Be positive.

It isn’t just about the things. It is about the attitude and the feelings. It is about transformation and creation. It is about focus and energy. Develop the right attitude and feelings and anything you desire can be yours. Keep the faith! Celebrate and live with gratitude!” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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