Why You Always Find It In The Last Place You Look

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“There is an old joke I am going to make a blonde joke. It’s fair I was born a blonde. A blonde is rummaging in the house muttering ‘I can’t find my keys.’  Her husband asks, “Where did you last have them?’ ‘Outside’, she replies, ‘but the light is better in here.’

This is a perfect example of what most of us do. We look everywhere but where we need to. ‘What you lost is always in the last place you look’. While designed to be a humorous (and obvious) statement it is also true. Often, we don’t find things until the last place we look, because we hadn’t considered looking there until then.

We don’t consider looking where it actually may be until late in the search. The reason it is so difficult for you and me is we are brought up told to look in all the wrong places. We look outside ourself, we look at parents, teachers, peers. We are taught to look outside ourselves.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

We learn from example as well. We adopt behaviors we see others engage in and make them our own. Then we look to other people, circumstances, the weather, the economy, the government; we look to religion and god. We look to events and results. We are never much encouraged to look within ourself and find.

We are not encouraged to take responsibility for ourselves. We learn to blame, whine and criticize. We exclaim, ‘somebody ought to do something! There ought to be a law!’  Is it any wonder then that many of our politicians, of the past number of decades, lie, cheat, and blame everything except themselves for their foibles.

When it comes down to it we expect them to fess up, own up and state, ‘I alone acted this way. I am responsible and I am accountable’. The buck never actually seems to stop where it belongs to stop. Even then, we ‘know’ they are just saying that to get out if it.

The buck actually needs to stop with each us. Each of us needs to take 100% responsibility for what we think, feel and do. Since, we are taught to look everywhere and assign responsibility to everything except where it belongs, it makes it difficult for us to be deliberate creators.

You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You

We doubt and have fear and worry things might not happen as we hope they will because we don’t think we have any control. It seems difficult to be a deliberate creator because we have never been responsible for anything. We need to overcome our own conditioning. We have to get past our habits of blaming others.

We are distracted and unfocused.  Since we learned to assign responsibility to anything and everything outside of us we are not in control but subject to the whims of whomever or whatever. We are like little boats without sails being bounced around by the sea.

Drifting, with little power of our own. Is it any wonder the Law Of Attraction doesn’t seem to work. Instead of creating what we want we are filled with mostly less than glorious, habitual, routine patterns of negative thought.

We blame the universe instead of deliberately creating something that we do want. We tolerate or hate our circumstances instead of creating something different. We were never told, and it was never reinforced, that we create out reality. We are responsible for our results and circumstances but we didn’t know that.

You Cannot Escape The Consequences Of Your Thoughts

Come what may we are in charge. It is up to each of us whether we sink or swim. If we want to swim we can. We can learn how and we are able. Those are not the messages most of us get. So most of us put responsibility for our success and happiness on others and other things outside ourself.

If you expect others to make you happen; if you expect events to fulfill you then you may be in deep trouble when it comes to romantic and familial relationships. The other person can complement you but don’t expect the other person to be your reason for being happy. We contribute to each other, only.

We should take 100% responsibility for our circumstances and lot in life. We should take 100% responsibility for all of our decisions. If we were poorly informed then we should take 100% responsibility for not bothering to get better information. Our life is NOT anyone else’s responsibility. We shouldn’t expect them to make us happy or successful.

To take full responsibility, for good or bad, no matter what the case, means we can do something about it. When we pass the buck we deny our own ability to take charge and in control. When we keep telling ourself again and again someone or something else is to blame our subconscious gets that we aren’t in charge.

Thoughts Are Things

DO you get that? If you give away all your power your subconscious will agree with you that you are powerless. Remember, it is a faithful servant who says yes and looks to prove you correct by finding proof in the outer world. Instead of being a victor you will remain a victim and convinced you are one.

If we decide we aren’t powerful and can’t change things then that means we have to accept whatever is, even if we don’t like it. It is out of our control.  Everything and everyone else affects us. We are helpless to make changes. Basically, we are hopeless too. WHO would ever want to live this way?

When we have the opportunity to decide to use the law of attraction and make things happen we are previously conditioned to not be a creator but to be a reactor to outside influences. We want to create but our brain says others do that. See how insidious this conditioning can be. It is habit. It is routine. It is familiar.

People will do what is familiar and comfortable far more than they will do anything that feels uncomfortable for them. That means, if suffering is what they are used to they will continue because it is more comfortable to continue that to change it. WOW, right?

What You Think About You Bring About

When we think ‘I want more money’ and prior conditioning chimes in with, ‘well that will never happen. The economy sucks’. Or, ‘I pay to much in taxes’. Or, ‘I don’t deserve to be rich’. Or,  ‘all rich people are greedy’ ‘The powerful have made it impossible for the rest of us to get ahead’. Any number of limiting beliefs rush to the surface.

If we see something we want and think, ‘I can’t afford it’ your subconscious says, ‘right you are! Yes, YOU cannot afford it’ IT is too expensive for you’. You subconscious, as mentioned, will agree with you and seek to find you additional prove as to why you can’t. It will scour through your past and present to present you example.

WHAT you THINK and WHAT you SAY is what you get! The reason you don’t have a million dollars is because you can’t SEE yourself with a million dollars. You don’t SAY to yourself , ‘I am rich and a millionaire’ and imagine what that is like. If you can’t fully imagine it being yours, now in the present, you won’t have it. In order to behave in a reality you must first conceive of that reality!

Instead, you see the bills. You entertain the circumstances  of not having enough. You focus on lack and not being able to afford things. You react automatically to not having enough. You think life is otugh and hard.  You fret, worry, and doubt you will be able to make your payments. Still, you struggle and hope that you do so the bank doesn’t foreclose or repossess.

You Get What You Focus On

What you have not done is to decide to be in complete charge of you and everything in your life. You haven’t yet decided to create that wealth no matter what.

As long as you think and act from lack you will always not get what you want. As long as you try to avoid what you don’t want you will only create more and attract more of what you don’t want. As long as you put the responsibility elsewhere you will keep missing out! You must recognize YOU have to be in charge and determine what you will create!

You need to determine what will fill your mind with and how you will feel most of the time. You need to choose what you will think, see, say and feel! You need to become the emperor you were always meant to be. Be strong and powerful. Be determined and focused. Otherwise, you live from victim mentality and lose out.

The last place people look is to their own power. The last place they look is to  their own subconscious mind and thoughts. People were not taught to rely on their own subconscious, not because it isn’t powerful, BUT because it is! You can’t be a sheeple if you are in charge of your own thoughts and identity.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

NO nation needs a citizenry of individuals and leaders. Nations need sheeple who are the worker bees, who don’t make waves, who can be controlled. Hence, the great deception from long ago. There are the have’s and then there are the rest. We live in a feudal world.

There are the leaders and then the followers, there are owners and the workers.  I bet right now you may be thinking, ‘but of course that’s how things are’. Yes, they are AND they could be otherwise! The POWERS don’t want leaders.  Too many cooks spoil the broth. They want sheeple, worker bees.

Instead of being told you have an incredible brain, you can learn and do anything; you are completely resourceful; you can be completely self determining while working in collaboration with others, you are told you need to go to school, get a job and settle down.

Live as best you can, stay out of trouble, retire, and die. Work 40 hours a week for 40 years to get 40% pension. That  pension, which now, no longer really exists. They are taking that away. We have been deceived. You have been deceived.  Alright, enough about the great deception. You may or may not believe it anyway.

Do Not Be Deceived

The point is to become self determining! You should absolutely believe in is yourself. If you don’t believe what I write here investigate it and learn the science and history behind it. You really should be informed as to what is going on. Look through the lies and really search it out.

Within YOU is amazing power to be, do and have whatever you want! You don’t know that or you don’t know how to use that because you didn’t grow up knowing how to. You just weren’t informed, so it is the last place you look. It is okay because you can change all that.

Just because you didn’t get exposed to it early on doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it now. While, it may have been ideal to have been brought up that way, face it, most likely you weren’t. Can’t cry about water over the damn. That train left the station. Get with the current program and learn to do it now! Now is all you have!

Look to yourself. Learn to utilize your own power. Make your life what you want it to be. Live as you have dreamed. Don’t be stingy with yourself or loved ones. Don’t be a victim or a blamer or wimp. Take responsibility and take charge of your life. You may only have one go around so make it count.

Every Limitation Is An Illusion – Every Excuse A Lie

Don’t live beneath who you are or your means. Live as an emperor. Live as a victor and a champion. Never say or speak about what you do not want. Only think and talk about WHAT YOU DO WANT AND CAN DO.  DON’T waste time in gossip or complaints. Stop, no longer focus on less than glorious circumstances.

Imagine fully and feel all the wonderful feelings, wanting what you do want. Only think about what you want to bring about Focus your attention and your energy. Get you brain working for you the way you want it to. Accept nothing less.

Do not be haphazard. Don’t let the old habitual ways you learned to work from others dictate who you are or what you do. Napoleon Hill stated, ‘if you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it.’ Think it into being. Believe it is possible and you can and you will do whatever it takes to bring it about. Be strong and persist.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find The Reasons

Do you want that old programming to dictate the rest of your life?

If You Don’t Want To Do Something You Will Find The Excuses

Would you like to have a say in how your future will turn out? You decide now because the decision is yours and yours alone. If you don’t make it for yourself others already have made it for you. They don’t really care about you all that much. SO what is your decision going be?” Rex Sikes

I wish you an incredible day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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