What To Do When Things Turn Rotten

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“I am frequently asked what to do when things go rotten. I thought I would attempt to answer with another example. It can be tough for the positive thinker when suddenly things mount up, circumstance seem  to turn south and nothing works as one would hope. What do you do? First thing.  I prefer to think in terms of ‘less than glorious.’

A couple posts back I referred to my New Years’s Eve. I got a flat and plans interrupted. I will continue with the events post NYE but let it be known; some may think what I relate is nothing, not challenging at all. Others may think it quite the ordeal. I think of it as It IS what it IS. It is because, of how others may regard these events it serves the purpose to illustrate ‘less than glorious’ or when plans change.

I had no luck on the New Year day finding a place open that could change the tire, fix the tire or sell me a new one. EVEN Walmart said nope. On Saturday I found a dealer not too far away from me, hooray! They might be able to fix or replace the flat. Months earlier the other front tire was flat, but I added ‘fix a flat’ and hadn’t had a problem.

Hey, You! Things Change

Since, I was getting the one worked on I thought might as well do two. Neither could be repaired one because of the ‘fix a flat’ the other where the hole was.  They said they’d call me when done. They close at 6pm. At 5 I had still not heard back. I called them. It turned out I needed a new wheel for one.

As it was close of day, Monday would be earliest they MIGHT be able to find one. Dealer new or aftermarket. The price significantly different. On Monday they searched. Close to mid afternoon they announced no luck locally. They could get a used one in but it would take two business days. The wheel cost around 300.00. I already paid for the two tires so the install would be free.

‘Good thing I am rich’, I always think. ‘There is more where that came from’. I am doing my share keeping money circulating. That is when money actually has some value when it is changing hands.  Life is life. Things cost. Little things out of whack or big things out of whack it is virtually the same. Little blessings and big blessings. What is IS! Celebrate and enjoy.

Get Over Yourself

Disclaimer: I am telling you my thoughts and what I think. Wealth is an attitude. Abundance is a state of mind. I have less than some and more than others at varying times. What I have access too, we all do is beyond imagination. There is plenty everywhere, OR, there is scarcity everywhere. It depends on how you view it. How you view it determines how you feel. How you feel determines how you view it!

The time I spent at the tire store on Saturday meant I missed an important tech phone call to fix computer issues. It will have to be re-scheduled for sometime in the future. I know not when. Such is life. The wheel appointment is set for Wednesday. I have to cancel another meeting, that was set for the same time, because it is the only time the party could make it.  Oh, well.

Change is what life is all about. We change, we grow. We grow, we change. Days change, weather changes, everything changes. It is when we resist change that we seem to suffer so much. It is much better to learn to be able to go with the flow. This is why I think, ‘Things ALWAYS work out the best for me’, even when it is not obvious how, yet. Attitude is everything! Things work out always!

Things Always Work Out In The Long Run

I had an appointment today and had to use my car. Luckily, I made my appointment and back without trouble. I stopped to pick up Thai food for dinner with my daughter. After sitting and waiting for about 20 minutes the server announced they ran out of chicken. They had enough for one chicken dish but not two.  I cancelled one, kept a chicken dish and a beef dish I had ordered.

Some minutes later they brought my food. I paid the bill, sans the one meal and went home ready for a nap. I was completely exhausted today. On the way home my son calls to remind me I had promised to take him snow boarding today. I totally forgot. I now scramble to make sure to pick him up and then remember my tiny spare issue.

This meant I had to commandeer my other car away from my daughter and disrupt her plans. The car with the tiny spare isn’t safe to go on the freeways, nor is it wise, since I no longer have a spare to utilize. My daughter, god love her, I do, accepts that she can take my tiny wheel car but not where she wanted to go. She can use it, just locally.

Change Is A Constant – Might As Well Learn To Embrace It

Those are my restrictions. I don’t want her stuck in the cold at night. We swap cars. Hers of course is out of gas, but dad fills it. I had to fill mine too on the way home. I get home. The way they packed the food in the containers, meant most of the sauce is now in the bottom of the bag. I remove containers dripping wet. I open the food and there is virtually NO chicken in the dish.

There are a few, four or five tiny thinly sliced pieces, lost inside a big container of sauce and vegetables. In no way could anyone call this a chicken curry. Curry yes, vegetable curry, yes. chicken, nope! Again, oh well. I scooped out a couple pieces of chicken along with the curry sauce and vegetable and rushed my meal so I could get my boy. What was there was tasty. Our plans for the evening changed.

The dinner I looked forward to, and had called her to ask what she wanted, wasn’t going to happen together. I had forgot about my prior commitment to my son. She’ll eat alone later. She ate with her boyfriend and said, ‘hey you ate all the chicken’. I hadn’t, I split what was there with her. She wasn’t upset. She was just commenting. Both of them enjoyed the food. It was his first time. They were good.

Feeling Stressed And Angry Won’t Make You Feel Better

I got my son, we got gas, we went to the ski hill. I love watching him snowboard when I can locate him on the hillside. He saw me sitting at the window and gave me a big wave. All is good. In fact, all has been good. I made it through the day, with a good attitude and steady emotions. I mentioned in my other post years ago I’d be pissed, seething. Little things bugged me.

Now, I realize sooner this is what is going on. Life is happening. There is nothing to do about it. To complain and lose my cool won’t change anything. It may only make them worse. I know I’d sure feel worse. I’d feel stressed, unlucky, a victim of circumstances. THIS is simply how things are. Accept it, enjoy what is. Who knows how it will turn out. I expect it will turn out well, if not now, eventually.

If you can’t change it accept it. Embrace it. Dive into it because you may just discover something wonderful. Hindsight is 20/20. Nothing may seem apparent right away but perhaps, down the road. Maybe even a year or two from now I’ll look back on the days of my NYE and beyond tire/wheel fix and realize something great was happening. Who knows? I certainly don’t. Anything and everything is possible. All is as it is. Go with the flow and enjoy the adventure.

What Do You Want To Feel?

All I can do is trust and remember, ‘I always land on my feet.’ It is awesome to be alive and enjoy so many incredible people, places, things and opportunities. I am able to drive and go places. Others may not be so lucky. Given this, I prefer to celebrate everything instead of bitch about it. I prefer to let go of problems and count blessings. I prefer to feel blessed no matter what is occurring.

Do I always. Nope, can’t say that I do. Do I get hooked and caught up, of course. It is less frequent but it happens. I realize sooner, rather than later that I have a decision, a choice to make; suffer and burn, OR let go and accept. The freeway surrender meditation helps a lot. It is all about learning to go with the flow. Learning to surrender, to accept what is, We need to learn how to feel blessed, always.

Some days go more smoothly, other days less smoothly. That is just the way it is. If we can feel in harmony more of the time life is better. If we feel discord less, life is better. It is our choice at any moment. We need to learn to respond instead of react. Most of us grew up reacting to what goes on instead of consciously responding to what happens. We can learn the difference and we can learn to respond.

What Is Important To You?

Hey, I am no example. I am not claiming to be. I am just pointing out that not everything goes according to plan just because you think positive. However, because you think positive, disruptions small or large don’t have to be so bad. Positive thinking takes the sting out of it. A positive attitude does make everything better. It isn’t magic but it seems like it at times. There is no substitute for a positive mindset!

Let go. Live! Enjoy! Prioritize. Determine how you want to spend your moments. Would you rather burn and be mad or is celebrating and enjoying more important to you? That is good to keep in mind. Personally, I  prefer the latter one. It is more fun and desirable. If it is for you too, congratulations and kudos. If it isn’t yet, it can be! You will get the knack of it. I promise, you will. Let go and delight! Embrace and enjoy the adventure! It isn’t over yet!!”  Rex Sikes

Everyday counts!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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