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You Can Have Everything You Want PT 1

everydat is a new beginning

“Write your goal down. Be specific as possibly. Put down what you want to be like, what you want to do and have and by when. Have a date of completion. Be fairly realistic as to when you want this. Someone once said, ‘There are no unrealistic goals just unrealistic time frames for them to be accomplished.’ Since I am not proposing magic, or wishing or dreaming something into existence, make it real. You can wish for a million or more dollars but can you truly believe you will get it this week? For some, yes perhaps, for others no.

I firmly believe you can get anything you want when you believe it is both possible and plausible. When you believe you can do it, accomplish it and make it come true then you open the door for your creativity and resourcefulness to assist you in making that happen. If your goal is unrealistic to begin with and you can’t actually imagine yourself getting it, then pick something you are able to readily imagine having some day.

Find something you can easily entertain thinking about and getting. Choose another goal, something you really want that is important to you, but not necessarily your biggest goal to start with. Work on this other goal first. Write it down and notice if you feel eager and excited about it.  When you think ‘I can have this’ do you actually believe that is possible? IF the answer is emphatically yes, without any hesitation, use this goal as your starting goal.

Once you make this goal happen you can work your way up to the larger goal by picking up wins and successes along the way. As you build a successful track record everything becomes easier and even quicker. So start with something as suggested, once you get it move on up the ladder of larger and larger goals.

This may be an important first step realization for some people. When you think about what you want you should feel wonderful, eager and excited that you will have this some day. If you can’t feel like that as you consider your goal, then choose one you can feel this way about. Work with this second goal first. It should be something you believe you can have, you believe you can make happen and you believe you deserve. You want to really believe you can have it.

If not, there are other things you might want to focus on first.

Keep in mind that you can do it and you can have anything you want!

Some people just bite off more than they can chew at first, then get discouraged because they don’t feel good, don’t believe it or keep at it. Then they throw up their hands and claim, ‘it doesn’t work for me’ and quit.  That is throwing the baby out with the bath water. Stop right now, do not let this be you.

Make it a point now to begin by choosing a small goal with a realistic time frame that you do feel good about as you consider it now. Pick one that you will be excited to get when it comes true and begin here. Do you understand? Really do you understand because this is important? I have purposely repeated myself to drive this home.

If you decide to go on a vacation with the mindset that you will never get there, or that it is too difficult and not worth the effort, what is the likelihood of arriving when and how you want? It is probably, not likely at all. So understand that the frame of mind you begin with IS important.

You need to know what seeds you are planting. If you plant corn expecting wheat you may not like what you get. Have you ever taking a drink of some beverage thinking it was something else, wasn’t that a shock? Expectations have a lot to do with how we experience our life.

If we expect things to be hard they will. If we expect them to be easy it will. While we may still encounter difficulty, we often come through it thinking ‘wow that was easier than I thought’, or ‘that wasn’t so bad’. Expectations shape what we pay attention to and determine what we get back.  Hopefully, as you read and digest these points  you are becoming aware pf why it is important to have faith and maintain the very best positive expectations.

Our thoughts are seeds. We plant them, they grow and eventually we harvest. Our minds will grow whatever we focus on good or bad it does not care. Your mind doesn’t care whether you think positive or negative it will grow it just as the soil doesn’t care whether you plant corn or wheat, or food or poison. Whatever you plant the soil of your mind returns. You reap what you sow. SO plant positive, powerful, ‘I can do’, healthy thoughts.

It is very simple to understand. You get back what you put out. For decades now there is the principle of GIGO first popularized in cybernetics. GIGO stands for ‘garbage in garbage out’ meaning if you fill yourself with garbage you will get garbage out. If you write bad computer programming you get bad results. You get back what you put in. The same applies to our thinking. What we focus on is what we get back. If we think good thoughts we get more good thoughts as a result. If we think negative or bad thoughts we get those back.

No one is making this stuff up. You don’t have to go anywhere to understand the accuracy of these concepts. This is why it is important to understand the principle that ‘We become what we think about’, ‘We get what we think about’, or ‘What we focus on expands’.

Feeling bad and negative does not result in feeling good and positive. For most people, due to whatever situations and experiences in life, it is much easier to think negative than positive. Family, friends, educators, media, real world experiences are all possible reasons for why this may be the case but so what. Just because someone learned to think in a negative way doesn’t mean that same person can’t begin to think positive, improve themselves and their lives and begin to live as they may have always wanted.

If you want to be a positive, ‘I can do it’ person and make your goals and dreams come true the fact of the matter is you have to change what you are thinking, feeling and doing. You have to become that kind of person. How do you do that? ‘You become what you think about most through out each day’. You want to get your goal. How? ‘You get what you think about most through out each day’. ‘What you focus on expands’.

One just has to start. Even a small consistent effort is better than none. Often, raging rivers began as a trickle. The consistent application of a positive force is enough to carve a path through any territory.You apply a consistent, constant positive force – your thoughts!

When you begin to think in positive ways you begin to become more flexible and adaptable and more likely to see new opportunities than when you are thinking negatively. When you feel better you get more done. You enjoy yourself, others and life much more.” Rex Sikes

I will share more tomorrow. Meanwhile have a blessed and marvelous day!

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Have You Ever Failed At Anything? Failure is Feedback

arrow launch you

“There is no failure until you give up. Giving up makes it absolute. If you don’t give up it is only a setback, maybe a large one but it is only temporary as long as you don’t cave in.

Think of failure as useful feedback that something isn’t working and it is time for you to positively adjust your plan. There is nothing wrong with that. Feedback is what we need to move forward if we are off course. Failure is only temporary so hang in there.  

You don’t give up your goal, you adjust your plan positively to keep moving toward your goal. You may only need to take baby steps to course correct  when you get feedback.  So move yourself inch by inch back on course.

Only rarely does one  have to yank the wheel of the car to navigate successfully.  Large, sudden adjustments may be necessary once in awhile but not as a rule.  As you drive you makes constant adjustments from right to left to stay in the middle of the lane moving forward. You are always adjusting back to center to keep moving straight forward.

Remember the saying, “Quitters never win and Winners never Quit”.

Don’t give up. Adjust and keep moving forward. You will make it just keep going! ” Rex Sikes

Inspiring Pics & Quotes To Make Your Day 1.

happiness depends on what u think

“Dream Big and Dare To Fail” Norman Vaughn

correct your mind

“Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.” Napoleon Hill

big goals get beig results

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.” Henry Ford

be happy set goals
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Action IS the proper fruit of knowledge.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

“Understanding and application make the difference in making your life what you want it to be not reading or memorizing. Information does not change us. It is what we do with the information that can transform us.

People think that if they read about something they will somehow be better off. Having information can be useful but only when you apply it correctly. Many people want to read about personal change or NLP techniques but they never DO anything with the information they gain. They just read about it. Sadly, that is their loss.

For example, studies have demonstrated that the act of reading a book on bike riding is not the equivalent of bike riding. Different areas of the brain are utilized. So reading about it doesn’t do much to add to the ability if you want to learn to ride a bike. Once you already know how, reading may add to you knowledge and inform you about some things you may wish to try.

However, imagining riding a bike, seeing yourself on the bike watching yourself peddling and steering that is a good brain work out. Also imagining what it is like to be on it from the rider’s perspective, what do you see, hear, feel as you balance and ride, feel the bumps  etc.  Living it in your imagination does utilize portions of the brain for riding and actually activates at the micro-muscle level the very same muscles used when riding. When imagining riding vividly you are actually experiencing it in the brain at some level.

This is true if you imagine yourself playing tennis, swimming, golfing, making a sales phone call or any activity you might engage in.

You can rehearse the activity in your imagination and get some benefit. So while reading about something may illuminate and increase awareness it is only by doing something with those insights that makes a real difference for us. You have to act on it.

One question useful to ask ourselves is: Are you interested in where you want to go, what you want to do and what you can accomplish or are you more interested in defending where you are now and why you are there? The honest answer determines a lot. If you want to move forward you will act. If you wish to remain the same you will provide reasons.

Your present state or condition is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thinking. If you want to get different results in your physical world and have a different life you must immediately change your thinking and not defend where you are at.

For most people their present situation determines how they think and feel. The outer controls the inner. In fact, it is your thoughts that determine the results and the life you get. The inner actually controls and dictates the outer.

If you are fearful, or negative life is not much fun. If you are confident and loving you probably enjoy it much more. Your inner being determines who you are, how you move and act in the world, and what you get. You are where you are because of where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. You can not escape the results of you thoughts.

In order to behave in a new reality you must first be able to conceive of a new reality. It begins inside you head. You must see it first inside you in order to create it on the outside. All our art, music, product is created this way. An architect sees it on the inside, puts it on paper, then builds from the paper a physical replica of what they imagined. Inner begets the outer whether good or bad.

So if you want things in your life to change you must change things in your life. Napoleon Hill stated “Any idea held in the mind, that is emphasized (feared or revered) begins at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available” Said differently, we attract whatever we think about and feel emotional about.

Joy is a strong feeling so is worry and fear and doubt. Whatever you are thinking and whatever strong emotions you are feeling you are perpetuating. If you look around and see lack and problems you keep thinking, feeling and having them. This IS the outer controlling the inner. We look at the present feel bad and get more of the same.

We need to ignore the present and look to what we want to create. We need to see in our mind what we WANT rather than what is or what we don’t want. We imagine what we want  first on the inside. Hill also said “What we can conceive and believe we can achieve.” Conceive it, create it in your imagination first, feel good about it and believe you will have it and you will.

Heck, that is already what is going on. You have already been creating your life whether you have realized it or not. That is precisely what has been happening.

Whatever your present life is like is the result of your previous thinking.  So reading about it is not going to help. It is only by putting into action the principles and practices that will make an incredible difference. See a new better glorious future and you can have it.

Van Gough said “I see the painting in my dream and then I paint my dream.” You can create it.

Become the change you want to be in your life! Activate your attitude and move forward. You can create what you want because you have always been creator. Perhaps, you created and attracted lots that you didn’t want but you can change that now. Decide what good you want and take charge of the creation process. Make your life what you want it to be.

Today’s thoughts become tomorrow’s reality.” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day!

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What are we capable of? It would astound you!

if we did all we are capable of edison

“I never know how things are going to work out but I have learned that things always work out for the best when you have the right attitude. When I think positive and feel positive I act positive. When I feel confident and hopeful and joyful I know whatever situation comes my way I am able to handle it. I know I am able to handle it better when I am feeling my best than otherwise. So I continue to do those things that allow me to move in the direction of being optimal.

When I have faith and believe in myself I know no matter what comes I am resourceful to be able to handle it. I know when I am thankful and filled with gratitude challenges, while there, are considered opportunities to learn, grow and change for the better. When I feel blessed nothing can stop me.

So each day I make time to put my head on straight and think the best thoughts, find the best feelings and take the best actions in my behalf. I aim at my long term and short term goals and determine to make my dreams come true. Throughout the day I make whatever adjustments I have to – to stay this way. Sometimes it is very easy, sometimes it is much more difficult but I keep going. I have learned no matter what to always persevere.

When I am feeling the finest I know incredible things are coming my way even if I am not yet able to see them. As a result of my attitude I find more opportunities and doors opening up. I make it a point to think of myself as a magnet attracting all good things. I mean, why the heck not?

I prefer how I am when I feel this way. Do I ever get down, sure. When that happens I notice it, accept it as a signal that something needs my attention to get back into harmony. I don’t fight it I am learning to not resist. Whatever we resist persists. I’d rather turn resistance into assistance and move forward. So I return back to what I want and focus on that.

It is no different than going to a buffet. There are things I like, really enjoy and savor. There are items on the buffet I am not crazy about or downright don’t like. When I encounter something I don’t like I do not get bent out of shape about it, instead I move on to something I like. I choose what I want, what I like. I don’t spend the rest of my dinner worried about or thinking about what I didn’t like or want I spend the time enjoying what I want to enjoy. My focus is on what I want not what I don’t want.

I am finding when I focus on what I desire and want I get more of it. I keep my eye on this no matter what the present moment is like. I choose where to place my awareness. In doing so I find I am creating all sorts of wonderful moments in life.

I am no expert believe me but I am so much better today than I was a while back. It has come at a cost. The cost is effort each day and never quitting regardless how what is going on or how I feel. Is it worth it? OH GOD ABSOLUTELY! The return on investment is staggering beyond anything I could have imagined. Well being has been so under-rated.

I am so blessed and finding more each moment. Life is good, life is great, life is grand!

One of my favorite passages is from the Bible. “This is the day the lord has made rejoice and be glad in it”

Whether one believes in a lord or not doesn’t matter to me. The potent message to pay attention to is the same. This is the day we have rejoice and be glad!!!

I find this is a far better choice of how to spend any day than sad, angry, confused or hopeless. Happiness, faith, good feelings are always a choice. SO I am rejoicing and being glad.

Believe me when I say this, if I can enjoy my life and make positive changes for myself, ANYONE can. We are all the same in spirit. I have no advantage in positive thinking at all.

As I stated happiness in life it comes at a price and that prices is to decide each moment to be happy instead of otherwise. To decide to look for the best instead of otherwise. To decide to maintain your focus no matter what appears otherwise or what challenges there may be. To decide if you ever get off track to return and get on track as quickly as you are able. To decide to go first and put it out there because no one else can do it for you. To decide to accept and let go of problems and look for solutions as cheerfully as possible. To decide be thankful for each moment and to live with gratitude. To decide to celebrate and rejoice frequently each day.

Is it worth it? Absolutely?

It is really quite simple, and easy enough to do. Especially, if you decide to think about it that way.

I started small. I began reading a chapter a day of inspirational material and made the commitment to do so for no less than 30 days. Sometimes, I read more. What I read, I put to work as best I was able. Tiny steps, little things. I wrote down my goals and desires. I jotted down my thoughts and insights whenever I could. I ask myself questions that directed my mind where I wanted to have it go and repeated these often through the day. I used some morning time and before bed time to remember and visualize what I want to be like and include in my life. I decided I would stay with it. There were plenty of challenging times too. Whenever I could throughout the day I would return my mind to these positive practices.

I kept quiet about this too. I informed no one. I went about my business and didn’t attempt to convince others to join me.

After the month I wanted to continue. I felt like I wanted to keep going so I did. I had learned and benefited so much during that time. So I keep on. I take it day by day and moment by moment. After all that is how life comes to us. As I progressed it became easier, more natural and more of a habit. I found myself much happier, healthier, positive and powerful.

I made it a point to consider this next thought as truth whether it is or is not. “I am where my thoughts brought me. I will be where my thoughts take me” I determined to have my thoughts, feelings and actions serve me by deciding where I want to go.

I think of it as no different than deciding to go on a vacation. I determine where I want to go and I go. I enjoy the traveling all along the way while eager to get to my destination. Since I know where I want to go I know I will get there as long as I continue to move towards it. I decide to do whatever I can to make it the most fun and exciting and wonderful trip possible.

Really, that is what I do. The cost – worth every bit of effort a million times over . If I can do this so can anyone else. So can you. It is easier than you think, and it is simple to do. Begin by reading only a page of inspirational material a day, make it manageable but commit to doing something very positive for yourself. Heck, if nothing else practice gratitude as often as you can. What we sow we reap!

Celebrate and delight!  AND always keep in mind: This is a day the lord has made – be glad and rejoice in it!!!” Rex Sikes

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How To Learn Anything Well, More Quickly And Easily – short video

ability motiviation attitude

“Learning is what we are designed to do. We are made to learn and to evolve. Some of us learned some bad habits which we can overcome, but we have learned so many, many things. It is important to begin to realize this and take inventory of what and how we learn. When we do we can discover that though we learned to be limited in ways we can overcome those limitations by learning how. We use the same process, our learning ability.

Some of us learned that learning was tough or hard. Even though you learned that don’t you find that thought odd? Yes, some did make it tough for us to learn in school because school isn’t actually about learning – it is about quotas, and standards and a politicized process. It is about memorizing, recalling and following rules. I’m not saying there weren’t excellent teachers because there are some, even many., but they are frequently hampered by the institution.

Learning is whatever and however you make it to be. It is simply a process. It is rewarding and can fun, simple and easy when you know how.

Enjoy this short video on Learning. It is just a snippet and more will be made available on the topic in this blog so stay tuned. Be sure to follow. Please share, if you would.” Rex Sikes

Link to short Video:

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“How To Make Affirmations Work For You – video

your future begins w your next thought

“Short Video Snippet from talk on “How To Make Affirmations Work For You” Use link below:

We can be the designer and architect of our lives faster, when we learn how and how simple it can be. Why struggle for a long time when you can learn to apply some small daily practices that make all the difference for your success?

Learn to steer your mind, take control in the driver’s seat and get to where you want to be in life. Now you can. How surprised and delighted would you be to discover your fine ability to make changes easily and more quickly? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fully enjoy more of all the incredible moments and blessings offer?

Even if you don’t yet think it is possible for you, you can as you learn how.  Here is some food for thought. Enjoy!


Further information, articles available at

I hope you enjoyed  this short. It is just a snippet and more will be made available on the topic in this blog so stay tuned. Be sure to follow this blog site. Please share, if you would.” Rex Sikes