Nothing Else Matters!

u r responsible

“Today is reminder day: Everyday only you  can make the decision for yourself to be happy and have a great day no matter what the circumstances are. Be thankful and celebrate everything. Life is wonderful and truly exciting. It is even more so when you live filled with appreciation for everything no matter what. As you celebrate what you have you make room for more in your heart, your mind and in your life. When you celebrate the less than glorious you take the sting out, are more able to find the good hidden in the situation and learn from the experience. You transform the less than glorious into something useful and beneficial.

Pour more good feelings into each moment and you will experience more good feelings than you can imagine. Simply begin by enjoying every simple pleasure. Stop and savor each second. Feel great in this moment and you’ll feel great in the next moment. Come what may find cause to celebrate, to be thankful and feel wonderful. Make this your daily routine, your habit. The more you do this deliberately the more you will find yourself doing it spontaneously. You will have developed a reliable positive habit.

Life is what you make of it! You will feel as good as you choose to feel! Live each day of your life 100% on purpose. Once you realize that create your own happiness and that you are responsible for your own joys and bliss you make it possible to have much, much more. Don’t depend on others and outer circumstances learn to rely on yourself. Recognize that it is your choices that make the difference. Choose to live happily and confidently each day. Choose to expect great things.

It is never what is “out there” or outside of you that  will make you happy. It only seems as though happiness comes from things and other people or circumstances but that is not lasting happiness. That is drifting and allowing external people , events and things to control you.  You don’t have to let those determine how you feel. Happiness comes from within. It is a choice you make in each moment. Once you absolutely understand this your life will positively transform.

To keep you inspired and motivated read inspiring books and listen to audio programs. Put a guard before you mind and tongue and only think and speak good things all day everyday. IT IS A GREAT WAY to begin and end your day with a positive frame of mind. Choose to focus on well-being and delightful feelings. Make your goal to feel wonderful each moment. You can!

YOU can be in charge and determine how you respond to life’s offerings. You can be in charge of your own happiness and you will be happy much more often when you are. You can be the creator and create more happy wonderful feelings for yourself to enjoy. Happiness comes 100% from within.

Remember, you become what you think about! Remember, only YOU determine what YOU think about and focus on. SO live like it. Live as a person with the power to choose. Live as a victor! Live as one who is in charge and who is in control.

How do you do that? You recognize that it is all up to you and only you. Take 100% responsibility for everything good or bad. Make decisions moment to moment, bit by bit as to how you will respond. Claim you power, exercise your power and you WILL live more powerfully. Fill yourself full with so many good feelings there is no room for anything else.” Rex Sikes

Be thankful and celebrate this day!

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