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Whatever You Want Is Just A Thought Away!

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“Whatever you want is just a thought away. Thoughts precede actions. Thoughts become things. Thoughts are the ideas which become reality. Whatever you want begins with a thought. It doesn’t begin any other way. I repeat, It doesn’t begin any other way!

It doesn’t begin with hard work. It doesn’t begin with hopes or wishes. It begins with your thinking. The issue for most people is that they don’t think it. Oh, they ‘think’ they do. They ‘believe’ they do but they actually don’t. Nope, they simply don’t! They DO NOT.

They may claim they do. What they ACTUALLY do is say the thought to themselves without feeling it. There is no emotion behind it. No conviction. They merely utter it but don’t accept or believe it. They doubt it. They think it and then think, ‘nah that won’t happen.’ They doubt, fear, or worry more than they think it is possible.

They Merely Utter It But Don’t Accept Or Believe It

They come up with all the reasons why it won’t happen. They come up with all the reasons why they won’t think it. They don’t want to be disappointed if it doesn’t work. THAT is NOT THINKING THE THOUGHT!!!! That is thinking everything BUT the thought. That is entertaining a passing fancy. That is ‘lip service’.

THAT is NOT thinking the thought! That is thinking everything BUT the thought!  We become what we think about most of the day. They utter a thought and then spend most of their time either thinking it won’t ever happen or thinking other things. They don’t spend time thinking that thought. Instead, they are distracted. The thought never becomes a predominant idea. It has no power, no legs.

THAT is not using your mind well. That is not thinking the thought. That is a passing fancy which is dismissed for numerous other reasons OR it is considered and then lost among countless other considerations. The issue is most people don’t THINK. Most people don’t know how to think. Heck, we were never taught how to.

We Are Influenced By The Predominant Thoughts We Hold

Sadly, most people, thinking mostly the same chronic, habitual thoughts today that they thought yesterday, ‘think’ they are thinking. They aren’t! They are merely playing old tapes inside their head; old programming. Old worn out, negative, limited programming, for the most part, is what they are doing. It is not new, powerful thought. They aren’t thinking new thoughts.

It is mostly the same stuff you have thought again and again. If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. If you want to your life to change you have to change things in your life. You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results BUT this is what most do! Admit it, I do too!

If you conceive of it and you believe it you can make it happen. Will it magically appear, I doubt it. Still, I am not saying it won’t. Others can do that. I suspect YOU actually have to create it. Sadly, though you most likely never will unless you think you absolutely will in the first place. You have to conceive of a new reality FIRST in order to behave in that reality.

Thoughts Are Things

‘Whatever you want is a thought away’ IS an accurate statement. If you don’t think what you want is that close, well then it most likely isn’t. You declare it. You assert it. You determine what it and your future will be like. You create your present. Most people just won’t acknowledge that this is what we do. You and I create our reality!

Reality is of our own making. Reality is of your own making. You think and your reality is a reflection of what goes on inside your head AND what doesn’t. Results in the real world are YOUR doing. Most people just won’t willingly shoulder the responsibility for what they have or don’t and where they are at.

They want to blame it on others because it is easier and it let’s them off the hook. Most were brought up believing it was someone else’s fault anyway so it is nearly natural they would think that. The fact of the matter is YOUR thinking is absolutely powerful. Your life conditions are a reflection of what thoughts you have thought.

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me

You CAN absolutely BE and DO and HAVE anything you want WHEN you absolutely THINK YOU CAN. Become a CAN DO person. Discover your creative power to make things happen. Take charge, be in control. Your destiny is in your own hands, between your ears, within your being. MAKE IT WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t YOU ARE RIGHT!!!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do You Know Why The Heck You Are Even Here? You’d Better!

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“It isn’t enough to set goals. Goals are only pieces of the pie or of the puzzle, if you prefer. Goals are the steps you take on the way to your destiny. Goals are the rungs of the ladders that you pick up on your way to the top. There is something much more important than the goals you set and get.

Your purpose! Why are you here? For what were you born?  This is the larger and much more important piece to focus on. You are born into this world with a definite chief objective; to discover the reason you live, your destiny, why you are? Napoleon Hill called it your Definite Chief Purpose or your Definite Chief Aim.

Why are you? This is what you must uncover, discover and decide on. Your purpose is the umbrella that covers everything else. You were born into an abundant universe with more than enough of everything for everyone to participate in. Most don’t sadly, but that doesn’t change the fact that the universe has plenty for all.

You Are The Master Of Your Fate

You were born to delight and participate and partake of all good things. To celebrate and enjoy; people and relationships, events, circumstances, and all good things, whether you realize this or not; whether you believe it or not. – BUT –  If you don’t realize it, and if you don’t believe it, you won’t have it.

You must claim it for yourself. It is there, you are right smack in the middle of it, but if you are blind to see it and take advantage of it, no one else can help you. You must discover this on your own. Another aspect of your Definite Chief Purpose is why you live, what you want to do. This determines how your present and future unfold.

The larger your purpose the easier to fulfill in many ways. What are you totally passionate about? What do you love and enjoy? What kind of work makes you feel good when you do it; so good, you would pay people to do it? What work is play for you?

You Are The Captain Of Your Soul

Some people enjoy giving and helping others. Some contribute to the world in other ways. What is your way? Once you discover your ultimate purpose you set goals which move you closer to your purpose. You live your purpose, you accomplish your goals and that is the difference.

Hill states, any thing you want can be yours in abundance once you clarify and decide on your Definite Chief Purpose. Once you feel the passion and desire and enthusiasm for living your purpose everything else can begin to fall into place. Search your soul. Search your heart and your mind?

We have been discussing Barnes and his burning desire to become a partner of Thomas Edison. We shall continue. Between now and then consider this: If you already had everything you want, if you had all the money in the world, you are rich beyond belief in every way, what would you do? How would you spend your time? How would you contribute to the world?

Conceive It, Believe It And You Can Achieve It

In seeking answers to these questions you can begin to clarify and discover what trips your trigger. What are you, or would be, completely passionate about? No one in the world has ever made it completely alone. The ‘self made’ man or woman relies heavily on the help of others all along the way. How would you give back?

Remember, purpose is what you are after. This differs from goals,which can help you fulfill your purpose. Goals either move you closer or further away from fulfilling your purpose. We will come back to this point later.

Goals  may include making a certain amount of money, working in a particular field, developing certain relationships, living in a chosen location, having certain things, etc. These either align with your overall Definite Chief Purpose or they could conflict. This is why it is important to know what you are going for in the first place.

The Starting Point Of All Achievement – Definite Chief Purpose

What is the big picture? THEN what are the steps?  Are they congruent with what you want? Does each step bring you closer to fulfilling your purpose or take you further away?  These are important considerations, but first, if you haven’t already, clarify and decide on your purpose. Then you can learn how everything else fits.

Your purpose is there within you but it may not be obvious, at first. You don’t have to get it instantly. Mull it over, entertain it. Spend time with this important consideration. Search yourself. Ask yourself, reflect, consider, concentrate, be serious, yet playful and in time you will come to know it.

Be open to flashes of insight or answers that come from within. Feel grateful, celebrate everything! Remain positive. A positive mindset, a strong positive attitude is crucial for success. Stay open, available and optimistic and the answers will come. You will answer yourself. Once you do that IS the beginning of making your dreams come true.” Rex Sikes

How will you make today a special one?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do Things Have To Get Bad For You Before They Get Good?

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“Are you one of these people? Do circumstances in life just go from bad to worse? There are some people who have to wait and let things get bad enough before they act. Is this you? They don’t move toward their goals. Instead they move away from discomfort. Things must get really bad before they get better. Many are like this.

This is known as the Pleasure/Pain Principle or The Carrot/Stick. Instead of moving toward the carrot, or the reward or pleasure they move away to avoid pain and punishment. When things are bad enough then they act. BUT not until they are BAD enough!

This is similar to the Last Straw Principle. They keep allowing pain and discomfort or bad events to pile up or circumstances and feelings to get so bad that they say, ‘Enough! That’s it! Never again!’ Finally, they act. You know the story. The camel’s owner kept piling straws on the camel’s back until it broke.

Many People Are Motivated By Pain And What They Don’t Want

In order for this person to be motivated it has to get really, really bad or bad enough. Some modern day guru’s have said, if this is you and you want to change, find a way to deliberately add on the pain until it gets so bad you do act in some way in your own best interests. I was never good at doing this deliberately.

If you are motivated by moving away from painful thoughts, events and circumstances this is how you are motivated. Until you learn to be motivated by focusing on what you do want and move toward it you will have to use what you have.

For example, some people decide they want to be rich and they move toward making money and having plenty. This is what they want and what they enjoy. They want to include money and having fine things in their life. They create positive circumstances to pursue.

Others don’t want to be poor. They hate being poor so they move away from poverty or lack.  They avoid it and want to exclude it as a possibility. They leave it behind.  If you are this latter person you may have experienced the struggle this type of motivation is.

You Need To Determine And Clarify What Your Do Want

You are driven by the need to not feel pain and to avoid what you don’t want. There is some benefit to this or in getting to the point of The Last Straw . Knowing what you do not want CAN help you clarify what you actually do want. If you spend time to decide precisely you can benefit immensely. Determine what you want!

Once you know exactly what you do not want then turn your attention to what you do want instead. Focus on what it is you want. Specify it. Make it real and desirable.  Turn your back on what you don’t want and put all of your attention and energy into creating and making what you want happen.

When you know what you want you are aiming at where you want to go. You have set your course and can move in A PURPOSEFUL direction. You can think intentional thoughts about it. You are able to close in on it step by step. The problem with the negative motivation is it is similar to running from a bear in an unknown woods.

You Must Focus On What You Do Want

While attempting to flee the bear you run anywhere you can. You attention is on not getting eaten. You run wherever you can. You may know you want safety but you don’t have time to plan. So you run to avoid the dire consequences. You don’t have a specific direction to go to. Any direction away from the bear is better.

It is important to realize that what you focus on you get. Call it  the Law Of Attraction or Karma, call it anything you like, the point is, whatever you put out you get more of it back. You plant one seed you get a lot more seeds back. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together.

If you have to wait and wait until it gets bad enough for you to feel motivated to change you are focusing on what you don’t want. When you get enough of what you don’t want you then try to escape it. If this is you, the key to making it work is the moment you take action you must turn your attention to what you do want instead.

You Can Learn To Do Anything Persistence Is The Key

You have to shift your focus from what you do not want to what you do want. Keep you eyes and mind and thoughts on what you want. Then you are able to get what you focus on. What you think about you bring about. So you want to be thinking about what you DO want and not what you don’t want.

If while thinking about what you do you you notice yourself feeling less than glorious, not so good, or even bad then you have inadvertently slipped back into thinking about what you don’t want. The negative feelings are the signal to let you know you have gone off course. It is so wonderful we have feelings as an internal guidance system.

Feel good means you are focused on what you want. Feel bad means you are focused on what you don’t want. To have an enjoyable life you want more pleasure and far less pain. What you think about you bring about. So if you are thinking less than glorious thoughts you will be feeling less than glorious feelings. It is quite simple actually!

Both forms of motivation are possible. I find that it is more positive and powerful and feels better, once you know what you want,  to move toward what you want to have. I prefer to be drawn toward it magnetically than to be escaping from something I abhor. It is here, where what we focus on and how becomes meaningful.

Your Feelings Are A Great Guidance System

If you are focused mostly on what you don’t like and don’t want, if that is mostly what you see and experience then how do you get out of it. If all you notice is poverty and lack, if what you experience is not having what you want, you probably aren’t feeling very well or thinking very powerfully because you are focused on what sucks.

The good news is this: You learned to do that. Perhaps, at the time you didn’t realize you were learning it but that is what you did. It is a skill and it did serve a useful purpose at the time. AND we can learn to do many things. You made that a habit you can learn to make getting what you want easier and moving toward what you want a habit.

I have already told you how.  Countless times within all these blog pages. Go through it and read. The key is deliberately shifting you focus and keeping it there. It will be odd at first, a little uncomfortable or unfamiliar while you try a new thing but just as in learning any skill, stick with it, and you will master it. You will make it a new and useful beneficial habit. You can do this and when you do more good things are in store for you!” Rex Sikes

Savor the seconds, make marvelous the minutes, delight in the day!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How You Live Right This Moment Is Critical! The Secret Only A Few Know & Use!

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“Do you want it yesterday? Some people are impatient for results to show up. Are you one of them? You can’t rush the growth of a flower or a tree. Babies take time to grow into adults. You cannot force the sun to rise. Why are you in such a hurry?

It seems some people want to escape the now and they want to do it quickly. They don’t like where they are at and want a big change to make everything different and better. Occasionally, that happens but in reality most things happen in the same way wine improves. Over time.

I have written on patience and how to wait. You may want to go and explore some of my previous blogs. Most people in Hollywood know an overnight success means 10 to 15 years of work first. So expect to wait, be okay with it and you will fare far better.

Create The Invite And Send It Out

Here is the deal. When you put out a party invitation you send out the word and then you wait for the people to arrive. You can either wait well or poorly.

You can either enjoy what is going on right now while waiting for your guests to arrive or you can worry, fear, doubt, and micromanage each moment. Which do you prefer it to be? Pleasant or painful it is up to you.

Neither of these two ways has any impact of who shows up or when? You have no control over that. The only thing you do have control over is how you wait and whether or not you enjoy the duration. In the same way some people try to push a rope, they try to push the results they get.

They fret, worry, try to do more, they fear, they think there is more to do, something else needs to be done. It becomes an ongoing, endless cycle as the they try to insure they will get their way. I think of it as fishing.

What Kind Of Fisher Are You

You get the proper bait as best you can for what you want to catch. You drop the line and relax. Let the fish take the bait because you can’t make it take it. You can only appeal to it. The fish takes it when it takes it.

You can be frustrated or you can enjoy the time you spend near or on the water. It is up to you.

The key to making you dreams come true is intent. Clarify what you want, be precise, be specific. Focus on it, be passionate it about it, feel wonderful and keep it in mind. Imagine it as if you already have it. Celebrate and be grateful and enjoy the marvelous feelings.

Let Go

Part of getting is receiving. Be open, be receptive, be patient, be relaxed and enjoy the meantime. Live in this time with great delight. Enjoy now! Live in gratitude, with passion and enthusiasm.  Don’t keep checking or comparing. Stop digging up the seeds to see if they are growing.

Let go and be open to receive. Let the guests arrive when and as they do. Stop trying to force and allow. You may be the creator and you may be the attractor but allow yourself to relax and let it come to you.

You Sent Out The Invitation Let It Arrive When And As It Does

We work during the day and we rest during the night. Rest. Trust. Accept. Allow. Enjoy!  This is important. This is a huge part of getting what you want. This is a part many miss. They are so busy managing they don’t realize they are pushing it away.

Have faith. Believe it is coming. Expect it is coming and relax. Trust means you don’t fight for it because you already know it is yours. This relaxed confidence is as much an important part as the effort you put into your thoughts.

Delight and feel wonderful. How you live now is critical! Don’t sacrifice now for the future. Enjoy now and your future will be enjoyable too. Whatever effort you put into making your dreams come true put equal amounts of faith and fun.

Be glad now! Celebrate now! Be grateful now and you will have more to celebrate and be grateful for in the future. Keep this in mind. YOU plant the seeds and you wait for them to grow and flourish. You nurture and you trust.

You Can’t Force The Seed To Grow

If you know this at some level apply it to your dreams and your goals. Relax! Trust. Be open and receptive. Allow yourself to accept them into your life. Stop trying so hard. Do and trust. Keep trusting. Keep celebrating and living in gratitude. Enjoy this moment while you wait. Then you are not waiting you are fully living!” Rex Sikes

Today can be marvelous. Make it so!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Who Is Your Boss? Who Runs The Show?

what you allow is what will continue

“Who is your Boss? The Boss runs the show. Are you the Boss of your own life? Many of us like to think we are? But are we? Who is running the show in your life? If you aren’t the Boss you can bet someone or something else is. They could care less about you!

Be The Boss Of Your Own Life

Whatever distracts you from creating your life as you want it; whatever distracts you from maintaining your positive attitude; whatever distracts you from moving towards accomplishing your goals each day IS your Boss.

Whatever the limitation that prevents you from pursuing your dreams and making them happens is the Boss. This Boss controls your time, your output, your results, and your rewards. This Boss controls you.

If your watching TV, going out for cocktails, hanging with the boys or the girls or gaming instead of working towards what you want you then these distractions are your Boss. These distractions are preventing you from the success and happiness you want and deserve.

Your Habits Determine Who The Boss Is

Instead of doing what you can be doing to have a better life you let whims dictate how your life will be. If you aren’t in charge of yourself then your poor habits will be in charge of you. Others run the show. You won’t benefit by their control. You will lose out.

In order to win you have to run the race. You can’t quit or get distracted by something on the sidelines. You must focus on the prize, pace yourself and do your very best. Less than that means it is likely you won’t finish first.

Don’t let comparisons stop you either. Don’t let imitation thinking prevent you from giving it your all. There are always stronger, faster, richer, smarter, better looking competitors who seem to have every advantage but you can’t let that dissuade you. They can lose too.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Remember, the fable of the tortoise and the hare. The hare had speed and was confident he would take the prize. So over confident, in fact, he took a nap near the finish line. Hubris did the rabbit in.

The tortoise kept a diligent steady pace, did not stop but kept on going. Slow and steady he won the race. The rabbit awoke to watch the hare cross the finish line. The tortoise was in control.

Be the Boss of your thought and of your own habits. Control your time, energy, and attention. Commit to  winning the prize and to nothing else. If you go about it sloppily and half-assed you aren’t going to get there anytime soon.

Do not give away your power to others, to activities, to things or to places that do not benefit you in the long term. Stop wasting time with and limitations distractions. Decide how to best spend your time to live the life you want.

Limit Distractions And Unproductive Behaviors

Avoid negative media messages that bring your down. Avoid people who just aren’t productive for you to be around. Learn to say NO to those elements which don’t lift you up or move you forward. Value yourself, your time and your dreams.

Whining, complaining, making excuses, rationalizing, are all distractions. These do not get you any closer to making your dreams come true. Only think and speak that which blesses, heals and prospers you and others.

Stop! Don’t let your negative thoughts be your Boss. Don’t let limited, ‘I Can’t Do It’ thinking prevent you from trying and making it. BE the Boss of your thoughts and behaviors. BE an ‘I Can Do It’ person.

Keep Your Power Use Your Powers

Set your mindset and attitude to positive. When your thoughts and desires are aligned, and you congruently feel good and optimistic about getting your goals, things go easier.

You work smarter, not necessarily harder. You are more resourceful. Your time is spent on productive activity. You feel wonderful and you see opportunity more readily.

You handle challenges more easily. Everything is better when you are in charge positively! Be your own Boss and make your dreams come true!” Rex Sikes

You have another beautiful day to make the most of!

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How To Use Your Negative Thoughts


“You aren’t one of those people who waste time and energy worrying about what you can’t do, are you? You know you will never get rich by focusing on being poor or on what you don’t have, right? I mean, if you don’t know where you are headed how do you ever expect to get there? Have you considered this?

You won’t know what you CAN DO by worrying about what you can’t do. You won’t get stronger by being focused on weakness. You will never discover what works by focusing on what doesn’t. You won’t get positive by thinking negative. HOWEVER, there is some use to negative thinking, did you know that?

How To Utilize Your Negative Thoughts

Whenever you catch yourself thinking about what you don’t want you can turn it to your advantage. You can use those negative thoughts, the ‘I don’t want’ thoughts to IDENTIFY what it is you do want. You can use them to make something better for yourself.

When you become aware that you are negative or focused on what you do not want THAT IS THE PRECISE MOMENT to say ‘I know I don’t want this!’ Then ASK YOURSELF, ‘What is it I do want?’ Focus strongly on what you do want and define it. Declare it! Affirm it!

‘I don’t want this. I WANT THIS INSTEAD!’

NOW you can do something powerful. You can move away from what you do not want and begin moving towards what you do want. NOW you know where you want to end up. You know your destination and can travel in that direction.

When you know what you don’t want, don’t have or don’t like it can help you get clear, precise, and targeted on what it is you actually do want. This is great because the more precise you can be, the more detail you can add into your mental images of what you DO want the more real it becomes to your subconscious mind.

It Begins With Awareness

The moment you become aware that your focus is negative or on what you don’t want STOP! THEN you stop creating what you don’t want. You stop attracting what you don’t want. Then you stop bringing about all the negative things you are thinking about.

We become what we think about. We get what we focus on. What we think about we bring about. Birds of a feather flock together.

If you are thinking negative thoughts you are creating more negativity. NOW your opportunity is to create more positivity. Now you can begin to create what you want instead. Stop thinking about what you don’t want. Let it go! Drop those thoughts completely!

Turn your attention to what you DO want. Keep your focus on it!

Take Control Steer Back To Center

Leave those not so good thoughts. Leave the less than productive thinking and complaining behind. Set your mind to focus only on what you do want. If your mind wanders off bring it back to what you want.

When you drive in a straight lane you are not going completely straight. You make micro adjustments to stay in the center of the lane all the time. You are constantly adjusting and steering your car towards the center of the lane or within the lines.

Consider the center the positive place you want to be. Whenever you notice yourself off center, thinking negatively, thinking about what you don’t want, thinking about lack, whining, complaining or blaming steer your mind back to the positive thoughts.

Do this and you will develop the habit of catching yourself and returning to the I Can Do place in your mind. Soon enough this process will become automated and you will naturally think more positive more of the time. This process is so cool! You’ll love it!

Remember, thinking and speaking are the same thing. Keep your words to yourself and to others positive and your life will truly change!” Rex Sikes

May you make it a marvelous day!

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Do This When You Need To Overcome Difficulties: It Works!

you will see it when you believe it

“Would you like to make things better now and in the future? Would you like to learn how to more easily overcome difficult times and challenges? Wouldn’t it be cool to know in advance which obstacles might arise and how to handle them when they do? Now you can!

This is an old article of mine. I have updated aspects of it and will share those in a future post, but this article is earlier groundwork. It provides the basic method for going after what you want and for trouble shooting challenges and resolving problems that can arise.

Through my recent posts you will learn how to appropriately and powerfully visualize, and manage your positive self talk so that you can readily recognize the powerful creator you already are. Use this process to create success. Use this process BEFORE you need it.

This is a road map you use for success, complete with alternative routes. This process builds in the contingencies you need when the going get rough. It constitutes rehearsal and practice. It is the same mental strategy a successful sports team would utilize.

So you understand. Mind Design™ is my process of learning new abilities. It is my approach to personal and professional change. I conduct workshops and training around the world and have audio products available. It is also the umbrella process or meta method through which I taught other personal development programs.

Enjoy this early article.

‘Why Traditional Visualization Doesn’t Work And How You Can Modify It To Get The Results You Want

by Rex Sikes

Now that you can ask yourself new questions, you also want to get your visualizations in order. I am sure you have heard of visualization. This is where people tell you to visualize your goals, dreams, plans, or how you want things to be. Usually people make still-frame pictures in their head of the goal being accomplished, e.g. depositing money in the bank, or their kids all grown up and successful.

What makes Mind Design™ different from visualization is that we have created three steps in creating visualizations. Without these three steps, visualizations just don’t work well at all and you’ll just be wasting your time.

Three Important Steps For Effective Visualizations

  1. Visualize the accomplished goal or outcome. Example: Salesperson depositing large commission check in the bank.
  2. Make a movie of how you achieved the goal. What steps did you take to achieve your success? Visualize the steps in detail. Visualize yourself doing all the right things to get your outcome, and visualize everything going perfectly. Example: Salesperson making more calls and customers responding by being pleasant and purchasing items.
  3. Build a contingency plan. Visualize yourself taking all the steps toward your goal and visualize everything going wrong and how you overcame the difficulty. Example: Salesperson making more calls and customers do not respond. Visualize what the salesperson did to get customer to respond more favorably.

Besides only making pictures of the goal being attained (Step 1), you make a movie of how you get the goal (Step 2). For example a salesperson wants to make more sales and money. Instead of just visualizing depositing more money in the bank, a Mind Design™ salesperson visualizes the actual steps they took to make more sales.

(2) The salesperson visualizes them doing all the right things and people responding in all the right ways to increase their sales and their money. But the Mind Design™ salesperson also does something which is the most crucial; THE THIRD STEP… This person visualizes a movie of all the possible obstacles and how they got over all of them.

Ordinarily, this third step is what people do to program their mind for failure because they imagine everything going wrong, but not what they did to overcome it. Using this method, you program your mind for how to overcome adversity along the way if you encounter it.

Stop Programming Failure Start Programming Success

When you learn how to run your brain then a world of endless possibility and opportunity becomes available. Unfortunately, for most people, it is left to chance and that is why success is usually a matter of luck.

I want to teach you the science and the art of making your dreams come true. The science because it is actually steps that you can implement, recipes, formulas proven through time to work for you and the art because your creativity with the science will enable you to realize your dreams and design for yourself the kind of life you truly want and deserve.

Your brain can give you everything you want when you give it a clear bright focused image of what you want and how you are planning to go about getting it. If you don’t know what you want your brain can’t give it to you. But when you know what you want, and you send precise, direct and intense signals, your mind has the power to give you what you want.

You can’t reach your goals if you don’t know what they are. Results are inevitable. If your don’t provide your brain with the programming to get your results, your goals you desire someone else will provide the programming. If you don’t have a program for your life someone else is going to make you fit into their plan.’

Well, there you have it! That is the original article. AS I stated, this was early development and I have added and adjusted through the years. It was and is still powerfully effective when you apply it. You begin to get results because it requires that you program your mind for success and to overcome difficulties.

Rehearse And Practice The Correct Elements To Succeed

A sports team practices to maximize their chances of winning. A successful actor rehearses so on opening night it goes according to plan. Never under estimate the value of mental rehearsal and actual rehearsal. Through this visualization process you practice and rehearse success!

That is what practice of ‘act as if’ is all about. You repeatedly engage your mind in making the correct, positive images and self-talk thoughts until you firmly ‘wire it in’. You imagine and act (in your mind) as though you have already accomplished your goal. This is an incredibly powerful practice and skill to develop.

When you ‘act as if’ you discover what you need to do to manifest it. You begin to understand the steps you need to take to get the results you want. By repeating this process over and over you create a habit.

Create The Habits That Get You Success

Once you make your skills a reliable positive habit you put yourself on autopilot for success. You begin to automatically think and act like a winner. You make success happen. You persist and you accomplish! You become unstoppable because you don’t let anything throw you off course.

Determine what you want, specify your goal or dream or target. See your self succeeding, imagine yourself getting there and having what you  want. Be sure to see, imagine and rehearse succeeding, overcoming obstacles and objections when and if things do not go as you hope and want. Build, rehearse and practice your contingency plans prior to actually needing them. Visualize these over and over.

When you use your mind deliberately in positive ways you can conceive, believe and achieve your goals. You can create and accomplish your dreams. If you want a more wonderful future, if you want to get the kind of results you deserve to get, begin today to run your mind. Take charge of what you do on the inside and you will get the kind of things you want on the outside. That IS how it works!” Rex Sikes

What will you do today to put more smiles on your face?

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Do This Whenever You Feel Upset, Down And Out! It Helps!

many present impossibilities will be future realities

“Does it sometimes seem no matter what you do things just won’t work? Do you ever just feel down and out? When you feel bad have you noticed what you think and do that makes you feel worse? If so, you need to make an immediate change even when you may not feel like it.

Doing the same thing over and over but hoping for a different result has been called the definition of insanity because it is. We tend to drive ourselves crazy that way. We want it different and we want a change but we do nothing to make it different, we change nothing, but still hope it is different. THIS is wishing and magical thinking.

Somehow, we hope someone or something will come and rescue us. That magically the events or circumstances will change. THIS is a victim mentality. Instead of taking charge and changing things to make them better we do nothing to improve the situation but we complain about it and feel bad about it.

If You Want Your Life To Change Life You Must Change Some Things

One of the powerful ways to make certain things will be different is to watch what you say to yourself. Literally, become aware of your self-talk; the thoughts you say inside our head and out loud. Be aware of what you are seeing and imagining; picturing inside your minds that you react to.

We all have automatic habitual ways of talking to ourselves in less than gloriously when things get tough. We may even have chronic bad thinking which insures that things never actually get much better. With poor thinking we just live in some less than glorious holding pattern.

What we say to ourselves, what we think, governs how we feel and behave. We are either inspired and motivated or fatigued and defeated. Our attitude determines what we can and will do. If we speak poorly to ourselves we will get poor results. It will not be any other way. Most of us are aren’t aware of how negative we actually are.

Yes, we know some of the negative talk but most of it, because it is habitual, happens outside our awareness. This is why we need to become aware of what we are saying on the inside and the outside too. As we become aware we can make a real and significant difference. How readily do you complain to others?

You can change this! The key is to manage your self-talk and make it positively influence you. To do this it is necessary to replace a bad habit with a good one. Yes, it may seem difficult but if you do nothing you are can be assured that nothing will change. We can make positive thinking and self talk automatic! Wouldn’t that be nice?

You  Need To Watch What You Say To Yourself

You need to watch what you say to others about yourself! Watch the words that you speak. When you talk to yourself and others about yourself always talk in positive terms. Remember, I have said in previous blogs only speak that which blesses, heals and prospers.

Never let the situation, events or others have the upper hand by speaking negatively about yourself or them. Never describe or talk about negative situations because you only reinforce them when you do.

Always speak encouraging, positive, nurturing words to and about yourself. Say positive things you can repeat through out the day. Repeat them, again and again.

Repeat Positive Thoughts, Directed Questions™ And Affirmations Throughout The Day

While it may take some time to get the hang of this, or for you to see or feel the results, the longer you put off doing this the longer you remain the same. If you want your life to change you have to change things in your life.

You can’t do the same things and expect things to be different. When you truly decide to take charge and be responsible for what you think and do everything in your life can change for the better.

More to come! In my upcoming blog posts I’ll share with you more examples of Directed Questions™ and powerful affirmative statements you can utilize to change how you feel and how you think. It is important to take hold of the mechanisms within you that allow you to excel and accomplish you goals and dreams. Re-read previous posts!

One of the easiest and simplest ways to initiate change for yourself is through the use of Directed Questions™. As I previously mentioned these direct your mind without encountering resistance.

After all, it is something you are wondering about so you aren’t creating any conflict. Directed Questions™ grease the wheel and are an excellent way to begin.

The Way To Feeling And Being Better Is Already Within You

You have everything you need inside. The deception we have all bought into is that help comes from the outside. We think money, friends, a better job, car or home, will make us happy. We put our faith in things or in pills and bottles when we should put our faith in ourselves. YOU are resourceful, whether you currently know it or not!

Faith in things outside of you won’t help but faith in yourself will! You may not see it yet because of years of previous conditioning. You may even approach these concepts through your old habitual thinking. How else could you unless you decide to make a change?

You Want A Better Life Ask Yourself Better Questions

Learn to control your thoughts and feelings and life will be so much more. Even when troubled times arise you will be better equipped to handle them. You will create and attract and discover more wonderful times too. You will steer your mental ship where you want to go successfully navigating all waters.

We become what we think about day and night. We operate from what consumes us and occupies our mind. You want different results the first step is you need to decide to think differently. You need to decide and then do! You need to act and follow through on your new decision. Do you want your life to be marvelous?

You will live more fully and enjoy more opportunity and advantages than you may have ever known. Begin today. Decide today. Nothing will change without your decision. Make it now! Begin to live well! Live the way you are meant to!” Rex Sikes

What can you do right now to make today incredible?

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Do This One Thing To Feel Better And Think Clearer!

stop sign

“Do you sit home watching television, eating a snack, while on the computer playing a game?  Are you someone who texts while walking or talking to others? Do you try to work while holding a conversation on social media? Hey, we all do it!

Most of us think it makes us more productive to be able to do more than one thing at a time. It doesn’t. Research indicates doing more than one thing at a time tends to stress us out and isn’t good for our physical or mental health.

Too Much Is Too Much

We tend to communicate more poorly when doing multiple things at once. It is activity that may make us feel busy but is not productive behavior. We can be busy but not accomplish much. We are far more productive when we do one task at a time and complete it.

An aspect to the practice of Zen or meditation in general is to learn singularity. To be able to focus and concentrate. When we have purpose and become ‘one with the task’ we are freer.

We learn to control the ‘monkey mind’ which jumps from thought to thought and activity to activity, and slow down to enjoy being in the moment. Slowing down is something most of us need to learn well!

You don’t have to practice Zen or meditation but it is useful and beneficial.  What you can do is simple. Do fewer things at a time. When you eat simply eat and enjoy your food. Slow down.

Focus And Be Healthier

Obviously, we use eating to socialize and the family meal can be an important time. So make it a point to enjoy eating this way when alone at home or in a restaurant. On a subway, while enjoying a snack or meal, focus on the food and enjoy it.

Concentrate on eating and chewing slowly and savoring each bite. Don’t read, don’t look at your phone, don’t converse, don’t watch TV, just eat. Let it nourish you! It may seem difficult at first because we are so accustomed to being distracted. Try it! Just eat.

Don’t eat and drive and for goodness sake do not drive and put your make up on or text. Drive safely! Pay attention to what is going on around you. Don’t eat and walk, text and walk or look at your phone.

Simplify And Become Happier

You can sit on a park bench and listen and observe. Get back in touch with what is happening. When you walk, walk and enjoy simply walking. Just walk. Enjoy being in nature. Notice your surroundings. Get back in touch with what goes on around you.

Turn of the TV or the computer. Put your phone away. Enjoy what is happening in real time without feeling compelled to take a picture of yourself or post it on a FB wall. Stay true to the moment as it unfolds. Live in the moment as completely as you are able.

Enjoy moments for being simple moments. Disconnect from all the distractions and enjoy life as it happens. Doing this will make you happier as well as healthier. It is good for you.

Take a bath or hot tube and just fully enjoy the sensation of relaxing. Relax, unwind and let go. Sip your evening cocktail or beverage and just pay total attention to it. Focus with relaxed awareness. Savor.

Sit, just listen to sounds or music with your eyes closed. Don’t read or do anything else. Just listen. When you read just read without background music or TV or computer noise..

One Thing At A Time, Slowly

In our world it may not be practical to do this all the time. Make it a point of simplifying more of your time. When you can find moments take the moments. The more you do the more you can do.

As you enjoy them you will find more moments to make your own. You will feel better in all ways as you delight in the beauty of a single task. You will think clearer. You will feel better. Simple can be good!

Make the most of the moment by being in it. Be with your partner totally when you can. Be with your children or parents totally whenever you can. Your relationships will be more rewarding for all of you. Limit the distractions, focus, be present. BE with each other.

You will communicate more effectively and honestly. Your attention will be where it should be when you care about yourself and others. Savor the simplicity in singularity. Hey, just keep it simple!” Rex Sikes

Make time for yourself to enjoy this day!

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