Take This Challenge! Discover Great Things!

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“Are you ready to really change your life and make it what you want it to be? If you are then you want to take this challenge. You want to challenge yourself because the benefits are incredible. I know you will want to take it many times because it is so powerful.

Have you read my recent posts about the 24 hour manifestation challenges? I have written about 2 recent ones. More will follow I am sure. Why do you think I have mentioned these? There is a reason.

Because I hope you will get inspired to do this too. I hope you investigate it for yourself. You will miss a great deal if you merely read, rely, believe or disbelieve my accounts. I bring them up so you can do it and make it your own experience.

Notice IT

After all, knowledge doesn’t transform us.  It is the correct application of knowledge that does. To know and not to do; is to not know.

You can take part and begin manifesting more of what you want in your life by actively learning how it works and how you work. You can have fun, make discoveries and delight yourself!

My hope is that you will play with it. Utilize the NOPS principle for practice and learning.  NOTICE it (become aware). OWN It (own your observations and awarenesses). PLAY with it (interact, experiment) STAY with it (keep at it, develop it).

Own It

In utilizing the NOPS Principle for practice you take responsibility for learning and accelerate it. As you notice new things you may congratulate yourself for the new awareness thereby nurturing your skills along quicker and easier. As you continue to cycle through practice applying NOPS your awareness and skills grow.

You need to know this is not about learning how to begin manifesting. You already are manifesting everything good and not so good in your life. This is the case whether or not you have realized it before now. You already manifest everything in your life. Learn to accept this!

If you were unaware of your creative power or don’t believe it, yet, this is an opportunity to learn how to deliberately manifest or create. This playful challenge helps you to discover your power of intention.

Once you make it purposeful, instead of haphazard, your life will begin to change in amazing ways. Take the challenge. It will help you focus and train your abilities to use them how you want to use them.

Play With It

If you have been getting a lot of what you do not want then this is especially important for you to learn to do. We all create our reality whether that reality is gorgeous or a mess, or a mix of both. If you are ready to take charge we will proceed. Own up! Let’s go!

If not, let these thoughts think in. Then come back when you are ready. Revisit this concept and begin to experiment. You will be glad you learn to take charge.

You will make you and your life conform to your dreams and goals. Once you take responsibility for everything you will come into your own amazing power.

Are You Ready To Begin Deliberate Manifesting

Pick something unlikely, and determine to manifest it within 24, 48, 72 hours or a week. That is up to you. It could be a butterfly, a particular make, model or color car, 5 dollars or some small amount of money.

It could be you don’t specify anything and just look to find an unexpected good, a gift or blessing that you would otherwise not normally find or get. It could be a parking space or someone buys you a meal. It can be anything. The point is to do it and build your confidence in your manifesting muscle.

Stay With It

Start small and work you way up. The more wins you have the more confidence you will acquire. The more confidence and faith you have in you and your ability the more you will easily manifest other things. Your ability grows as you grow the muscle. Enjoy it, have fun.

If it doesn’t seem to work keep at it. It will. Notice what you are thinking and feeling. Are you supporting and encouraging or doubting and worrying? If the latter, change it.

Have fun, stay positive, don’t get discouraged. Look for and find the best. When you look for the best you will find the best. When you look for the worst you will find the worst. It is your always your choice what you want to focus on, seek and find. Get it?

Now for an update: If you haven’t read my recent challenge scroll back and read. Then this update will make sense.

Less than 48 hours later (after my recent challenge) I on am on the set of a short SAG (actor’s union) film I agreed to appear in.  As I arrive on set I am asked if I would like a snack and am offered Goldfish.

The More we Do The More We Can Do

While it is not unusual for people to purchase and enjoy the snack cracker, they are popular, I have had no contact with the snack for months, maybe years, other that to pass by them in grocery store.

My mechanic today, (yesterday) within 72 hours, came to my house eating goldfish. It is quite fun! My life has been filled with goldfish in the past couple days.

Put your wants and dreams out there. Manifest something fun, take the challenge. Discover the power of focused creation. Become a deliberate creator. Utilize the power of your intention. Make your life how you want it to be. Become the author of your experience. Enjoy, celebrate and delight!” Rex Sikes

Delight in today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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