How To Manifest What You Want With Ease

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“How do you manifest? How do you make it work? Are questions I am asked often.  It really is simple. The first and most important part to becoming someone who deliberately manifests is to realize you already are manifesting everything in your life. You are complicit.

Many people don’t know this and others refuse to take responsibility. They have been brought up believing that others and circumstances dictate their experience. They put the power outside them instead of within them. The fact is everything originates within.

Once you realize everything you have and don’t have is completely up to you, once you take responsibility for creating EVERYTHING in your life you can turn your attention toward creating only what you want. After all, this is what you want: to get what you want, right?

That realization is freeing! It is critical. Nothing exists without you being party to it. Without you creating it, bringing it about or allowing it to happen. EVEN if it were not true, operating as if it were, brings you freedom and gives you tremendous latitude and power as a deliberate creator.

The first steps are: Determine what you want to manifest. See my last posts. Put it out there. I want this to appear within (state time frame) hours from now. Then expect it. You want to even see yourself getting it. Imagine it coming to you. Act as if you already have it.

Stay positive. Don’t doubt or lose faith. If you catch yourself doubting switch back to believing. You want to stay positive and you want to be a good receiver You want to accept and allow it. Feelings are important. Feel good about it. If you don’t stop and pick something you do feel good about.

Don’t try to dictate the terms of its arrival. Be willing to be open and surprised. Then stay open, wait expectantly, like waiting for holiday goodies. Watch or look for it.  Open your mind don’t close it. Remain open and available.

Feel the enthusiasm, the eagerness, the anticipation. Remember, what it was like as child when a holiday was coming and you new you were getting something special. Live the feelings of having it already! Wrap yourself in wonderful feelings.

You are building a muscle, a skill and a mind set. You are building a new habit for winning. The more you do this the easier it gets. Here is the point and the great news: IF you were never, to ever manifest anything at all, EVER, AND that is truly, unlikely, but if you never did, you still will benefit by this practice. AND that is the down side!

YOU benefit by determining what you want. You benefit by practicing clarifying your desires. You benefit by developing faith and staying expectant and positive. You benefit by learning to concentrate your attention and focus your energies and your mind.

You get great benefit in learning these things. You benefit by learning to be a good receiver. You benefit from learning to steer out of negativity back to the positive. You benefit from allowing and celebrating all of these are incredible skills to develop for yourself.

So even the down side has an upside. Start small and build you way up. It is difficult for some people to succeed if they cannot believe they will make it happen.

If you choose something too big at first and think it unlikely, or it doesn’t feel like you can make it happen then pick something as small and common as necessary to feel like it is possible. Get it?

Remember, feelings always run the show. The better you feel the better life gets. You vibrate higher positive energy and radiate it everywhere when you feel your best. Finally, you celebrate and are delighted. Another great benefit.

So to start off learning to deliberately manifest. Take the X hour challenge. Determine, specifically, something easy enough to manifest but worthwhile enough to enjoy and be passionate about.

Give yourself a time frame within which to operate. I mentioned this before. Then claim it. I want X by X. Then believe it and expect it and watch for it. Don’t force it or go out of your way to make it happen just do what you do while expecting it. Allow for it. Be open for it.

Receive it and celebrate when it appears. It seems like magic but it isn’t. This is rooted in science. Your brain is working on it, finding it or helping you create it. So allow it and don’t interfere with it. If you don’t get it, keep the faith and try again. Make whatever adjustments necessary. You will, if not the first time, you will.

As you do this enough and you manifest larger things you won’t be surprised about getting them because you will have learned to accept and respect your abilities.  You know and expect it to occur anyway. You will still be delighted and celebrate.

It’s like your birthday. You know it is coming. You aren’t surprised that it arrived. Still you can be delighted and celebrate it when it does. Knowing it is going to happen doesn’t lessen the celebration.

Have fun. Delight and enjoy! Learn to make your dreams come true. I’m going to share some fun, cool, news tomorrow. Be sure to read all about it. Meanwhile, peace and blessings. And YES, make all your dreams come true because you can!” Rex Sikes

Have a beautiful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your articles and try to think positive all the time. Your articles are inspired me a lot. Thanks once again.


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