Did You Know You Could Do This And Everything Would Change?


“Why do you have difficulty manifesting what you want? If you read how to do it, it should be easy, right? For some, it seems utterly, ridiculously simple. They get what they want and when. Plus, why is it so much easier to bring about what you do not want? Producing drama and crap is not a problem at all. Why is this the case?

People are powerful. YOU are incredibly powerful. You and I have more energy in us than we can ever know. We can think nearly anything we can imagine into existence. We can, except we are dissipated, diluted and doubtful. We are unfocused. We are wishy washy and at times downright negative.

If your thoughts were aimed like a laser beam you might more instantly, easily manifest. As it is, you and I think a couple thoughts about what we want, a dozen or so thoughts about how the coffee is bad, another few hundred on drivers being stupid, and we fret and worry and doubt about everything else. We criticize and complain.

Affirm Assert And Declare! See And Say What You Want

We gossip and criticize. We fear the worst and we think negatively more than we think positively. Think of it this way, if you aren’t thinking positive what exactly are you thinking? Science says we think upwards of 60,000 thoughts per day and most of them are the same ones we thought previous days. We are patterned, habitual thinkers.

If we want our life to change than we must change most of our thoughts that are the same ones we have been habitually thinking. These are destructive thoughts, useless thoughts, petty thoughts along with our belief clusters or paradigms. We can’t expect things to be different and still keep doing things the same old way. That IS the definition of insanity, you may recall.

We give away all our energy constantly through out the day instead of it being concentrated. We have so much power but experience so little of it. Water run through a small opening at high speed can cut diamond but water poured from a glass merely gets things wet. Our thoughts aren’t governed. Our scales aren’t tipped in favor of the positive. I’ll come back to how we determine this in a bit.

Visualize The Good You Want In Your Life As Happening Now

How we use our energy, how concentrated and focused we are determines what we get in return. Napoleon Hill stated our Definite Chief Aim must become like white hot steel desire. It should become so hot it is white hot. That is way more than normal hot. We need concentrated desire and powerful dedicated faith.

Imagine bouncing a ball off the wall. It will come back to you with the same force you threw it at the wall. This is the Law of Cause and Effect which states ‘for every action (cause) there is an equal and opposite reaction (effect)’. If you hurl it at the wall it will hurl back at you. If you lob it there it may hardly make it back to you.

Your intention determines what you get back. Your results reflect back what is mostly on your mind. They actually show what you think about most and how you think about it. You become what you think about. You bring about what you think about. What you focus on expands. From within so without.

The Equal And Opposite Effect Is What Returns To You

KEEP THIS IN MIND! What you focus on expands. What you believe IS precisely what you see. What you believe, see, say and feel IS what you get. The rest is filtered out or ignored. You manifest what you predominantly hold in your mind. So your outer circumstances reflect what you think about on the inside. From within so without.

This is part of how we determine whether we are mostly positive or mostly negative. Your results show what you have been thinking about up until now. Your results or circumstances are the result of your previous habitual thinking. Your previous thoughts have brought you to where you are today.

Your thoughts today will determine where you will be and what you will have tomorrow. Your present thoughts dictate your future circumstances. Change your thinking and ultimately you will change your results. IT may not happen over night, which is what everyone hopes for, but it will happen. Gradually, it will happen.

Live With Passion Live With Joy Live With Bliss

Because most of your thoughts are haphazard or leaning to the negative YOU determine the life you lead. YOUR thinking determines the life you life. What you fear and anticipate most you bring about. What you worry about and dread about you attract. Combine that with sometimes thinking some positive thoughts and you have a mix. A wishy washy mix of okay, not great.

So which is larger and has more mass? Is it  your positive ball of energy or your negative ball of energy? REMEMBER and realize that whatever IS NOT positive IS NOT POSITIVE. BUT you can change it by taking hold of your thinking, getting it under your own control and thinking more positive more of the time. This you can do! All humans are capable of this barring neurological damage.

THIS is why it takes time. How you can make it easier and accelerate it?  Pay attention to your feelings. Whenever you are not feeling wonderful, your best, or positive then you are thinking and feeling negative or less than glorious. DO whatever positive action, mental or physical for yourself, within reason and for the good of all, that helps you feel better. Feeling good results in more feeling good!

You Bring About What You Think And Feel About – Feel Great

Walk, exercise, sing, enjoy a good meal or fun movie. Take a bath, get a massage, read inspirational material. Do whatever you can to feel, in the least, a bit better. Use feelings as your indicator. Feeling great you are thinking great. Feeling blah your thoughts are blah. Feeling down, mad or negative your thoughts are negative. You want your thoughts and feelings positive most of the time.

The better you feel the faster and easier you change. The quicker you transform your circumstances. Remember, if you don’t like what you have and where you are at you must change something. If you want your life to change you must change things in your life. You cannot keep doing the same things routinely and expect anything to be different. You must make it different to have it different!

That is the Law Of Cause and Effect. The same amount of energy you put into it is what you will get back. If you lob the ball it will return in kind. Have fun, get excited, be thrilled, stop worrying and fretting about circumstances, trust it will all work out. Be focused on what you want. Be passionate, white hot, and your life will transform. You will be delighted and surprised. SO celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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