What To Do After You Give Thanks!

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“Did you enjoy giving thanksgiving?  Were you able to get together with family and friends. That is a reason to celebrate and be glad.

If you took time to feel grateful for all the good things in your life, do it again. Do it today. Then do it again and again. Count your blessings. What do you do after you give thanks? Give thanks again!

Feel the gratitude. Celebrate those feelings. When you do you make room for there to be more in your life. Like attracts like. When you look for and find people, events and circumstances to appreciate you get back more.

Keep giving thanks! Keep feeling the thankfulness. Wonderful things will happen as you do. Appreciate the tough times for what you can learn by going through them. Every moment is a moment to be thankful for and an opportunity to feel grateful. Keep it up!

If it helps to make a list make one. List big and small things to feel thankful for. First thing in the morning and right before you go to bed are great times to put your thoughts on gratefulness. Never let the sun go down feeling bad, irritated or angry with yourself, another or circumstances. Feel good, feel great when going to sleep.

That is time when your subconscious mind processes, clears, renews for the next day. If you are filled with joy, love, peace and happiness; if you energy is on all good and wonderful moments you had during your day, you set yourself up for more in the next day. If angry or sad, you set yourself up for more of that same the following day too.

You get what you focus on. It does actually expand. Your subconscious mind gets the messages you give it by your images and what you say to yourself and others. The most powerful delivery vehicle for those messages are your feelings. SO when you are upset with people and circumstances your subconscious goes, ‘okay I get it. This is what you want more of.’ It then works to deliver more of the same.

If you want more good things you have to feel more good things more of the time so your unconscious delivers that instead of the crappy things. Do you get this? There is a reason to think positive and feel good most of the time. YOU actually do get back what you put out there. You become what you think about. That is why! Beyond this fact, it feels good to mostly feel good. Make your moments count. They either work for you or against you. Celebrate!

Enjoy all life offers. It is what is is. The serenity prayer includes, ‘…change the things I can, accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference’. What is IS! Celebrate and enjoy. If you can’t change it don’t fight it. What you resist persists. Know when to stop and appreciate. Perhaps, in doing that, it will change. I would bet it does. Trying to change things all the time can be the problem too. Accept, enjoy, celebrate and discover. Then celebrate some more!” Rex Sikes

What can you make more special this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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