Why You Are Stuck and How To Get Free!

stop being victim start living strong

“Time to reflect on some common sense knowledge. This is something we all already know BUT we need to understand it and how to apply it.

IF you water  plants they grow. IF you cut off their supply to water they wither and die. IFyou give them sunshine they can grow and thrive. IF you cut off their supply they wither and die.

Whatever you nurture grows. If you plant flowers or weeds, food or poison whatever you plant as long as it has food and sunlight it will grow. If you remove the food and sunlight whatever you planted will wither and die. It does not matter what it is. It will die.

When you fight the negative, when you resist it, worry about it, are depressed about it, whenever you think about it you are giving it your attention and energy. You are watering it and feeding it. You are helping it to grow. That is precisely why you keep getting what you don’t want. When you cut of its supply it will wither and die.

we are our choices

You need to withdraw the attention from the less than glorious circumstances. You need to cut off the life giving force from the negative, remove the food, water and sunshine and place your focus on what you do want.

Ignore the bad and focus on the good. Concentrate on the positive. Water, feed it and nurture the positive. You  get whatever you focus on. Energy flows where attention goes.

Whenever you notice you attention on the less than glorious, whenever you notice yourself  thinking or feeling less than glorious thoughts and feelings, gently remove your attention. Withdraw it.

Don’t get upset, angry or sad about it, don’t criticize or chastise yourself, just notice it and shift your thoughts and feelings toward something more positive. Move from the negative into neutral, a place where it doesn’t matter, and from there into more positive thoughts and feelings. You can learn to do this deliberately.

Take the energy away from the less than glorious and put it toward the positive. When you do this repeatedly you build the habit of moving from the negative to the positive easily and effortlessly. You begin to spend time more naturally in the positive and when you do this you become what you focus on most of the time.

THEN, since most of the time you are positive, and the negative doesn’t bother you, you are free and open to create, make happen and attract what you do want. Your energy is devoted to creating the wonderful life you want to have.

think happy thoughts good things will happen

Think about it.  If your creative energy, thoughts, feelings and actions are devoted to getting what you want 60, 70, 80, 90 percent of the time what you would be capable of! Imagine that! Your focus, your energy, your being is devoted to all the good things you can make happen. WOW, wouldn’t that be wonderful and different?

WHEN you water and feed BOTH the positive and negative you get both as a result. If you predominantly water the negative and cut off the supply from the positive, you will get mostly negative. SO what are you getting mostly in your life?

If you want everything you can imagine and dream of then you need to change some things. Withdraw the energy from the ‘can’t do’, ‘can’t and won’t happen’ defeatist negative thinking. Withdraw the energy from the negative, worried, fearful, depressed, angry, hostile, bored thinking and put your energy in to the ‘can do’, ‘can have’ positive thoughts of love, joy, peace, happiness, health, wealth and well-being.

It is completely up to which you favor! You determine the results and the life you get! Only you can make it otherwise. The question is will you AND then WHEN will you? You can begin today, this very instant. It all begins the moment you truly decide!” Rex Sikes

How many wonderful thoughts and ideas can you discover today?

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