My Life & Job Suck! So What Are You Doing To Change It?


“Okay, so how is it going?  Perhaps, your life isn’t going as well as you hoped it would by this time. Maybe you have relationship issues, money troubles, or your career isn’t where you want it to be. Maybe, you don’t like your job or  you don’t have the home or things you want yet.

Life is supposed to be great, right, yet it just isn’t as much fun as it should be. You feel stressed and there is never enough time in the day OR the year to make it better. You feel disappointed and you’d rather enjoy family, friends and life much more than you presently do.

So what are you doing to change it?

That it the question? WHAT are YOU doing to CHANGE IT?

I could stop right here because this is an important question for you to entertain if you presently aren’t pleased with your circumstances. I simply want to point out  that if you aren’t doing anything you are perpetuating the very thing you don’t want.

If you are fighting it, thinking about it, worrying about it, depressed about it, resisting it you are perpetuating it as much, maybe even more, as if you did nothing at all.

What you resist persists! IF you want your life to change you have to change some things in your life. Remember, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing again and again hoping for different results. You can’t hope yourself into something different while continuing to do the same things repeatedly.

You have to change some things that you are doing but you can take it easy, go step by step gently, and by doing some simple things you can begin to make some incredible headway into creating what you do want.

beautiful thoughts positive emotions miracles

I recommend, whether this is your first visit to my blog, or one of many, to please go back through and re-read, re-visit what I have shared here. This is important. Expose and re-expose yourself to the concepts, principles and practices on different days. Do this repeatedly and you will discover great value and have remarkable insights.

Find other inspirational books and materials, and listen to positive audios daily. Fill your mind with positive, inspirational and motivational thoughts and ideas. This IS important.

Everything begins with thought. Our thinking is what matters most. It is where everything begins. Whether you feel your problems are within you, meaning you don’t think and feel right or whether you think they stem from others or are outside you – it is your thoughts about these where the issue really is. Your thinking determines whether you perpetuate the problem or discover the solution.

You want to begin by changing your thinking and feelings about yourself and your circumstances. YOU can absolutely do this! It is simple, it is easy, but it does require some discipline and you will want to absolutely stick with it. When you do you can make great strides quite quickly.

If you doubt what I am saying I suggest you try it for no less than 30 days. You can find some pretty amazing things happen within that time or shortly thereafter, if you will only do some simple things daily.

Make it a point to get up and read a page or more of inspirational material. You can use this blog or other books I have recommended. You can find great audios and put them on your phone or computer and listen in your car or while walking or sitting at home. ANYWHERE you can listen, LISTEN!

If you want to be happier, healthier and wealthier you need to change your thinking to make this happen. You can! You absolutely can get out of a rut and make your life the life you want.  It all begins with you and your thinking.

The simple principle to keep in mind is you become what you think about most of the time during the day. When you think positive powerful inspiring thoughts most of the time your life will begin to change for the better!

Look around you for everything you already do appreciate and feel grateful to have in your life. Place your attention of these. Celebrate and feel thankful more frequently. Then keep looking for those people, circumstances and things you have forgotten to feel grateful and good about and celebrate those too. Fill yourself with appreciation and you will make room for more to appreciate!

im a product of my decisions

SMILE MORE! JUST smile! Put a smile on your lips and wear it thorough your day as much as possible. Research indicates when you lift your facial muscles into a smile it stimulates the very chemicals and neurons of well-being and you begin to feel better.

Consider this, when you ARE feeling good you smile – science tells us the reverse is true too. SMILE and you will begin to feel good. SO SMILE MORE for no reason at all JUST to practice smiling. PLUS, you look far more attractive when you are smiling. Laughter is great too!

Take the time for yourself. After all, it doesn’t take much time at all to read one page. It only takes a second or two to remember to think positive thoughts during the day and for you to look at things you appreciate often. The more positive moments throughout each day the more positive minutes you will have. The more minutes you have that you enjoy the more hours you get of good things and so on.

Go ahead and take at least one minute, anytime of the day or night and just close your eyes and imagine feeling wonderful. Think positive thoughts! Imagine your life as if it were already everything you wanted. See yourself and your life as if all your dreams had already come true. Look at it, feel it, listen to what you say and think about it when everything is as you want. Just enjoy it. Savor these moments!

Spend a minute concentrating, paying attention to how it good it feels. Say to yourself, ‘this or something better’. You can spare a minute to imagine, can’t you? AND YES, you can do it for a longer time too. Just do it!

Do these things upon arising in the morning, throughout the day and before going to bed. If you do these simple things often everyday you will find you begin to think and feel better and it will open up the doorways to new opportunities.

You absolutely can transform your experience and your life BUT nothing will change unless you change some things you are doing. SO if life isn’t as enjoyable as you had hoped or expected return to my original question:  what are YOU doing to change it?” Rex Sikes

Discover, delight and celebrate. Today is made up of magical moments!

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