How To Eliminate Unwanted Negative Habits That Hold You Back

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“It doesn’t matter what we face in our everyday lives. Whether our lives are okay or downright terrible we will gain great benefit and overall well-being when we begin to embrace a lifestyle filled with positive thinking and with positive habits. Since everything begins with thought we begin there. We make the decision to deliberately manage our thinking. We train our mind to see the good in everything. We make this a habit by repetition. I have shared many ways to do this in previous posts. The point is to begin. When you begin everything that can follow becomes possible. When you don’t start anew everything remains the same. It is up to you which kind of life you want to have.

The key to changing negative habits into positive ones is to replace them. If you have not been thinking positively much of your lifetime you begin easily. Choose an affirmation you can repeat throughout the day. Repeat it silently to yourself when around others but energetically and with enthusiasm shout it out repeatedly when alone. Positive added energy brings faster results. Keep doing this daily. You can add other positive affirmations that make you feel good too.

Look for the good and new in each moment, person, event and circumstances. Learn the art of reframing by focusing on the positive aspects and benefits that may reside in each (even hidden in each). What else could be possible besides the obvious less than glorious circumstance? What positive benefit may be hidden? What else could this mean that may be positive?

Train your mind to look for and find the silver lining in each dark cloud. Repeat this frequently and you will begin to develop the habit of seeing situations and people more positively. When you can do this you life does begin to qualitatively change for the better. When YOU train your mind you are deliberately taking control of your thoughts, your feelings and responses to outer circumstances. This is a powerful way to live and it may seem a bit foreign at first, it may even seem difficult. IT isn’t once you get the hang of it but you have to stay with it deliberately in order to discover the awesome benefits.

There are many different ways you can live more positively and powerfully.  You can practice affirmations, express gratitude for everything in your life, both the good and not so good (look for the silver lining). Read this blog, keep inspirational materials around you. These include inspiring quotes, photos, music, religious or otherwise. Read at least a page daily from motivational uplifting books. Listen to positive audios, watch positive videos. Help someone who has a need. Give. Walk more, sing, hum, exercise, get a massage, meditate, take time to relax and reflect positively on your day. Gift yourself from time to time. Get out in nature where you may feel inspired. Let go, unwind, enjoy life!

what you are will show - start now

The most important aspect to changing your life is to fill your time with more positive moments than negative. This begins with your thoughts and feelings. What are positive moments but moments when you think and feel wonderful. When you are feeling good! You may be amused, happy, blissful the point is you are feeling great! Whether it is true or not classify emotions into two categories Good and Not Good or bad. You know you don’t want to feel bad and you know all the different emotional labels for not feeling good. SO make it a point to manage your feelings. Think the thoughts and do those things that help you feel the best without harming or affecting others in negative way. This is all about you.

Rule of thumb you are either feeling good or not good. THE GOAL is to feel good. So whenever you are not feeling good do something, think better thoughts, walk, exercise, sing, hum, read, listen, do something healthy and positive to help yourself feel even just a little bit better. Every time you catch yourself not feeling good and you make yourself feel better you are training yourself, your neurology to move from feeling less than glorious to glorious.You don’t have to make a giant leap from depressed to bliss you just have to make yourself feel a little bit better. Once you feel a little bit better do something to feel a bit better again.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Once you being it is each step thereafter that gets you closer to your goal. Incrementally you will work yourself toward feeling good. When you keep doing this, anytime you become aware of not feeling good, you are building an incredible ability to move into good feelings and you are building a powerful reliable habit. Good or bad it is your choice. If it isn’t what you want YOU change it.

In order to make it a lifestyle filled with positive habits you must keep doing these. Correct repetition brings about reliable results. So stick with it. Have fun and enjoy the process. Take it lightly and little bit by little bit you will notice things begin to shift. Be patient and enjoy the process. It will one day seem remarkable that you did not always already do these things and doing each will bring you so much pleasure and joy. SO hang in there and make your life incredible. You can be because you are able to.” Rex Sikes

Decide to enjoy today to the utmost!

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2 thoughts on “How To Eliminate Unwanted Negative Habits That Hold You Back”

  1. How does build up strong self confidence to be more assertive in work and home relationships
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    1. Please go back to the beginning of these blog pages and beging to read on through. Your questions will be answered as you read along. Re-read frequently because you will discover new things and things you missed on previous readings. Best wishes and take it day by day. You can and will add in more confidence and well being as you incorporate some of the principles and practices I have shared here. We are all lucky because while sharing some of my own insights and work I also share the great works of those who have gone before and who are current. So this blog is filled with powerful, positive, practical life changing approaches from the best minds through time. All the best wishes!


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