Your Entire Life Can Absolutely Transform If You Just Do This!

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“Transformation is by far the easiest thing that I have ever done. I never would have thought that would be the case but it truly is. Many people don’t change simply because they believe it to be too difficult. It is not. It is easier than you might believe.

Transformation is worth far more than anything you can imagine!

I’ve been sharing about beliefs in recent pages. Our beliefs either serve us or they don’t. Unfortunately, many of us grew up and got used to thinking less than productive thoughts for ourselves. The good news is those thoughts and beliefs can be changed easily. In order to make the changes you want you do need to act.

You need to initiate the transformation.

You And Your Life Are What You Predominantly Think About

Within these very blog pages I have written it is not easy but it is simple. I do this because it does require something and if you are going to go for it then you should understand you have a role to play. You have something to do. That something is simple. All you have to do is monitor your feelings.

Whenever you notice you are feeling less than glorious or could use an attitude adjustment do it. DO anything positive that makes you feel a bit better. Do something good that puts you heading emotionally in the right direction. Change you thoughts, go for a walk, relax, read an inspirational book, play with a pet but do something nice that makes you feel better.

Change Is Far Easier Than You May Have Ever Imagined

While this may not seem easy at first it get easier. It is very simple. Repeat your positive affirmations and put your mind on what is positive. The only reason it may seem difficult at first is because you haven’t yet made it a habit. You are busy doing what you have aways done that doesn’t work. Once you change it your life and world changes!

It changes from the very first honest decision you make to do this. Everything begins changing the instant you decide. You begin to marshall your inner resources whether or not you think so. In the act or truly deciding you start change right then! The process begins. You became purposeful, at cause and intentional. You decided things would be different. AND so the shall be.

In Order To Begin Transforming You Must Decide To Begin

This is a wonderful beginning step! When you think about it you either decided to or not to transform. There really isn’t a middle ground. Either you are stuck or unstuck. You use these types of opposites to monitor your feelings. Think of it this way. Things are  either good or bad; right or wrong; hot or cold; positive or negative; There is either increase or decrease. Getting closer or further away.

Your feelings are a signal for whatever you are thinking. If you begin to think negative thoughts your feelings will change and feel less wonderful. You’ll feel more discomfort. If you are thinking about problems or lack or what’s wrong or what you want to avoid you won’t feel on top of the world. MAJOR SIGNAL HERE to change your thoughts and feelings.

Your Feelings Are A Signal That Your Thoughts Need Changing

Once you notice you make the shift. You think positive thoughts. You shift your body and feelings by doing some of the suggestions I made earlier. Your goal is to feel  better bit by bit. Incrementally is absolutely fine. You change your focus from what is wrong to what is right, to what you can appreciate right now. You think increase instead of decrease.

You focus on what’s good not what’s bad. You shift from the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to the pleasant positive ones. You do this whenever you notice you are off course. By doing this you train yourself to shift your focus and feelings. One day, soon enough, this begins happening on its own.

You discover yourself automatically returning to what is positive and productive. You begin to find you spend much more time there naturally. As you do life changes. Things get better. You enjoy everything much more. It grows exponentially. You open up, the world becomes friendly. Things change in marvelous ways.

You Are Either Being Positive Or Negative – That Is Simple

As you change and make the adjustments back to the positive you will notice your beliefs changing. You will be delighted and surprised to find some seem to shift on their own. Others you may confront and decide they are worn out and need replacing with healthier more positive ones. Transformation is exciting this way.

There comes a tipping point where the momentum for positive change accelerates. Things come together quicker, easier, seemingly spontaneously. Birds of a feather flock together. Your thoughts and feelings improve and you feel wonderful so you get more of the same. You find situations changing for the better and life getting easier.

If things are tough you respond differently and more resourcefully. Obstacles no longer derail you. Because you are thinking and feeling positive you attract positive people who can help you. The results you get start improving. Everything changes in marvelous ways.

It is worth every effort. Even if it were far more difficult it would be worth it. It is simple and it is easy. When you decide to  go for it you change what you focus on. What you focus on is what you get. Remember, we become what we think about. Think wonderful positive thoughts and you feel better and you become more wonderful and positive. If you haven’t already, begin today!” Rex Sikes

Each moment is marvelous! Be sure to notice.


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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