Yes! Everything Can Be Different And Better In An Instant!

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“We can change in seconds. Transformation is instantaneous! We can have miracles anytime! The problem is most of us don’t believe it. Do you? Does your being resound with YES!!! OR do you go, ‘yeah, I wish…’ We have been discussing beliefs lately and I’d like to continue. The reason we don’t change rapidly is we don’t believe we can.

According to ancient and modern texts change, enlightenment, transformation, miracles can and do all happen quickly. We do not have to struggle along or incrementally make changes day after day week after week. Change can be right now! Still, most of us don’t think so. That is precisely why it doesn’t happen that way.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

When we think about changing or our lives and what we want many of us think, ‘you have to work hard, climb the success ladder, be lucky, know someone, and even then nothing is for certain’. When it comes to change we think, ‘well, maybe for someone else, doesn’t work that way for me, it is too hard, too costly,’ or any number of reasons.

When we consider change and transformation our paradigms kick in; our collection of beliefs and attitudes, our unconscious, subconscious, habitual thinking we grew up with, and mostly adopted from others, kicks in. That is what it is supposed to do. Remember, the Reticular Activating System.

The RAS looks for proof in the world for whatever you believe or hold in your mind. If you think it is tough and not likely, well then your RAS will prove you right. Therein is the rub. Most of us don’t think fast, instant change or manifestation is possible, we believe a myriad of other things, so we don’t get to experience it.

‘Oh My, How The World Still Dearly Loves A Cage.’ Tess Lynch

Napoleon Hill said you could develop faith and come to believe anything if you repeated it to yourself enough times while feeling strong emotion. This is the process of autosuggestion and it is an ongoing process. One of the reasons we already get the results and circumstances we live with. It works for the negative or the positive.

If we were to imagine change as fast, see ourselves quickly transformed, repeat emotionally charged affirmations that change is quick, easy and fun, we could begin to discover a new world opening up.

If we have as mantras that we are open to instantaneous transformation and manifestation and that anything can happen, anytime, easily and without effort, perhaps, we would come to believe that.

It has been said, a lie repeated often enough gets substituted for the truth. So we need to change our beliefs. STOP! Right there. SOme of you readers, some people instantly think that will be difficult. AND so it is. For those who think it will be fun and easy SO IT IS.

‘For As He Thinketh In His Heart So Is He’ Proverbs 23:7

The key is to decide what you want for yourself and for your world and to assert and declare it. Deliberately create it. Deliberately create your life and experience don’t allow it to be haphazard.

Own it. Command it! Make it so! YES, your old conditioning might do anything and everything to prevent you from changing. The thought gurus will tell you that. They will say, ‘you need to work hard to get at that deep unconscious programming that holds you back.’ Thy’ll tell you they have the secret why The Secret doesn’t work.

Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe, it is all up to you and what you THINK about it. What you believe will be the case is what you will get. Maybe, change is easy, fun, effortless and quick. I suggest you decide. CHOOSE! Then maintain it. Yes, you might encounter opposition but don’t let that derail or deter you. You determine how you want it to be.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Brought You

BE a deliberate creator and determine what the circumstances will be instead of being a victim of circumstances and whining and making excuses.  You don’t have to live from old conditioning. You can completely transform. BUT maybe only if you believe it is possible. Maybe, even if you don’t believe it is. Hmmmmm?

You have to open the window of possibility even just a bit. A crack. Consider this, water run through a small opening, as in a small tube, increases the pressure and what can be accomplished. Water run through a small opening can cut steel. You might be amazed at how life transforms when you open up to the tiny possibility that it can.

We’ll discuss this some more in upcoming posts. For now, see if you can’t find ways, inside you, to delight in how marvelously easy it is to entertain positive thoughts of gratitude. Celebrate and delight in everything. Take it all lightly, have fun and enjoy! Live and love and laugh!” Rex Sikes

Be glad today!

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2 thoughts on “Yes! Everything Can Be Different And Better In An Instant!”

  1. There have been times in life when i have 100% believed in success, love, etc.
    The fall was totally unexpected.
    The fail was real.
    No amount of “belief” will allow you to fly by flapping yer arms.
    And quoting the bible?
    Try Harry Potter.
    Feely good nonsense.
    Reality is more real.


    1. Sorry to hear you had some difficulties. Perhaps, some day things will change.

      I agree. You can’t make anything happen by flapping your arms or wishing. You stated that well. Sometimes, hardship is exactly what we need. We only discover that looking back, you know hindsight is 20/20. However, it is not my place to determine that.

      I wish you all the best. Hope you find that which works for you and that you move forward as you would like. Thanks for sharing.


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