How To Become A Winner And Champion!

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“How does one become a winner and a champion? What does it mean to live as an emperor? What is it like to be a victor? What do these people do differently than the rest of us? Are they different or special? Were they born this way? Can we learn to do what they do?

Yes, we can! That is the good news. The champion, the winner, the emperor, the victor determine and dictate the circumstances. They make the world conform to their idea. They begin with an image in their mind of what they want. They hold it, emotionalize it and bring it into being. They create the results they passionately desire.

They determine the outcome in advance. They use their mental faculties and mental powers and resources to create the life they want to live. They don’t make excuses, they don’t blame, they don’t rely on anyone else. They decide and they make it happen.

They focus each day, they affirm, they develop habits that support them. The learn how to concentrate and focus their attention and put their energy only on the good they desire. They think positive, feel positive and know that what they hold in their mind will be a reality. They know they will manifest what they want or better!

Without a doubt they bring it about. Doubt, fear and anxiety know no place in their being. Whenever they feel less than glorious they switch their focus and move back toward the glorious. They know that whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve. So that is what they do.

They know that what you think about is what you become so they only think about the good they want to make happen. They focus on all the good they want to attract. The look for and find opportunity and advantage.

They know how to attract and work with other like minded people to create and manifest their burning desires. Just as positive thoughts flock together and create exponential power so do people. Together they make their dreams their reality. They create it!

Obstacles and challenges contain lessons from which they learn. Their mindset is strong as steel. Their faith unwavering and steady. Their commitment and persistence and spirit indomitable. The never quit but persist until what they hold in their mind is the reality they live.

They call the shots. They determine how the world will conform to them. Were they born this way? Absolutely not! They became this way through dedicated work on oneself. They focused their attention, gained control of their thoughts, their feelings and their actions and made these work for them.

They conditioned themselves by proper practice and spaced repetition. The visualized, they affirmed, they chanted their mantras. The developed belief in themselves and their abilities. They learned how to tap into their intuition and awareness. Everything they have they learned and developed.

The sowed the seeds, nurtured them and in time reaped the harvest. Having learned how they do it once, they did it again and again. Each win, each success building on each other. They transformed themselves into CAN Do people. The fashioned themselves into unstoppable deliberate creators.

The good news. It is not just them that can do this. Many are from poor backgrounds. Many uneducated. Some downright dumb. But they worked and transformed themselves. They made no excuses.

Not one of them is special or born into it. They are the same as you and I with one difference. They decided to do it for themselves. They made a decision and followed through. I bet there were many who dropped out along the way.

If any ONE can do it so can the rest of us. If anyone can do it so can you. Drop the excuses. Stop the whining and the complaining. Decide to take responsibility for yourself. Decide to become invincible. Live fully and live the life you want. Stop being a victim and become a victor! YOU CAN DO THIS! NOW IS THE TIME!” Rex Sikes

Delight all along the way!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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