What To Do When Life Is Tough And You Don’t Like It!

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“Know this. Some days you are up and on top of the world. Some days you aren’t. Sometimes, things may come along and knock the wind out of your sails. Some days may just seem to drag. Some suck! All of it is what is. That is what is going on.

If you fight it, well you know the saying; what you resist persists, and it is true. If you push back you spend your energy in a fight. Then you get more of what you are focused on; push back. You get more resistance. If you don’t want more of the same yuckiness, what to do?

I say, throw your arms up and surrender. It is what it is! That is what the waitress brought you. Yuckiness on your dinner plate. You can get sad, you can get mad, you can fight her, it, and the establishment, you can threaten, you can blame, you can whine but that is what was served up. Do you really want to do all the rest of that to yourself?

What You Resist Persists

Hopefully not. So don’t! Understand that is what you got and let it go. Drop it, at least as best as you are able. Any time you are tempted to return to it think something else. FOR GOODNESS SAKE don’t talk about it to everyone all day long either. You only keep the bad news alive that much longer. Don’t perpetuate it!

It was what it was. Let it go. It is already in the past an instant later. You were served what you didn’t want. OKAY! Be bigger than it. Don’t reduce yourself to that person in public griping that no one likes. ORDER something else for yourself! You didn’t get what you want, you got slop instead of savory, ORDER something else!

Whenever you may realize you got caught up, got hooked and are fighting the flow, resisting what is, in that instance, drop it. Let it go and focus on what you would prefer instead of what is causing discomfort. To argue over what causes discomfort will only make you more uncomfortable.

You Go Where Your Thought Take You

If you feel you have to be right, put another person in their place, teach them a lesson, well, most likely you won’t and they will only resent you more afterwards. None of us like self-righteousness, even when it may be appropriate. SO give them and the world and you a break.

Cut everyone and yourself some slack. Ease off. Back up, stop, and move forward new and afresh. Going down the wrong road further won’t undo the mistake already made. Stop, turn around, change direction and head towards where you want to go. Heck, laugh it off.

Probably, the best response you can have when you catch yourself being an idiot is to laugh. Not at yourself or anyone else; you wouldn’t want to do that. Let it go and just laugh  at how ridiculous it is to fight what is. There is the saying, no use beating a dead horse. Sorry for that but it is illustrative.

It Is What It Is

Okay, better one, no use crying over spilt milk. OR it is water over the damn. What is IS! What is done is done! Move on from that moment cleanly. The only way to successfully do that is to drop it. Accept it and go on. My favorite analogy and teaching example of going with the flow in our modern age, is traffic.

The zen of not driving or not caring is learned in traffic. You can’t push it but you can try. When stuck and surrounded there is no where to go, so relax you can’t change it until it changes. LET IT GO. That person that cut you off they are already ahead of you leave them be. That person who gave you the finger, bless them; returning it my make you feel right but won’t make you feel much better.

Yes, traffic is the perfect place to let it all go and learn to surrender to what is. Use it to enjoy. Yes, you will be late, but that is what is. You may be reprimanded, docked or fired. Leave earlier next time. It is what it is. Use whatever happens to learn to not react out of anger, or fight or flight, but to let go, accept and respond more appropriately.

Realize You Always Have Choice Even When You Think You Don’t

Celebrate and be grateful you are able to. Celebrate and affirm how wonderful you are. You have all this extra time for yourself to chant your positive mantras in the car or listen to positive motivational audios. Use it wisely rather than loosing your cool. Steer back to positive thinking and feeling good and you will have learned something useful.

If you steer back each time, as best as possible, you are developing a positive habit. Whenever you encounter something less than glorious, something you don’t like and wouldn’t choose for yourself, you are returning to what is good, positive and enjoyable.

You seek a better alternative. Soon you will do it automatically, reliably and habitually. What a wonderful tradeoff. You learned to make your life more grand by default. SO use your not so good times to create better times ahead. Be grateful you can. Celebrate it all and you will live a life of true, absolute celebration!” Rex Sikes

How many delightful things can you discover today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “What To Do When Life Is Tough And You Don’t Like It!”

  1. I don’t seem to have bad days….no matter what happens….I immediately see the equal opposite or greater good……but at any rate….thank you so much for your wonderful wonderful posts….I share them every day with so many and I keep every one of them….you are doing a great service to the world….thanks again so much….
    Master William Lewis Young III

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