How You Can Take Hold Of Your Destiny

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“How do you remain faithful to your dream when there is absolutely no evidence, yet, you can accomplish it? Not giving up  when nothing appears to be happening is probably the most difficult concept for people to embrace. Most people want immediate results, they feel they need to know what they are doing is working. If it isn’t they want to change direction and quickly.

Edwin C. Barnes, according to Napoleon Hill, in Think And Grow Rich, waited patiently for FIVE years. He never gave up or doubted. He worked a menial job with no outer evidence he would ever get what he wanted. During those five years Barnes remained true to his dream. He steadfastly focused on his goal.

Instead of seeking something else to do, instead of quitting, he intensified his desire! I repeat, he intensified his desire to have what he came for. He kept his dream alive within and felt it even more strongly. How do you remain faithful to your dream when there is no evidence you can accomplish it?

Perception Is Everything

You do what Barnes did. You intensify the desire. You keep the faith, keep doing and wait patiently. Patience is considered a virtue? How we wait determines our entire experience. How we wait truly matters! We can complain the entire time, blame, whine, weep, be fearful, angry and stressed out. This is often the experience of people stuck in traffic. Consider the following.

Traffic is stopped. You cannot get to your destination as you thought you would. What is there to do? Surrounded by stopped vehicles there is nothing you can do to move your vehicle. You are stuck. You just have to wait it out. How you wait is critical. It is critical to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being. Many freak out.

Faith is the belief in things not seen. Some call that crazy. Atheists, and skeptics say it is not rational. You are wasting your time. The same kind of  thinkers said, ‘we don’t need a horseless carriage my horse is good enough’. ‘We don’t need an electric light bulb we’ve oil lamps’, and ‘We will never fly that is only for birds’.

All Things Work Together For Good

I am not talking about faith in an unseen god but about belief in yourself. Belief in your ability to make your future how you want it to be when nothing appears likely. I am talking about being true to your dreams when all physical reality runs counter. You have mountains of bills and debt but your dominant dream is wealth and financial freedom.

There are countless stories of people broke and down and out, who don’t have two nickels to rub together. They failed multiple times, again and again, but still climbed out of the cesspool of troubles into freedom and a life they now enjoy. There are more of these examples than you or I can ever imagine.

There are billions of dollars in flow, circulating the globe every second, if you don’t have a share it is only because you chose not to. There are 7 billion people on the planet. If you are lonely, it is only because, somehow, you chose to be alone. How can it be otherwise? With all that is possibly available if you don’t have, why not? The answer has to be YOU. That is okay, don’t fret.

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me And No One Else

Determine what you want. Then claim what you want. Imagine yourself, already in possession of all the good you want for yourself. See yourself financially free with enough money to do the things you want to do. Imagine it happening right now not in the future some time. See yourself already in the perfect relationship, loving the partner right for you. Feel all the wonderful feelings.

Stay fast and true.  Remain fast and true even while times run counter to what you want. Remain convinced, keep you eye on the prize. Keep the faith.  Take even baby steps to make daily progress toward your dreams. When you do this eventually get them. SO HOW you wait is critical. What you do when nothing appears to be happening is extremely important!

Do you believe or doubt? Whichever it is you will get more the same. You get back whatever you put out there. YOU create more of the same! Either you will become more convinced or more doubtful. Which do you think works better for getting what you want in life? Some will say, ‘but… but… but’ because there is always some who will.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

Some will say ‘but you have to be realistic’. Who says so? What does being realistic actually mean? Doe being realistic mean caving and giving up because it doesn’t yet look like you might be successful? Is that what you think realistic is? Do you think it is realistic to doubt yourself and your abilities more than believing in yourself?

Are there other ways to be realistic besides the way you think there are? Maybe you are only thinking along old chronic, habitual lines of thought that never served you very well. Perhaps, the reason you feel this is because you never thought differently or challenged yourself to go beyond these worn out thoughts.

Does realistic really mean doubting yourself is better than believing in yourself? Well, does it? Some will say, ‘but you might create false hope’. THAT is a stupid, silly notion. There is only hope or no hope. False hope means hoping against hope. That you may be disappointed by hoping. Disappointment is always a possibility.

Skill Comes From Doing

Would you rather try for something and get a little better and be disappointed or do nothing, remain the same and be disappointed? Which works better for your lifelong enjoyment?  Disappointment could be the very catalyst you need to catapult yourself into success and happiness.

Disappointment could be the ‘hitting rock bottom’ when you finally say, ‘never again’ or ‘I refuse to live like this’. Disappointment is when you ultimately clarify what you want and decide to never settle for what you do not want. Perhaps, it is far better to get disappointed than to be comfortable in laziness and to do nothing.

How you wait in the face of trying circumstances or when nothing seems to happen IS the measure of your character. How you wait defines you. How you waits tells others precisely who you are. How you wait reveals your true self to you, as well as, others. Everyone can see, although you may still be blinded by your own thoughts.

Habits Are Built By Repetition

Seeds germinate and the plants grow underground, in darkness, for a significant amount of time. There is lots going on but it is invisible to us. We can’t see it.  We wait for the plant to appear.. When you believe in yourself, when you live with the conviction that you will succeed, much is happening, inside that cannot be seen right now.

You just have to wait for it. So what do you do in the meantime? How do you spend your time. What if you knew that in five or ten years you would have everything you want what you would do in the meantime? How would you wait it out?

How would you live? What would you think? What would you do in the meantime. Would you bemoan the fact it hadn’t happened yet? Some would.   Would you be excited and eager for that coming day? Would you do anything different? Would you live every day fully during the troubled times or would you put off today for what tomorrow would bring?

The More We Do The More We Are Able To Do

Patience is a virtue for many reasons. Be patient and be persistent. Do what you can do to move forward. Continue to trust that you will succeed no matter what life seems to offer right now. Enjoy now, no matter how hard it is. This positive mindset, this  deliberate act of intentional thinking, will pay off for you big time. Enjoy now even when circumstances are tough. Have faith in better days.

When you can look at everything as a blessing, no matter what, you are free! You are powerful. You are capable of fulfilling your destiny. If you can find the seed of opportunity in adversity, if you can uncover the learning and keep going, then you are truly already blessed. You are blessed because you are one who can achieve anything.

Celebration, positive thoughts and feelings open the floodgates for more! What you put out you get back. What you sow you will reap. From one seed countless thousands of plants are possible. From your deliberate faith in the invisible, behind the scenes, positive action, great things can arise.

SO have faith! Be patient! Trust in yourself! There is more potential in having faith than not having faith.  When you stay true, and stay convinced in your abilities, though times seem to run counter, you will make you dreams come true.  Life is whatever you make it. How you make it what you want it to be starts within you. It begins with your thoughts. Control your thoughts and you will control your destiny.” Rex Sikes

Make today your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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