Hello! What On Earth Are You Waiting For?? DO IT NOW!!

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“Is this you? The tendency for me is to read about things. I want to learn something new, I do. I want that extra bit of info. I want to find the missing piece. Instead of doing what I could or should be doing I busy myself looking into it. Do you think like this?

I don’t want to GET the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I don’t want to actually DO the work. I just want to already HAVE the body. I know I should visualize at least five minutes morning and night. But do I everyday? No, I just want the results as if I had done all that.

Skill Comes Of Doing

I know I could and should repeat my affirmations or mantra twice a day, at least, if not more, how come I don’t? I have great intentions but little action. I think I will watch the Secret again maybe then it will finally all work. Hopefully, that will get me the results I want. But it never does. BUT there is this new book with the secret of…

Does this sound like you? If it does you must, at some point, understand that learning about it is not how transformation occurs. It is a great first step and fine to do but it isn’t what transforms you. Stop waiting! Stop Stalling! Move it buster!!!

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Transformation comes from doing those things that bring it about. Skill comes from doing. Whether it is mental exercise of physical exercise the point is you must engage in order to change. You must do the work to have the attitude or the body you want. Capiche?

Master the basics. Do what is necessary at least a little bit each day to develop positive, powerful new habits. Mastery comes from doing and doing correctly. Obviously, someone can practice wrong so you do want to make sure you do it right. It is better to do even the least you can do for yourself than to do nothing at all. Do something!

We Go Where Our Thoughts Take Us

Read a bit everyday. That fills the mind with positive inspiration and motivation. Spend time visualizing and affirming your definite chief purpose and your goals. There is Absolutely NO substitute for doing the work if you want to transform your life and make your dreams come true. Find an accountability partner if you must. That can help!

Throughout the day you can continue to think positive and grab moments to affirm and visualize, be grateful and feel blessed. You want to fill most of your day with positive thoughts about you, what you CAN DO, and your dominant desire.

If You Truly Want It You Will Find A Way

We become what we think about. If you aren’t thinking about this the most of your day and night you aren’t becoming it. If you are distracted with daily issues and woes, news, gossips, television and social media you aren’t spending your day in constructive thought.

This is why most people who abandon the practice claim it doesn’t work. It is because they don’t actually dive in. Dive in means leap and get wet all at once. Submerse yourself completely. Those who don’t get dabble, they dip a toe. They never make it because what they do most is everything but their dominant desire and positive thoughts.

If You Don’t Want It Bad Enough You’ll Find An Excuse

If this is you and you want your life to change it is time to stop. It Develop new success habits and do the actual work. Thinking about doing it some day won’t make it happen. You will never be more ready or more prepared or in greater need than you are this moment.

So stop waiting and start getting. Stop making excuses and begin. Stop thinking you need something else and use what you already have. You are resourceful whether you know it or believe it or not. Spend most of your time feeling wonderful! You make that happen by what you think. Take control of your thoughts!

Discover this by beginning now. Start doing and make all your dreams come true. Once you begin and are down the road a bit you will discover yourself transforming. Discovery will accompany your journey. It won’t happen prior to your journey. SO make this year and this day YOURS!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate your blessings today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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