This Is The Missing Piece To Getting Everything You Want!

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“Do you want your career to take off? Do you need more money? Would you want a better connection with your loved ones? Perhaps, you’d like to travel or afford nice things. Whatever it is you want to have you can have it all once you learn this very important principle or secret. It has been hidden in plain site forever.

I am going to share it with you. I believe this is one of the most important messages you need to get. You need to know, understand and appreciate this about being a deliberate, intentional creator. This ‘secret’ is what  makes the Law Of Attraction work and I am giving it to you right now, right here. Celebrate and Share it!

It is absolutely critical. It is so simple. Even then, people miss it. Please don’t. Pay attention and keep an open mind. Once you recognize the truth in what I am saying, you may have an ‘aha’ mind opening experience. I hope you do. Enjoy learning how to make your important, good dreams and desires come true!

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe you can achieve, said Napoleon Hill. It has been said in different ways, by  different thought leaders from the dawn of recorded history. Everything begins with thought. Thought originates everything humans produce.

What You See Is What You Get

Thought precedes form. Thought precedes action. We know this is the case. It is not even in dispute. Everything that humans have made with their hands began first as an idea inside their minds. Said differently, In order to make it with your hands it must first exist in your mind.

Numerous people have stated this next concept in many ways. I’ll quote a scripture. ‘Ask, believing you have already received, and you shall receive.’ The key to getting is to believe you already have it. Imagine you already have the good you desire in your life

People have asked, how can they believe it when they look at their circumstances and those run counter to their thought? They find it difficult to believe since they don’t see it in the world. They are troubled by this scripture or concept. They are riddled with doubt.

How can I have faith first? How can I believe something is there, already, when it isn’t? Does this bother you? It certainly bothered me. I’m supposed to believe this invisible desire already exists and I am supposed to feel what it feels like to already have it. How? How exactly am I supposed to do that?

What You Say Is What You Get

We don’t understand that we are already doing it. It is there but we miss it. You create it prior to it existing in the real world. Remember, thought precedes action. Thought precedes form. Everything that exists first exists as an idea. Are you beginning to understand yet? It’s okay, keep reading.

When an architect imagines a bridge or a building they blueprint it. They plan it in every detail in their mind and put it down on paper. They create it inside their head, they visualize it or envision it. The actual building takes much longer to physically create. It first, only, exists in thought and plans.

Get it now? What you want DOES already exist. You say where? Where is it? Where does it exist? I don’t see it? OH, but you do! Yes, you do! YOU do ALREADY have it. You have it within you! It is in your thoughts you have already created it. BUT, BUT… BUT!!! IT EXISTS!!!!

It exists. As within so without! It hasn’t yet translated into physical reality but it IS already there in your mind. It exists FIRST there. What are the steps to getting your dominant chief purpose or your goals. Know what you want. Imagine it. Be specific. Be detailed and vidid. Write it down.

What You Feel Is What You Get

What does the architect do? Imagines it and writes it down or draws it out.  Conceive it, write it down, plan it. You already have what you want inside you. NOW believe you can make it happen. Think about it day and night. Make it more real and vivid. Really, truly want it!

Intensify the desire for it to transmute into form. It is already in your head ready for you to make with your hands. You repeat thinking about it, affirm it and give it over to your subconscious by repeated suggestion. Hillary climbed Everest. Edison invented the light bulb. The Wright Brothers flew. Everything starts on the inside!

Constantly think about it. See it, feel it, affirm it! Your subconscious takes over to help plan it. What you believe on the inside is what your subconscious mind works to match on the outside. That’s the job of the Reticular Activating System. Find opportunities, people and circumstances that match what you already believe inside.

Keep the faith in that inner vision. It WILL become reality. You create just as the architect does. You first think it, then believe you will have it and you can achieve it. You decide to make it real in the outer world. Stop looking at the present circumstances and complaining it isn’t there. Start making it happen!

Act As If You Already Have It – Because You Already Do

It doesn’t exist in the outer world, yet, BUT it can and it will if you stick with it. You have to keep at it. YOU DO already have it. You do already possess all the good you desire. It is already yours inside your thought world. This is great news! You already own what you want.

This is CRITICAL to understand! It will make your creating, manifesting and attracting so much easier and faster. Assume it, affirm it, declare it. Speak to yourself as if you already have it. See yourself already in possession of it. Feel these feelings. Expect it. Know it will happen. Believe it.

It is yours! Believe it. THIS is WHAT you WILL make happen! Command yourself to do it. If you were to build a chair. You would get the idea, imagine the chair. Plan it or draw it out. Get the materials and put them together. NO BIG DEAL! That IS what you would do. You wouldn’t fuss over whether you could or not.

The first step in creating what you want was accomplished when you thought it. You put the intention out there. It now exists. It exists as a thought seed. Just as an acorn seed needs nutrition and time to grow into a mighty oak so does your thought seed. Expect it to grow!

Once You Believe Your Mind Opens To What Is There

You do that much for the acorn seed you plant. Do as much for your thought seed. Plant it and expect it to grow. Give it nutrition and it will. You don’t doubt the flower seeds you plant, do you? You expect flowers to grow and bloom. Do as much with your thought seeds.

‘Ask, believing you have already received, and you shall receive.’ Your desire already exists. No question about that. It has a literal thought form. It is an idea! Thoughts are things. The results you get are from translating your thoughts into reality.

Once you make your thought a burning desire and think about it, obsess about it, you begin to get other ideas and plans how to make it happen. You attract like thoughts, like energy, like people, like events. Your brain is on the look out for these.

When you buy a brand new car you start seeing the same make and model everywhere you hadn’t noticed previously. Your brain now alerts you to them because YOU OWN IT! You notice what you hadn’t before. So keep the faith! You will make it happen. This is how it works. Conceive it, believe it and achieve it! Happy Creating!!” Rex Sikes

Delight in the day. Put a smile on your face and others!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “This Is The Missing Piece To Getting Everything You Want!”

  1. In 2009 I envisioned and invented The Twist, a spiral escalator. I first built its model from wood and wire, rope and styrofoam. I put it on my vision board in 2014. Then I built again completely from styrofoam. I looked for engineers via Craigslist and there a design build firm found me. I drew it up in ten detailed drawings and filed the patent, then I met with a commercial real estate developer of strip malls who politely rejected my proposal, then months later, endorsed it . I was invited to a home show where I met a man looking for a spiral staircase for the luxury home he was building, he was converted. Later I met a startup business coach, then a lawyer formerly with Otis Elevator who is now a guide. Now, I am awaiting final confirmation on a meeting with a developer and his architect for a $120M luxury mall. My psychic says the concept was given to me by Nikola Tesla. The future looks very bright.

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