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Discover The Magic Of The Moment!

bless each day w gratefulness

“Today stop and take time to enjoy the world around you. Notice what you have in your life that is good. Look at yourself and emphasize everything you like about yourself. Take a positive inventory. Look at the people you like and love and are grateful for. Bask in being surrounded by quality people.

Fill today with appreciation for everything and everyone. Celebrate and be thankful. This day, as is each day, is your day to do what you will with. Today is the only day you have, made up of moments. Make each moment marvelous. Make each count. Discover the magic of each moment.

Notice those who have been a challenge to you and be thankful they are there to help you grow. Difficult people and circumstances are a blessing. Focus on what you gain because of them, focus on what you have learned as a result. Everything can have a benefit, every dark cloud a silver lining look for these. Notice the good aspects of tough times and people. Appreciate all the delightful and difficult circumstances in your life. Notice the lessons learned through hardship and the joys along the way. Transform how you regard difficulty.

Find the reasons to feel incredible. Linger with these reasons.

Look for the good. Look for what is new. Adventure, explore, discover. Be as a child and be curious. Allow yourself to be filled with wonder. Allow yourself to become fascinated. Fill your mind and being with beauty today. Think the best thoughts. Choose the best feelings and accentuate them. Laugh, enjoy yourself. Be strong, be positive, be confident, feel powerful.

you are a living magnet

Relax, let go, accept. Take it easy, take it step by step. Put a smile on your own face, help put a smile on someone else’s too. Dream big today. Pretend you have everything you could ever imagine. Feel blessed. Discover. Find joy!

Whatever you do today, make it a special day! Bask!

After all this day is going to pass, it will fade away. It will only be a memory. Make the most of it while you have it! This day is your day! Discover the magic.” Rex SIkes

Have fun!

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