Stop Self Sabotage And Succeed!

what consumes your mind controls your life

“We think in pictures. We talk to ourselves. We speak silently in our minds and out loud. Our ‘self talk’ is that continuous flow or stream of thoughts that run through our head moment to moment.  For most people it seems to be a running commentary all during our waking hours.

You can’t have a negative stream of thoughts going through your brain and  feel marvelous. It just doesn’t work that way. You can’t have limiting self talk and be expansive and powerful. You can’t be saying crappy things to yourself and feel on top of the world. It won’t, it doesn’t happen. Our thoughts to our self, our self talk, what we say directly impacts how we feel AND how we feel results in what we think and say to ourselves.

In order to be happier and healthier our self talk should be happy and healthy.  This is why many researchers suggest that happiness is directly tied to what we say to ourselves and how we say it. Our happiness is tied to what we see in our minds eye. If we make disappointing or negative or horrible mental images we can’t expect to feel fabulous and be successful.

To be happier and healthier we have to manage what we think and picture and say to ourselves in our head. Thoughts precede feelings and actions. Some people erroneously think when they succeed they will feel successful. The truth is people who feel successful succeed. ‘Our attitude determines our altitude!’

While you may get to the ‘no mind’ or suspension of thoughts through meditation most people can’t just shut off their thoughts. No worries, you don’t have to. What you CAN do is replace less than glorious thoughts with other more positive thoughts. Asking well formed thoughtful positive questions that directs your mind in positive ways is a powerful means of accomplishing this.

what you allow is what will continue

If you watch a scary TV show and get so scared you turn it off what happens? You end up sitting up and thinking about it. So don’t turn it off. The BEST thing to do is switch the channel and watch something else that you enjoy. Watch something that distracts you. Watch other programs that keep you focused on what makes you laugh or feel delightful. Stay on that until you forget about the other program.

It works the same way with our mind. It is easier to channel the energy and direct it into other useful thoughts than to cease thinking them. Direct the flow of energy. Direct it into what you prefer instead. This is art of ‘mental aikido’ (the art of utilizing the energy offered). What you resist persists. Instead, turn resistance into assistance by directing your thinking in other ways. It is easier to divert the stream than to dam it up.

I have spoken and written on the power of questions through the years. Some of which are right here in the pages of this blog for you to go back and review. The positive directed use of questions is absolutely transformative! Learn the art of focusing your mind by asking questions.

Questions direct the mind. How amazed will you be to discover yourself asking many wonderful, powerful, positive questions that direct your mind easily and quickly into delightful thoughts and feelings once you learn how? Obviously, you can’t know until you try.

Affirmations are fantastic when you find ones that you readily believe and repeat them with great energy and enthusiasm. Have a blast chanting out loud, when you are alone, new positive thoughts. Look in the mirror and smile as you say these. Say them out loud vigorously whenever you can.

correct your mind the rest will fall into place

When you begin to think less than gloriously and you catch yourself replace the old thought with the new positive assertion. Steer your mind in positive ways. TAKE CHARGE! One positive thought leads to other positive thoughts in the same way negative thoughts do. Birds of a feather flock together. SO you can change your thinking for the better when you take control. Just do it and it will become a habit.

What you think about you become. You can’t expect to think negatively and live positively. Fill your mind daily with positive, inspiring, motivational material. Read at least a page or two from great books and listen to audios. Begin and end the day with inspiration and gratitude!

Each day make sure you have enough nutritious mental health food to keep you going and make you strong. The goal is to feel good. When you feel wonderful there is no stopping you. Take a walk, get some exercise, a massage. Skip, sing, hum, watch funny movies, relax, let go but do whatever healthy positive thing you can to begin feeling better. Jump start yourself.

DO these things and stop the sabotage. Defeatist thinking will never make you victorious. Transform yourself from powerless to powerful. You can do this. You can absolutely do this! Do it today!” Rex Sikes

Fill each moment of today with passion!

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