You Want To Be Wealthy But Are You Thinking Wealthy?

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“Are you aware the effects of your thinking is cumulative? What you get in life is determined by the critical mass of your thoughts? Most people believe they are positive most of the time. They aren’t. What would you say you are if asked? Are you mostly positive or mostly negative? It matters greatly. It determines your results.

Most people most of the time aren’t actually thinking positive much of the time. If they were our world would be a much different place. They spend some time thinking positive but then are distracted with other thoughts. Some are negative. For others it isn’t negativity occupying their mind but thoughts that don’t add up to positive.

What Do You Spend Most Of Your Time Thinking And Feeling?

Their cumulative effect is nil. Zero. This matters a great deal with how quickly you are able to manifest your dreams and goals. It is the preponderance of your thoughts that makes the difference. The scales must tip in the direction of positive thoughts and feeling most of the time, each day of the week.

You want to think and feel good more than you do anything else. If you had two piles of laundry one to be washed and one clean which is the larger?  Which is larger if you have three piles of thoughts? Is it the negative pile, the useless pile or the positive and directed thoughts?

You are either in a resort in the south of France or you are not. You can’t be there and back home at the same time in physical reality. Of course, you could be in your mind. You could be on the most marvelous beach in the world and miss it because you brought your office or family problems with you. That sucks, doesn’t it?

You Are Always On One Side Of The Fence Or The Other

Those of you working on being wealthier and living abundantly consider this:  You imagine, ‘I am abundant, I am rich. I have more than enough money to pay my bills’. Then you go into a store and look at items you want. If you’re like most people the first thing you check is the price tag. You look to see if you can afford it.

That is not abundant thinking! If you were wealthy, of course, you could afford it. The question is do you want it? Do you purchase what you want or only what you can afford? I am not suggesting you purchase anything because even the fabulously wealthy can be thrifty. Still, your thinking and actions, should support each other.

Positivity Is An Attitude To Permeate Each Of Your Moments

Most people purchase what they can afford. They aren’t purchasing what they want. Think about that. If the first thoughts are ‘wow, that is too much’ or ‘is there a cheaper one’ you aren’t thinking rich. If you want abundance you must practice abundance. You must think and act from having more than enough and not from lack.

Your behaviors should be congruent with your thoughts. You could look at it and think, ‘Good thing I am rich’. Or, ‘I can easily afford this’. Or ‘WOW that is inexpensive’. You could think, ‘I’ll take 6’, or ‘Maybe, I’ll just buy the entire store’. Someone owns the place, why not you? Your attitude should be one of plenty.

What You Say Is What You Get

Align your thoughts and feelings and behaviors. If you want to get out of debt and lack then think abundance and behave abundantly. Again, I am not suggesting spending a dime I am addressing the  thinking process. What are you focused on most of the time? Do you spend your days predominantly thinking about what you want?

Do you predominantly think about what you don’t want? Do you sometimes think positive and then most of your thoughts drift and are useless? They are on the news; Facebook items; gossip; distractions; the traffic; how slow the elevator is; the long line at the coffee shop;  etc. They’re useless thoughts that add up to nothing!

Feel The Best You Can Most Of The Time – Feel Wonderful

Those thoughts aren’t focused or directed. Develop your thought habits so that most of what you think each day is positive, optimistic and of well being. Think about what you want and are grateful for. You want your chronic thinking to be productive wonderful thinking not the thinking types you did in the past.

Monitor your feelings to determine what you are thinking most of the time. Are you feeling wonderful and energetic? Do you feel so so, okay or ho-hum.  Do you feel not good but not bad most of the time? Are you bored, angry, worried or miserable much of the time? To get what you want you must feel your best.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

We become what we think about. What we focus on expands. To live in a particular reality we must first conceive of that reality. The easiest way to feel good, apart from the numerous methods I have shared in these blog pages, is to feel grateful right now for what you already do have. Celebrate whatever you have fully! Delight in it!

Be thankful! Celebrate! Feel grateful right now for what you want in the future, too. Be as grateful as you will be when it arrives. Be grateful now as if you already have it. Be thankful for that which hasn’t appeared yet. Celebrate everything! Enjoy and delight and live in appreciation. This will help you always feel your best!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “You Want To Be Wealthy But Are You Thinking Wealthy?”

  1. So those innocent people being murdered in Syria, well everywhere actually, bring it in themselves with “negative” thinking?
    This is new age crap victim blaming.

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