The Success Formula Laid Bare!

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“Some people struggle. They try everything but get almost nowhere. Or it seems they go backwards. Others seem to work hard and get ahead. Some seem to skyrocket to success. What gives? Why do some make it and others don’t.

Some try many things. Some try the Law Of Attraction. Perhaps, you have. You tried some things but you end up in the same condition, or even worse. Have you had difficulty getting the Law Of Attraction to work?

Some people have incredible success with the Law Of Attraction. Here is why. The answer is quite simple although you may not like it.

What You See Is What You Get

When it comes to the Law Of Attraction I don’t rule anything out. I think most people have trouble because they think fancifully instead of powerfully. They think of it as rubbing the genie’s lamp. It is not the same.

It says, Like attracts Like. What thoughts or energy you put out there, think or vibrate at you get more of the same back. Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like.

People think, okay I want more happiness. I want more love. I want more money. They think. More Happiness. More Love. More Money but nothing happens. They get a little frustrated and try to think harder. Happiness Happiness, Love Love, Money Money on it goes.

What You Say Is What You Get

The reason it isn’t working is that it is working. HUH? It is working you are getting back what you are thinking or vibrating at. You exclaim, ‘wait no, no I am not. I haven’t, I tried it. Now, I am frustrated. I want more of these things and I haven’t got them yet’.

EXACTLY! That is the truth. You want more and you haven’t got and you are frustrated. You are working and so is the Law Of Attraction and it is getting you what you are putting out there. MORE of the same. You are getting back what you are. WHO you are.

If you want more happiness you must first be happiness! If you want more love, you must be love first. If you want more money you must put money out there first. You attract LIKE things! You attract what you are! If you are happiness you will get more happiness back!

What You Feel Is What You Get

The Law Of Cause And Effect states ‘for every cause there will be an equal and opposite effect’. What you initiate you will get back. Together, these laws work, not in isolation. This is why you attract what you are AND not what you want.

What you want you do not yet have. What you are IS right now. You get back more of what is right now. So, if what IS right now you are broke you get more broke back. If what IS right now you are lonely you get more lonely back. You get back what IS.

A magnet attracts another magnet or piece of metal not some imaginary future magnet or piece of metal. Do you get this yet? If you want something NOW you must BE IT now. That is why mindset is so critically important.

What You Are Is What You Get

This is why wishing, hoping, praying, begging, bargaining, threatening  doesn’t work. When you do any of these you are coming from a place of lack. You are NOT what you want to attract. And so you attract NOT what you want.

If you want happiness you must first BECOME happiness. You must think it, feel it, act it, live it. You must be it. You declare it already into being. You ‘act as if’ it is right here, right now, EVEN when it isn’t yet. You imagine the good you want AS already happened.

You imagine it. Relate to it ‘as if’ you have already accomplished it. You live in the reality you want to live in before actually getting there. From this place you attract the same. This is how you vibrate happiness. You think and feel happy. Then you create and attract happy.

You Become What You Think About

You attract what you already are. If you want more money act like you already have more money. Live it, breath it, enjoy it. Give it. You can’t be worried about making ends meet and financially free at the same time. Even if the bank account is low you need to celebrate!

Every time you pay a bill you need to think ‘good thing I am rich’. Or, ‘I love circulating money’. Or, ‘every dollar that flows out comes back to me multiplied’. That is how you attract more. You won’t attract it if you tighten the belt and think, ‘I am running out of cash’.

Mind set comes first. It begins within you before you get the results in the outer world. You have to have the correct thoughts and feelings and actions in place first. You have to have the mindset of someone wealthy THEN you attract more OF THE SAME!

Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Right now, you are already attracting more of the same! It just isn’t what you want. You tried visualizing, etc. etc. and claim it doesn’t work. Actually, IT WORKS TOO WELL! YOU are getting what you are ALREADY thinking about.

If you think it doesn’t work CONGRATULATIONS!!! It won’t. People constantly affirm lack thinking they are affirming prosperity. They aren’t. They stay broke and claim they aren’t attracting anything. They are! They are attracting staying broke. DO you GET THIS?

Your thoughts determine your reality! If your thoughts are positive and powerful and happy and abundance and joyful and grateful you feel that way. When you feel that way you do things differently than when you are bummed out.

What You Think About You Bring About

YOU attract more good feelings from those good feelings. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. That is why successful people with money seem to more easily make money. It seems to come to them with ease. Well, it does, because they think wealthy and successfully.

If your results suck it means your thinking sucks! SORRY, but it is true. You have to examine your thinking and get right with your thoughts first. They can’t be half positive and half negative. They can’t be mostly negative. Most people never get this.

Either you are thinking decrease or increase. If you want increase you must BE increase. Think increase, feel increase, speak increase, behave increase. YOU MUST BE IT! When you ARE IT you get MORE OF IT! YOU attract LIKENESS!

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

People keep missing this. They blame themselves, others, and they look for missing secrets. They try all sorts of things. They don’t have to. They only have to get this one area correct. THIS is what unleashes the positive changes! Attitude determines your altitude.

Some want to sit around  and imagine checks appearing out of thin air. If you sit in a room and hope they will manifest by meditating day and night, good luck. I won’t rule it out but that alone isn’t likely. However, I believe anything IS possible.

If you are active in your mind; if your thinking is correct first, and you are out working your plan and creating the life you want, because your attitude is right you can see a nice payoff from many places. It works. It may be surprising and seem to come from thin air.

From Within To Without

Money comes quickly to those who succeed because once at the top everyone else wants a piece of the successful person. Checks can begin to ‘just’ show up. BUT it didn’t happen by rubbing a lamp or meditating on dollars flowing to you. It comes because you are successful.

Now here is an important point. Meditating on money flowing to you can be useful. Meditating on money IS foundational work. You begin to adopt the right mindset by imagining money flowing in. Imagining you are worthy. Imagining you already have money and it feels good.

In this case it not wishful thinking. Meditating on dollars flowing to you is a great way to begin to get your mindset right. You begin to see yourself as one attracting money, or as a vessel for cash or a conduit for abundance. You begin to relate to money positively.

It Is Important To Be Able To Give And To Be Able To Receive

That is great. That is preliminary work to get your mindset right. You deserve wealth. You absolutely want to meditate and get the right attitude. That is the important first step. You have to feel wealthy. Feel abundance! Feel you deserve it. Feel it comes to you.

Then take it further. It isn’t just coming to you YOU are making it happen. Imagine already having it. Imagine being successful. Imagine how you got it legally and ethically. Enjoy living the dream in your mind feeling all the marvelous feelings.

Eventually, you must develop a plan for getting it. You won’t get it sitting in your room. You must act. You don’t have to know ‘the how’ at the start but you will down the road. In time, it will come to you.

Your Brain Your Mind Your Subconscious Is Really Your Friend

Because you think on it day and night, and maintain a positive frame of mind your subconscious puts together an action plan. Your brain literally looks for matches within your experiences and in  your outer world. It pulls together your resources. You brain works on it for you.

You have heard it before I’ll repeat it again. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between an internal, made up visualization and the real world. Whatever internal representation you have made is what your brain assumes it is true and acts on.

If you are broke, unhappy and lonely your brain is operating off those internal images, thoughts, and feelings. That is why you keep getting more of the same. Whatever you say you have IS what you will have. What you see is what you get. Do you understand?

Your Brain Is The Work Horse You Are The Director

This is an important point. If you don’t have the results you want you aren’t thinking and imagining the results as they will be you are stuck imagining them as they are. You are looking at your outer circumstances and noting ‘nothing has changed’. SO IT WON’T!

This is why Napoleon Hill said ‘THINK and grow rich’. It starts with thinking. Get your thinking right and you can grow rich! You can be, do or have anything you want. He stated you first needed to be able to conceive what you want and believe it then you could achieve it.

Yup, BECOME IT and you can have it! You will attract what you are! Because that is already what you are doing. YOU ARE ALREADY GETTING WHAT YOU ARE ON THE INSIDE. If you don’t like what you have been getting, YOU CAN CHANGE IT! That is the fantastic news.  Awareness is the first part of transformation.

You Already Have Everything You Need For Transformation

Realize why and how you have been getting less than glorious results and change your thoughts. Take control and put yourself in charge. Think positively and act powerfully to become what it is you want to attract. You can if you apply yourself. Might it take some time.

YES! If you  are over weight by 25 or 50 pounds THAT didn’t happen overnight. It took time to  get there. Expect it would take some time to return to your normal and ideal weight. It will take some time to learn to attract what you want and that is fine. IF it isn’t you will just attract more of whatever the issue is. STOP IT!

The way to change is to be positive. Have fun! Delight and feel joyful most of the time. Evolve yourself. It won’t happen to you BUT YOU will make it happen. How? By having the right attitude. Become what you want to have more of and you will! Live in appreciation. Feel gratitude! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What makes you feel thrilled?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “The Success Formula Laid Bare!”

  1. Love your thoughts….I remember the night I had been reading Napoleon Hill’s autosuggestion each night until I finally believed it….the next day all the answers had always been right in front of my eyes…..but that day I saw them….dream after fantastic impossible dream started coming true….most of them using the sixth sense….I and another young man planned for a year an idea….he looked at me and said now all we need is the money….I said I will have in todays money ten million dollars for you by the end of the month…..500 miles away from home… a strange hotel like I had never stayed in before….I followed Hill’s see the money in your hands by being pulled by esp to a display of 100 thousand dollar bills….came back to the strange hotel….left my car and felt my body being pulled to a business right by the hotel….walked in back door and met a stranger who introduced me to a multimillionaire who needed the exact plans we had been working on….I was permanently changed by the power of esp….I have used it over and over to get person after person their grandest dreams… one point my wife walked up to me and said….how come you get everything you want when you want it….I said….what do you want….she wanted a job as a bookkeeper( with no training or experience), a job within a few blocks from our residential area, highest pay she ever had, with her own office which she had never had….she wanted to be the only woman in the company….without calling a single person or contacting anyone in anyway….in a few days she had every one of the aforementioned dream details….I used autosuggestion to acquire the ability to just think and make things happen….after that she just says here is what I want….work your voodoo….last thing she wanted was her own business in her home….she has been enjoying that business for the past 15 years… you say all things are literally possible….for me the chapter on autosuggestion and doing exactly what it says has let me live the good life….full of success, happiness, great health and sublime happiness….keep up your great work and may all your grandest dreams appear….warmly and magically….a kindred spirit….

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Reblogged this on Captain Coaching and commented:
    “What you want you do not yet have. What you are IS right now. You get back more of what is right now. So, if what IS right now you are broke you get more broke back. If what IS right now you are lonely you get more lonely back. You get back what IS.
    A magnet attracts another magnet or piece of metal not some imaginary future magnet or piece of metal. Do you get this yet? If you want something NOW you must BE IT now. That is why mindset is so critically important.”


  3. This is a little confusing though.. You cant be rich, till you think rich.. And obviously if you are bankrupt, you cant think rich can you? Or can you?


    1. Yes, that is the point, you can. You absolutely can. You pull yourself up and out by adjusting your thinking. Thinking comes first, and feelings and actions. Most people have not been taught to take control of their thoughts so their thoughts get them into trouble. The time is now to take back the control and make life what it can be. You never get uphill thinking downhill thoughts. Great question!

      It takes discipline to think ‘rich’ when circumstances are otherwise but that is why the payoff is big when you do. You learn to be unstoppable and not let circumstances dictate your present or your future. You determine what the circumstances will be, and when obstacles arise you transform them, handle them and keep your thinking positive and productive.


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