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Whatever Has Your Attention Rules Your Life!

“What you give your attention to determines how you live. It determines how your life goes. It determines whether you get more or end up with less. What you give you attention to rules, dictates, you circumstances, your results, the overall quality of everything!

So what has your attention? What do you give it to? Is it devoted to your goals and dreams and creating your best life ever? Is it devoted to your problems, your fears, your doubts, your debts and your lack. Whatever has you attention occupies your mind and makes it so.

Birds of a feather flock together! You have two choices: increase or decrease. Either you are expanding, growing, thriving, increasing, becoming better or you are shrinking, contracting, losing out, dying. Wherever your attention is determines increase or decrease!

What You Focus On Expands – You Become What You Think About

You need to take hold of your mind and direct it. You need to focus your mind and rule it otherwise it rules you! Is that what you want. Your mind is an incredible servant and a terrible, cruel master. If you want to live well and create you best life ever you must master your attention and ability to focus. Otherwise, expect to remain the same. Perhaps, even worse. But it can be different! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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There Is Nothing To Fear: Trust In This!

“There seem to be a lot of ‘in name only’ Christians these day. People who spout scripture but whose lives don’t follow scripture. Some ‘cherry pick’ passages to put others down, show others the error of their ways, without realizing they, themselves, come up way short!

I will make a bold statement. If you are a true Christian or Jew, if you believe the Bible or Torah is the inspired word of god, THEN you would be well served to act on it. Claim it. Stand on the promises there within. Live as if you have that word in your heart. Act like it.

If nothing else the 23rd Psalm tells you how the true Christian or Jew lives, believes and acts. Take comfort and stand on the words attributed to David, the king and the other authors of the Psalms. I share this incredible promise with you. Take it to heart. Apply it.

Some won’t like what I say next. Others will love it.

You may or may not believe in god, nor must you to read this blog. There are many ways to describe the mysteries of the universe, source, infinite intelligence, divine mind, and more. I am for you deciding on your own, for I will not tell you what you must believe.

Whether or not you are Christian or Jew this Psalm attributed to David is amazing.

‘The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.’ The author says god is our unfailing and abundant supply. We shall not want for anything. He will take good care of us as a shepherd does his sheep

‘He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.’ God, or the universe, source whatever you choose, takes care of us in all ways; in every way!

‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.’ There is nothing to fear. Fear no evil for god is with us. He protects, keeps safe, and comforts us. Nothing can harm us in god. Fear not!

‘Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.’ Again, god meets all our needs. Even in the presence of enemies we are safe, abundantly all our needs our met. A banquet in presence of enemies. WOW!

‘Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.’ God’s goodness will always follow me. So think about this. There is nothing to fear. We can come to no harm. Every need is taken care of. We are comforted and loved.

So, what is it with name only christians who are afraid of others, who claim other’s sin is responsible for downfall? Who blame and accuse and deprive others from living happy, healthy lives, and attempt to prevent them from following their dreams. They hate and are afraid.

Why is it that they take money from them, prevent them from having the care and access to resources they need? These same name only christians allocate money to themselves, health benefits for themselves all while depriving others. They don’t live the Word?

There is nothing to fear, hate, or harm. God takes care of us. Rest in god’s word. Claim the promises and live as god intended you to live. Follow Matthew 22:36-40 When a disciple asked Jesus, ‘Master what is the greatest commandment in the law?’

Jesus said unto him, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.’ Seems fairly direct. Love god. Love your neighbor.

Do you not get this? If you claim to be a Christian it seems you have your work cut out for you. The rest of us would benefit if we followed these words as well. Love and love some more. Stop the hate. Be filled with love. You are safe with nothing to fear. You are well provided for. There is plenty for all. Love god and love others as you love yourself. Treat everyone well. Be kind. Be generous as god is to you. Celebrate everything!”

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This One Decision Can Transform Your Life Instantly!

“If you are my reader you’re possibly becoming aware if you want something you must create the desire and passion for it. You must create the energy to get it. You create the momentum by what you do and how you do it. You desire, believe, act and persist. Go for it!

It all begins with a decision. One decision has the power to completely  transform your life and circumstances. Most people never make a powerful decision to create their best life. They settle. They believe what they were taught growing up. Do you?

They follow what they were taught, but they were never taught to develop the mindset and behaviors for success. They were taught, go to school, get a job, get married, have kids and retire with a pension. Not bad if that is what you want, except in today’s world.

You Are Today Where Your Thoughts And Decision Brought You

If you want the best life ever you must create it. You must think yourself successful. The right mindset can make you rich. Just any mindset will keep you broke and in debt. You must decide what you want. Success is only a decision away. Choose! You must choose!

Then you must be willing to do what it takes to create the life you want to enjoy. If you don’t make an active, conscious decision, then you already made one to not succeed. If you want to change your life,  then you must change what you are doing. Decide today! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

ACT TODAY! Stop suffering! Transform yourself and create your best life ever! Enroll In Mind Design™ Today  Stop struggling! It can be easier. Learn to use the mind you have to get what you want!

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Decide: Create The Momentum Cycle For Success!

“Newton’s law: A body at rest tends to remain at rest unless a force acts on it. A body in motions tends to remain in motion unless a force acts on it. You are stuck because you have been stuck. This is the condition most people are in. Inertia keeps them from moving.

If you take action, if you make a powerful decision, you can begin to move forward. If you do what I have suggested in my blog and make a powerful decision, your taking action, creates the energy. That energy you focus on your Definite Chief Aim with white hot desire.

Decision creates movement. Once you are moving forward you continue to move forward. If you do as I have suggested and create this momentum you will remain moving forward. If you cultivate your will and persistence you will continue forward no matter what.

Momentum – The More We Do The More We Can Do

You will develop the habit for forward movement and for keeping it going. You’ll refuse to let anything stop you! Inertia will keep you moving. BUT it will never happen UNLESS, and UNTIL, you decide to make it happen! If you fail to act you, will remain right where you are. It is time to act. Do it today! Act right now. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

ACT TODAY! Stop suffering! Transform yourself and create your best life ever! Enroll In Mind Design™ Today  Stop struggling! It can be easier. Learn to use the mind you have to get what you want!

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How To Live Your Best Life Most Easily

“When it comes to learning there are four phases we go through. The first is Unconscious Incompetence which means you don’t know you don’t know. Before you ever saw someone ride a bike you were not conscious it was possible, and you were incompetent to do it.

Next we become aware. We become Consciously Incompetent. We know we can’t do it and we can’t do it. From here we eventually move into Conscious Competence. We are doing it, albeit imperfectly as neophytes. We talk our way, struggle, though it.

We spend the longest time in Conscious Competence talking our way through it, celebrating the changes or criticizing the frustrations. Most people aren’t very positive learners, having gone through our educational system public and private. We suck.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – So Stay Positive

We suck at learning. We think we should be further along than we are. We want to be perfect right from the start. We pressure ourselves while learning which makes it more difficult. More than that, learning is not just knowing, but successfully doing things.

HOW we go through this phase determines, to a large extent, how soon we get to Unconscious Competence. Unconscious Competence means we make the new behaviors reliable habits that are automatic so we don’t have to think about doing it any longer.

We go through this sequence learning everything  For example,  learning to drive a car. You talk your way through it consciously. One day you find yourself driving while doing other things. You get lost in thought, converse, bop to music, and more, all the while driving.

The More You Do The More You Can Do – Skill Comes Of Doing

If you want to get to Unconscious Competence sooner get out of your own way. Realize the more  fun, discovery, and celebrating of ‘wins’, and even the goofy moments, with joy and enthusiasm, and high vibe, allows you to learn much more quickly. You get it faster.

You learn, not only more quickly but easily, when your attitude is right. Accept there will be plateaus and setbacks on the learning curve and you learn it easier. The more you enjoy the process, the more readily you transform, all while living more fully as you do.

AFTER all, why suspend living your best life presently while you are learning how to do it? The more high vibe and joy you do everything the more your life qualitatively transforms from okay to marvelous. Plus, you become Unconsciously Competent in living your best life ever. It is a marvelous and unprecedented opportunity to live well and live large even while learning how to do it. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Why Most People Fail To Succeed!

“People don’t succeed because they don’t want it enough. They don’t succeed because they don’t believe they can or will. They don’t realize it is ‘they’ who will make it happen. ‘If it is to be it is up to me.’ The saying goes. They don’t act in their own best interests.

People procrastinate. They lack enthusiasm and passion. They don’t believe they deserve it or have what it takes to make it happen.  They are busy doing anything and everything, but what works. They feel busy, but they are not productive. They aren’t moving closer to it.

They are distracted, not focused. Busy doing all sorts of things, but not in pursuing their dream! They let things interrupt and lead them astray. They listen to others who tell them they can’t. The bottom line is, they want it but they don’t want it enough! To have it, you must HAVE TO have it! Most people are wishy washy, hence, most people remain average. Others around them succeed while they do not. What about you? Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

ACT TODAY! Stop suffering! Transform yourself and create your best life ever! Enroll In Mind Design™ Today  Stop struggling! It can be easier. Learn to use the mind you have to get what you want!

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From Right Thinking Comes Right Action And Results

“If you think right, you will take right action. Successful people don’t just act for the sake of acting. Being busy doesn’t mean you are productive. Maintaining the right mindset, leads to right action.  Learn to take right action, while maintaining the right mindset.

Being productive means you do the right things to move you towards accomplishing your goal. Successful people do the right things on a daily basis. They love making things happen. They enjoy taking steps towards creating what they want. Do you?

Whether you want to be happier, be debt free, have more money or enjoy a loving relationship, taking right actions will get you there easier and faster. It begins with developing the right, positive mindset and the right feelings. Everything then comes together.

With The Right MindSet You Can Succeed – It All Begins Within

Right actions come from inside you. You lead yourself. You follow your intuition. You stop doing busy work and take the appropriate steps to make things happen. You create a momentum and a follow through. As you move forward you become clear on what to do.

Right now, perhaps, you don’t know what to do. You don’t even know, what you don’t know. So, work on your mindset.  As you develop the proper mindset you move forward. Go as far as you can see and when you get there you can see farther. That’s how it works.

Take the first step on faith from the right mindset. Your feelings will guide you if you pay attention to them as you develop the right mindset. Everything works together but you have to initiate the process and work it positively and correctly. Then you can begin to understand it and have it all! Begin right now to do the right things that get you closer to accomplishing your goals and dreams. Celebrate everything” Rex Sikes

ACT TODAY! Stop suffering! Transform yourself and create your best life ever! Enroll In Mind Design™ Today  Stop struggling! It can be easier. Learn to use the mind you have to get what you want!

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Who Cares And What And Why About Donald J Trump?

“Why post on Trump? Because he is in a position of power. Because leadership has been expounded on by Napoleon Hill and others. He is, as we all our, subject to examination as a role model and whether he is a good leader or not. Emotions can run high. I attempt to be fair.

There are some things I like about Trump, which I wrote about while he was a candidate, that can be useful to adopt. There are things about Trump which, in the correct context, can be useful. There are things about Trump that would best be avoided, too. Get it?

Napoleon Hill studied 520 of the wealthiest people during his lifetime, plus thousands more. Those successful and not. He shared his findings in numerous books. The most popular, of course, Think And Grow Rich. He wrote much on leadership. He wrote on wealth.

You Can Be Do And Have Anything You Want – Focus 

Near the end of his life he pointed out of the 520 and their families only one person seemed to have a decent, balanced life. The rest had addictions, suicides, mental illness and sickness due to being out of balance in their pursuits. He suggested cultivating peace of mind.

He said there was a point where too much was destructive. Obviously, ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ means different things to different people. He pointed out that children of the uber wealthy were often ‘broken’ because of their lavish, easy, upbringing.

He valued the right mindset, and the right actions, toward wealth. He felt anything not earned could be detrimental, especially big riches. Hill, nor I, am suggesting there is anything wrong with having money. It isn’t money, but the LOVE of money that’s the issue.

Be Careful What You Wish For You Might Just Get It

Greed and power can corrupt. Whether you think our ‘leaders’ and current president is, or isn’t, corrupt is up to your beliefs and values and filters. I don’t want to persuade you one way or another. I prefer to  allow you to study, evaluate and conclude on your own.

Examine, in light of my blogs and works on, effective leadership. Evaluate sincerely those who would be role models for your children. Find right balance. Pursue wealth as a white-hot obsession while remaining true to the principles Hill shares and decency.

Is Trump An Effective Leader Part 1

I prefer a kind world. There is abundance, and the potential for everyone on the planet to live better lives. The question is not, is there enough, but is everyone able to access? There is great disparity today. We have been warned about this for centuries.

Are You A Giver Or A Taker – Are You A Builder Or Destroyer

The Founding Fathers warned that the system we set up in America could easily be perverted if it wasn’t watched carefully and kept free of corruption. The same can be said of ourselves. Examine yourself. Use Hill’s evaluations and decide if you are on the right track.

Are you helpful or hurtful? Are you a good or great or abysmal role model? Do you contribute to the overall well-being of everyone around you or do you not? Are you finding peace or chaos? Are you living in the light, ‘vibing’ high and helping others, or a vampire?

Decide how you want to be, what you want to do and have. You can make your dreams come true. A rising tide floats the entire boat. Not everyone today wants everyone to rise. Do you? Are you a giver or a taker? Are you a builder or a destroyer? Do you help or harm?

Peace Of Mind – Help Others – Love – Peace – Abundance For All

These are important questions? It is just as important to ask about the people we elect, or whom assume leadership roles here or in any country. I prefer a world where everyone can be, do and have whatever they want as long as it doesn’t harm or prevent anyone else from doing likewise. We can build and create this kind of world if we dedicate ourselves to it. We can have this kind of life if we really want to. Discover how! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

ACT TODAY! Stop suffering! Transform yourself and create your best life ever! Enroll In Mind Design™ Today  Stop struggling! It can be easier. Learn to use the mind you have to get what you want!

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Obama on Trump: Trump Is A Symptom Of The Oligarchy The Founding Fathers Warned Us About

“Whether you like Obama or not, he speaks truthfully about the ‘powers that be’ attempt to keep the citizens divided to maintain their hold on power and privilege. The ‘rulers’ know keep the ‘peons’ fighting each other and they will never oppose the rulers.

While this is a U. S. issue right now, citizens worldwide need to remain alert, vigilant and not be dissuaded nor distracted by all the horrible shiny objects placed in front of them to keep people down. Understand the struggle and rise above it. People can change things.

Click To Watch Obama Talks About Our Troubling Times

From the founding U.S. fathers to present day politicians we were warned we’d face these issues. Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us against the predatory capitalistic practices of the hidden oligarchy and the build up of the military industrial complex.

Other Important Thoughts And Actions To Consider

Also see, read or review Napoleon Hill On Effective Leadership Parts 1-3: Click link below to watch part 1. Part 2-3 on youtube.

Is Trump An Effective Leader Part 1

We live in times of struggle as serfs on the hillside outside the castle. The privileged don’t want to share their pie. You witness this fight everyday as they take from the ‘have-nots’ and give more to the ‘haves’. This is the way of the world. The uber rich rob the poor daily.

Those who have, get more. Celebrities, for example, get tons of free stuff . The rich want you to think the poor rob from you and from them. While that does occur the big money grabs are the political ones. Many people are blinded to this by their politics and greed.

Still, the people can prevail but it requires ethical, honest leadership, action, the proper mindset, and a plan to build something better, not just fight the powers attempting to hold people back. Dream and fulfill the dream. Don’t merely react. Gandhi did it peacefully

The Brain Is As Strong As Your Weakest Think – Think Well

It can happen. So attempt to make something better. Make something better for yourself and for your brother and sister citizen. Keep the faith. There is plenty to go around. It is simply being controlled, currently. We don’t divide pies. WE make more pies!

They want you to fear each other and the lack of resources. Stop being afraid. Be peaceful. Be generous. Be kind and be committed. Change happens when you make it happen. Dream big. Stay positive. Don’t drink the kool-aid or fall victim to cultish thinking.

We are one people of all kinds on one big rock hurtling through space. We ought to figure out how to all live together well. Study leadership. Watch the videos. Lead yourself and others to abundance and well-being. Create the best life ever. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

ACT TODAY! Stop suffering! Transform yourself and create your best life ever! Enroll In Mind Design™ Today  Stop struggling! It can be easier. Learn to use the mind you have to get what you want!

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You Are The Power Plant So Act Like It!

“You have a ‘big dream’ you intend to make happen. You desire it in a big way. This makes you take action to get it. This action creates more desire, which in turn creates more belief, faith or certainty you will do it. YOU create the steam you need. You create momentum!

A power plant doesn’t have energy. A power plant creates energy. You are the power plant! You create the energy you need to make your dreams and goals come true. This is why successful people are driven. They are driven to succeed. Get it? They create momentum!

They work hard. They work tirelessly. However, they don’t consider it work because they are pursuing something they love. They are passionate about it. They are so obsessed they do more than the average person would, while the average person remains average.

The More You Do The More You Are Capable Of Doing

If you want to succeed you must learn how to create that passion and drive! You must create the love for what you do and the faith you will continue on until it is yours. Then you won’t be upset or stopped by circumstances and challenges. Nothing gets you down.

Instead, you’re motivated to go beyond obstacles and make your dreams come true! THIS is HOW YOU make things happen. You create the energy! It doesn’t come to you. You create it! You stoke it! You keep it alive, burning bright, until you succeed. You are the power plant! It is up to you. Create it!  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

ACT TODAY! Stop suffering! Transform yourself and create your best life ever! Enroll In Mind Design™ Today  Stop struggling! It can be easier. Learn to use the mind you have to get what you want!

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