Are You Using Your Brain To Get What You Want?

when u see yourself as a powerful creator

You and I have exactly the same equipment as the wildly successful do. We have the same abilities as they do. We have the same amount of hours in a day and we all breath the same air. BUT the truly successful have accessed a cutting edge technology, a vastly superior scientific practice that puts them out front of all the rest. These successful investors, sports figures, celebrities, scientists, parents, and those who excel in every walk of life get different results from the rest of us, using the very same equipment, but using it differently and precisely. It is time the rest of us caught on and begin to capture some of that success for ourselves.

The successful people understand that it is an inner game. They know and use their minds with precision in ways the rest of us do not. Everyone has essentially the same capacity and we are all using our brains and mind power, more or less alike, but these successful people do things that the rest just do not do. Analogy time. Pretend everyone drives cars. We all drive cars and know how to but some people drive cars to great, wonderful, fun, exciting places while others don’t. Why do you suppose that is?

Let’s find out. Let’s begin to examine what we all do but that the successful people do differently. Let’s look at what puts them out ahead of the rest of us and that gets them where they are. I’ll explore this in a series of blog posts. So here we go, first point.

We all run movies in our head. Some of these images, sounds and feelings we are aware of and some operate out of consciousness. Whether we notice them or not we still make them and are influenced by them. We have a vivid and active inner life between our ears. What we do between our ears determines how much we experience life.

What we do in our minds determines whether we are proactive go getters, who create and get what we want, or whether we are more reactive and wait for things to happen to or for us. What we do inside our head determines our outlook on the world, our frame of mind, our attitudes and beliefs and whether we mostly enjoy our experience or maybe not so much. What we do determines whether we react more like habitual robots or respond with freer choice and free will. The inside determines the outside so much more than the other way around!

if you can dream it you can do it

Some people use their minds very powerfully. These are very smart people. I don’t mean book smart people who know lots of facts and figures and have very high IQs. They may be smart in some ways but that is not the smarts I am referring to. The smarts I am speaking of are much more important! There are people who know how to use their inner world to make the outer world conform to what they imagine inside. It all begins on the inside!

They create and cause things to occur that bring them positive results. They understand how to use their minds powerfully to attract what they want. These people are not only smart and successful (however one defines success) but they are wise. They make wise choices with their abilities and their efforts to bring about more of what they enjoy. They attract and create more love, health, happiness, well-being, positive relationships, warm inviting home lives, family, friends, career success, and wealth because they understand how it all works. Thought precedes everything!

When you understand how something works you can utilize it to get good results. As we grew in our understanding of electricity we could harness its power. The same is true with the powers of our own minds. Your mind can and already does incredible things. Whether it is serving you to get what you want most of the time or not depends on how you have been using it. You and I use our minds all the time and some of the times we do so deliberately.

The more deliberately we can use our mind the better results we can guarantee. For all us to get better results, like those people who already are getting fantastic results, we need to deliberately consciously train our minds to work better for us in our own behalf. We train our mind to look for and go after great results.

People have trained their minds to get good at many things.  Music and sports for example. Many get great results. Successful people in all walks of life use their their inner movie theater to visualize and get good  in whatever area they are successful at. They use their mind to their advantage purposefully and deliberately. The less successful people aren’t doing the same things the successful are.


This separates the successful from the non-successful by a huge chasm. There have been many important books available for eons on how to run one’s mind and create one’s future. The point is people don’t transform by reading, they only transform by doing. It is practice that makes perfect not the fact that you know something you never apply. Application, action is the proper fruit of knowledge.

What the successful do, and have already done, the rest of us need to do. We need to train our mind, we need to instruct it in what we want to be and have and what we want it to do and then we let it do that automatically. We create positive habits through training and then we live and we create from those habits.

Consider the sports star who trains their mind and body to compete and who practices and drills everyday. This athlete trains hard so that when they play the game all of their training and conditioning becomes a reliable asset. DO you think they would have enjoyed the success they do and play as well without the effort? I think not. They rehearse so that ‘when the going gets tough the tough get going’. (Vince Lombardi).

The results they get are due to the conditioning and training they undergo. They built the skills and habits needed to play and perform successfully, optimally. The truly successful people in this world do exactly the same thing. They know how to use their mind to get what they want and that organizes all of their efforts.

habit replaces habit

We initiate and maintain the process. Yes, we still manage the process but we learned through positive habit formation to allow it to work automatically in positive ways. It is already running on automatic most of the time, but if you aren’t enjoying the good life you deserve, if your results are haphazard, unreliable, if you feel unlucky and or you aren’t getting what and where you want then you need to train it to do better for you. So let’s get to it. Let’s train our minds to run better so we go after and get what we want and deserve in life. Those who succeed typically already know how to work with their inner world powerfully to get positive results.” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day! Please continue celebrating, and finding things and moments to appreciate and enjoy. Look back on previous posts and focus on the positive.

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